Ever wondered about having a single platform that can manage all your SMS and WhatsApp messaging needs efficiently? Well, wonder no more. Introducing Zender, a state-of-the-art Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that enables you to use your Android devices as SMS gateways and send or receive WhatsApp messages. Zender offers a plethora of features to streamline your messaging operations.

Zender is an innovative messaging platform designed to bring seamless SMS and WhatsApp messaging to individuals and businesses. It allows the use of Android devices as SMS gateways and to send and receive WhatsApp messages, offering an all-in-one solution to your communication requirements. With a comprehensive list of features, Zender is set to redefine the messaging experience by making it efficient, fast, and more user-friendly.

One of the standout aspects of Zender is the speed and responsiveness. GTMetrix rates Zender with a 99/96 score, suggesting that users will love staying longer on the platform due to its quick loading technology.

Key Features of Zender

User-Friendly Dashboard and Landing Page

Zender boasts a beautiful, responsive dashboard and a stunning landing page. These automatically adapt to any screen and resolution, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Multilingual Support

Zender supports multiple languages, making it a globally friendly platform. You can easily translate the platform to different languages, making it accessible to a wider user base.

SMS and WhatsApp Messaging

Thr PHP Script allows you to send SMS and WhatsApp chats in bulk via an excel file. It supports long messages, splitting SMS that exceed 160 characters into multiple parts. The platform also facilitates real-time receipt of replies.

Scheduling and Templates

Zender empowers you to schedule your SMS and WhatsApp messages and create ready-to-use message templates for ease of sending.


Zender comes with a built-in translator that you can use to send messages in any language.

USSD Requests

With Zender, you can send USSD requests to check balances and other network actions, with all responses received by the system.

Partner System

Zender has a partner system that lets users earn by using their devices as partner devices, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Contact Management and Groups

Zender provides a robust contact management system with features to import contacts via an Excel sheet and create groups for sending bulk messages.

Subscription Packages and Credit System

You can manage or create subscription packages for your customers and allow them to use credits for sending messages.

API and Webhooks

Zender provides API keys and webhook functionality, allowing you to integrate the platform with other systems and automate certain operations.

Payment Gateways

Zender supports PayPal and Mollie for subscription and top-up payments.

Comprehensive Analytics

Zender offers detailed system statistics on the user dashboard and in the admin panel, helping you analyze usage patterns.


Zender allows a high degree of customization, from the ability to limit API keys, sent and received messages, and maximum devices, to theme settings and template editing. You can modify the theme using SSCS technology, add your custom logo, favicons, and more.

Marketing Manage

It is equipped with a marketing manager tool that lets you send push notifications to connected Android devices, browser notifications, and email messages to your platform users.

Rest API and SaaS API

Zender provides a Rest API for easy integration with different systems and programming languages. It also includes a SaaS API, which allows remote configuration of the system.

App Builder

The PHP script provides an App Builder for customizing the gateway application. You can modify the colors, splash screen, and logo, and even add your own JavaScript and CSS codes.

Gateway Features

Zender’s gateway app is light, fast, and visually appealing. It offers easy linking, a notification listener, live status, and the ability to customize app structure, app icon, logo, splash screen, and color. It also provides a resource-friendly connection to the server via Firebase Cloud Messaging, which saves battery life by connecting to the server only when there are new messages to process.

Download Zender PHP Script

To sum it up, Zender provides a powerful, unified platform for SMS and WhatsApp messaging. It’s perfect for those looking to start their own SaaS platform that provides an efficient, user-friendly experience. With its multilingual support, message scheduling, template creation, USSD requests, partner system, comprehensive analytics, and much more, Zender offers a broad range of features that meet varied user needs.

With the added advantage of using Android devices as SMS gateways and real-time replies, Zender is all set to revolutionize the way we perceive and handle messaging. Its quick navigation and fast loading technology provide an impressive user experience, leading to higher user satisfaction and retention.

Whether you’re a business owner looking for a streamlined messaging system or an entrepreneur aiming to start your own SaaS platform, Zender is a fantastic choice. Its ease of use, efficiency, and comprehensive feature set make it a top contender in the messaging platform market. With this PHP Script, you’re not just choosing a messaging platform; you’re choosing an all-in-one communication solution that’s designed to take your messaging experience to the next level.


Zender v3.8.5



We are delighted to announce the release of our latest version, which addresses several bugs identified. Open this post for more information.



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