The digital age has brought forth a multitude of platforms for communication, yet the effectiveness of email, SMS, and instant messaging remains unmatched for businesses. XSender Nulled, a cutting-edge Laravel Web Application, takes bulk messaging to new horizons, making communication more efficient, organized, and impactful.

XSender offers an integrated solution for businesses, marketing agencies, and individuals aiming to reach their audience en masse. Whether it’s for promotional campaigns, notifications, or regular updates, this application empowers users to send bulk emails, SMS, and even WhatsApp messages effortlessly.

Features That Set XSender Apart

Mass Emailing

Whether you’re working with CSV, Excel, TXT files, or even groups stored within the application, XSender ensures you can send out bulk emails seamlessly. With support for SMTP, PHP Mailer, and SendGrid API, users are assured of flexibility and reliability.

Bulk SMS Functionality

With the same file formats supported as for emailing, sending out SMSs to a vast audience becomes a breeze. XSender even offers an Android SMS sending app, leveraging the low SMS costs from local SIM cards.

WhatsApp Messaging

In a world where instant messaging is king, being able to send out messages on WhatsApp to a large group is invaluable. It also supports multiple WhatsApp accounts, further enhancing its utility.

Unique Android Integration

The Android SMS sending app is a standout feature. Especially with dual SIM support, users can reduce costs and send messages faster.

SMS API Gateway

XSender includes seven SMS API Gateways, broadening the horizons for sending messages.

Customization and White-Leveling

XSender offers customization options for the SMS Gateway Apps’ Logo, Name, and more, allowing businesses to maintain their branding consistency.

Straightforward Installation and Configuration

With a PHP Laravel web application file included, the installation is hassle-free. Plus, configuring mail, setting up SMS gateways, or even the Android app, is straightforward with the provided documentation.

WhatsApp Node Server Setup

Sending WhatsApp messages is made even simpler with a Node.js package. Setting up the node environment, locating the XSender root project, and running the XSender WhatsApp command ensures your messages are sent smoothly.

Harnessing the Power of XSender

The power of XSender isn’t just in its individual features but in the holistic approach it takes. The application understands the varying needs of modern businesses and caters to them. Whether it’s communicating with customers, launching a new product, or sending out routine updates, The script ensures your messages are delivered effectively.

Conclusion: XSender, the Game-Changer in Digital Communication

In the intricate mosaic of digital communication tools available today, XSender Free Download emerges as a remarkable masterpiece. It’s more than just a tool – it’s a revolution in the way businesses and individuals perceive and execute bulk messaging. By seamlessly blending diverse messaging platforms such as email, SMS, and WhatsApp, XSender offers a unified solution that addresses the complexities of modern communication.

But it’s not just the amalgamation of features that makes XSender a standout. It’s the meticulous attention to detail, the user-centric approach, and the flexibility it extends to its users. Whether you’re a startup aiming to reach out to your first set of customers or a multinational corporation aiming to streamline internal communications, XSender has something in store for everyone.

Moreover, with the rapid digitization of businesses and the escalating importance of real-time communication, it’s imperative to adopt tools that are not just efficient but also future-ready. XSender, with its forward-looking features and adaptability, proves to be just that.

Furthermore, as businesses and individuals strive to carve a niche in an increasingly crowded digital space, personalization becomes paramount. XSender’s customization options are not merely features but powerful statements that allow brands to maintain their unique identity in every message they send.

In essence, embracing this script is not just about adopting a tool; it’s about endorsing a vision—a vision of seamless, efficient, and impactful communication. As we navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, tools like XSender become not just desirable but essential. It’s not just about being heard in the digital age; it’s about ensuring every message resonates, and with XSender, every message truly does.


Latest Version 2.1.1 [04 Feb 2024]

## What’s New

A redesigned Pricing Plan System. This will let Admin's to create a more dynamic pricing plans. 
Carry Forward for Manual Renewals
Dynamic Color for Admin & User Panel

## Bug Fixes

Fixed the repeated loading animation on Test Gateway Clicks
Fixed an issue where user templates were not loading
Fixed A bug which gave 500 Error if pop up notification were enable

## Minor Updates

A few changes for dynamic colors
Update a user's pricing plan within their profile informations

Version 2.1.0 [12 Jan 2023]

  • Feature to add Multiple Email and SMS gateways
  • Added Symphony Mailer to deliver Email
  • Revamped Pricing Plan option where admin can choose the amount of gateways a user can create.
  • Added a database update system

Version 2.0.3 [30 Nov 2023]

  • Campaign Issue resolve
  • API issue resolve
  • Fix for most of the severe and minor bugs

Version 2.0.2 [22 Nov 2023]

  • User field requirement added for Manual Payments
  • Schedule message problems resolved
  • Fixed SMS and WhatsApp name variables
  • Issues sending messages to Group/File contacts resolved
  • WhatsApp double message sending fixed
  • Admin Email Resend and bulk email issues resolved
  • Updated design for Whatsapp Gateway Create/Edit
  • Resolved Subscription and Pricing Plan issues
  • Campaign Schedule Time no longer updates with Cron URLs



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