Navigating through a sea of content can sometimes be a challenge for online users. Having a visual representation, especially for location-based information, can make this journey intuitive and engaging. The Progress Map WordPress Plugin Nulled stands out as an innovative solution in this domain, allowing businesses and content creators to provide spatially organized data in the most interactive way.

Progress Map is a WordPress plugin designed to assist website owners in presenting location-based listings on their platform. Whether you’re running a real estate site, a travel blog, a local business directory, or any other venture where location matters, this plugin offers a visually engaging way to showcase your posts. Using the power of Google Maps, it places each post on a map with customizable icons, turning a traditional blog roll or product listing into an interactive exploration experience.


  1. Interactive Listings: Each blog post or listing is represented as a point on the map. As users navigate the map, they can click on these points to get an overview of the post and then decide whether to delve deeper.
  2. Custom Post Types Support: Progress Map Nulled is not limited to just standard posts. It works seamlessly with custom post types, expanding its usability across a wide range of applications.
  3. Customizable Icons: Depending on the nature of your listings, you can customize the map icons. Whether you want to use specific icons for different types of businesses, housing types, or travel spots, the choice is yours.
  4. Filterable Listings: If your platform has a multitude of listings, users can filter what they see. This makes it easier for them to find exactly what they’re looking for without getting overwhelmed.
  5. Clustering: For websites with a high density of posts in specific areas, the clustering feature ensures the map remains neat and readable. As users zoom in, clusters break down to reveal individual posts.
  6. Responsive Design: With a significant proportion of users accessing sites via mobile devices, it’s essential for plugins to be mobile-responsive. Progress Map ensures that users get the same intuitive experience regardless of the device.
  7. Street View Integration: Offering a more immersive experience, the plugin also supports Google Street View. This lets users virtually explore the vicinity of a listing.
  8. Polylines & Polygons: Want to highlight specific areas or routes? With the polyline and polygon tools, you can draw shapes on the map, making it perfect for showcasing specific neighborhoods, travel routes, or any other defined areas.
  9. Customizable Map Styles: The look and feel of the map can be tailored to fit the aesthetics of your website. From color schemes to map element visibility, customization ensures that the map complements your branding.
  10. Retina Ready: For users with high-definition screens, the plugin ensures that icons and map elements appear crisp and clear.
  11. Multilingual Ready: Catering to a global audience requires language adaptability. Progress Map is ready for translation, ensuring that users from different linguistic backgrounds can navigate with ease.

The digital world thrives on interactivity. Users today aren’t just looking for static information; they’re seeking engaging experiences that provide value. The Progress Map WordPress Plugin Nulled transcends traditional listing presentations, offering a spatial and interactive dimension to content.

By blending the trusted reliability of Google Maps with the versatility of WordPress, Progress Map becomes more than just a plugin—it’s a user engagement tool. Whether a user is house hunting, exploring new travel destinations, or seeking local businesses, having an interactive map makes the exploration process not just efficient but also enjoyable.

In an age where attention spans are dwindling, capturing user interest is paramount. Static listings can often be overlooked, but an interactive map, filled with colorful icons and rich information, is likely to draw attention. The Progress Map WordPress Plugin doesn’t just put your posts on the map; it ensures they stand out.

For anyone looking to elevate their website’s user experience, especially in domains where location is key, Progress Map is more than a worthy addition. It’s a bridge between content and user, ensuring that the journey from curiosity to discovery is always a delightful one.


22.05.2023 - vesrion 5.7.3

- Removed the URL parameter "loading=async" from the Maps JavaScript API URL as it causes a conflict with other APIs. Support for that parameter will be added in a future update!
15.03.2024 - version 5.7.2

- Fixed a conflict with "Full-Site-Editing / block themes" where it wasn't possible to enqueue scripts
- Fixed an issue whith the HTML character entities of the markers title
- Added a new URL parameter "loading=async" to the bootstrap URL for direct script loading to indicate that the Maps JavaScript API has not been loaded synchronously
- Added a new option to reverse Polyline/Polygon/Hole coordinates in the drawing tool under "Polyline settings", "Polygon settings" & "Map Holes settings" and deprecated the option "LatLngs order"


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