Creating a seamless shopping experience often extends beyond the digital cart. WooCommerce Phone Orders & Manual Orders Nulled provides a versatile solution for store owners who want to process orders on behalf of their customers. This powerful plugin bridges the gap between online and offline sales channels, making it an essential tool for e-commerce businesses that require flexibility in order management.

WooCommerce Phone Orders & Manual Orders plugin is designed to integrate smoothly into your WooCommerce setup, allowing you to manually create orders within the WordPress dashboard. It’s the perfect answer for situations where customers prefer to order over the phone, through email, or in situations where orders need to be manually processed for reasons such as special discounts or unique shipping arrangements.


1. Streamlined Order Entry

The plugin provides a user-friendly interface for entering and processing orders quickly. This allows shop managers to add products to orders, adjust quantities, and apply discounts without navigating away from the order entry page.

2. Customer Profile Autocompletion

As soon as you begin typing a customer’s name or email, the plugin will suggest matching customers and auto-fill the billing and shipping information based on their profile, speeding up the order process.

3. Flexible Discounting

You can apply custom discounts and special pricing with ease. Whether it’s a percentage or a fixed amount, this feature makes it simple to adjust pricing for phone or manually processed orders.

4. Compatibility with Payment Gateways

The plugin supports various payment gateways, allowing you to process payments using the customer’s preferred method. This ensures a smooth transaction process similar to what customers would experience online.

5. Email Invoices and Payment Links

It enables you to email invoices directly to customers with clickable payment links. This allows customers to complete payment via their chosen method at their convenience, further streamlining the order completion process.

6. Integration with WooCommerce

Designed to work in harmony with WooCommerce, it ensures that all orders, regardless of how they’re submitted, are tracked and managed in one place, keeping inventory and accounting in sync.

Elevate Your WooCommerce Store with Seamless Phone & Manual Order Processing

The WooCommerce Phone Orders & Manual Orders Free Download plugin stands as a vital tool for e-commerce retailers. It brings unmatched flexibility to the sales process, enhancing customer service. This plugin allows for quick, efficient transaction handling, catering to customers’ varied shopping preferences. It ensures no sale is missed and offers a personal touch for those less inclined to online shopping. With its user-friendly design, it streamlines operations, keeps inventory accurate, and simplifies payment, making it a smart addition to any WooCommerce store. By embracing this solution, businesses can provide top-notch service and stay ahead in the competitive e-commerce space.


Version 3.4.1 - March 25, 2024

	Added new filter "phone_manual_order_product_search" to allow 3rd party code to perform the product search
	Added new action hook that runs before a product search
	Added CSS to one_page_checkout.css to prevent the Elementor side cart popup from displaying on the manual/phone order page
	Add tweak to avoid processing the shortcode in the WP admin area when editing a page that contains the shortcode


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