The e-commerce landscape is an ever-evolving space, with innovative tools constantly emerging to empower businesses in fostering better customer relationships. Among these tools, membership-based features offer a unique approach to cultivating customer loyalty. WooCommerce Memberships Nulled stands out as a premier solution for online retailers using the WooCommerce platform, turning ordinary online stores into robust membership-based businesses.

WooCommerce Memberships is not just another add-on; it’s a comprehensive integration designed to meld seamlessly with WooCommerce, providing online businesses the tools to create an exclusive browsing experience for their customers. As many businesses know, customers today demand more than just products—they seek experiences, exclusivity, and value. This extension goes beyond traditional e-commerce approaches, offering tools that build loyalty and extend the value a business provides to its clients.


Exclusive Content Access

With WooCommerce Memberships, store owners can create exclusive areas on their website, accessible only to members. This feature can be incredibly beneficial for businesses selling digital products, online courses, or premium content.

Drip Content

Store owners can schedule the release of exclusive content over time. This gradual exposure to content ensures members remain engaged over a longer period, enhancing subscription value.

Special Pricing for Members

Reward loyal members with special pricing on products or services. This exclusive pricing strategy can motivate more customers to become members.

Flexible Membership Plans

Customize membership lengths, from daily, weekly, monthly, to yearly plans or any custom length in-between. This flexibility caters to various business models, be it short-term courses or long-term content access.

Membership Trials

Offer trial memberships to provide potential members a sneak peek into the exclusive world you’ve built. This can be a powerful incentive, urging them to become full-fledged members.

Product Memberships

Instead of a traditional membership, WooCommerce Memberships allows businesses to tie access to the purchase of specific products. This way, buying a product can grant access to exclusive content, creating added value.

Customizable Member Area

Design a dedicated space for members, curating the content they see, from exclusive articles to special product deals, ensuring they always experience the best your store has to offer.

Communication Tools

Stay connected with members through personalized notes, updates, or special offers. Regular communication fosters a strong relationship between the brand and its loyal members.

Integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions

For businesses seeking to offer recurring billing, WooCommerce Memberships integrates perfectly with WooCommerce Subscriptions, offering an all-in-one solution for subscription and membership-based models.

Download WooCommerce Memberships Plugin

WooCommerce Memberships transforms how businesses interact with their customers on the WooCommerce platform. By offering an exclusive layer of content, special pricing, and a myriad of other membership benefits, it enhances the value proposition for customers, urging them to engage deeper and stay loyal. The modern e-commerce space demands innovation, and with tools like WooCommerce Memberships, businesses are equipped to provide unique, value-driven experiences that not only sell products but also build strong, lasting customer relationships. In an age where customer experience reigns supreme, embracing membership models might just be the game-changer many e-commerce businesses need.


Version 1.26.5 RELEASED ON 2024.04.02
  • Address PHP 8.2+ notices when viewing Import/Export and Profile Fields admin screens
  • Ensure that the `{products}` merge tag is correctly replaced when using exclusively product variations for discount rules
  • When free shipping is granted to a member, ensure that any set minimum order amount is correctly enforced
Version 1.26.0 RELEASED ON 2024.01.24
  • Add compatibility with the cart and checkout blocks
  • Ensure that the member directory block output is visible also to non-admins
Version 1.25.2RELEASED ON 2023.12.06
  • Do not return all subscriptions when manually linking a subscription to a membership
Version 1.25.1RELEASED ON 2023.11.17
  • Improve performance of memberships export functionality
  • Add admin notices to help merchants reverting to the cart or checkout shortcodes if the corresponding blocks are used instead
Version 1.25.0RELEASED ON 2023.06.28
  • Include “Additional Content” when rendering Memberships emails
  • Add compatibility for WooCommerce High Performance Order Storage (HPOS)
Version 1.24.0RELEASED ON 2022.11.30
  • Require PHP 7.4 and WordPress 5.6
  • Add Brazilian Portuguese translation, courtesy Renato Fiuza
  • Add the `wc_memberships_rule_object_ids` filter so that translated products can be restricted correctly


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