v5.7.3 Progress Map WordPress Plugin Free Download + Addons

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v5.7.3 Progress Map WordPress Plugin Free Download + Addons

22.05.2023 - vesrion 5.7.3

- Removed the URL parameter "loading=async" from the Maps JavaScript API URL as it causes a conflict with other APIs. Support for that parameter will be added in a future update!
15.03.2024 - version 5.7.2

- Fixed a conflict with "Full-Site-Editing / block themes" where it wasn't possible to enqueue scripts 
- Fixed an issue whith the HTML character entities of the markers title
- Added a new URL parameter "loading=async" to the bootstrap URL for direct script loading to indicate that the Maps JavaScript API has not been loaded synchronously
- Added a new option to reverse Polyline/Polygon/Hole coordinates in the drawing tool under "Polyline settings", "Polygon settings" & "Map Holes settings" and deprecated the option "LatLngs order"
08.07.2023 - version 5.7.1

- Fixed the error in the console: "Loading the Google Maps JavaScript API without a callback is not supported" 
- Fixed error implode() Argument #2 must be of type array for PHP 8.0 compatibility
- Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to change the route color for the shortcode [cspm_route_map]
13.10.2022 - version 5.7

- Made the plugin compatible with PHP8 
13.04.2022 - version 5.6.9

- Added the possibility to increased the map zoom in the settings up to 22
- Fixed the JS errors "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'length')" 
- Fixed JS erros in "jquery custom scrollbar plugin" 
05.07.2021 - version 5.6.8

- Edit: Re-addition of the functionality that automatically geolocats the user's location and displays their position on the map
12.06.2021 - version 5.6.7

- NEW: Added the possibility to hide all KML Layer on map load and show them using the KML Layer's list (KML Layers settings => KML Layers onLoad status)