There’s a reason why the most successful online stores are offering digital gift cards: E-gift cards increase customer loyalty, drive more revenue, and introduce new customers to your store. Customers love them, too: Giving and receiving digital gift cards is convenient, and paying with them is fast and secure.

Meet Gift Cards Nulled – the most intuitive, lean way to sell and accept pre-paid, multi-purpose e-gift vouchers on your WooCommerce store. Not offering gift cards yet? Now is the best time to start!

With Gift Cards, placing orders is almost instant: Instead of using their credit card, returning customers can pay with funds from gift cards stored in their accounts.

The plugin makes it easy for existing customers to:

  • add gift certificates to their account for later use; and
  • check their total balance.

It’s a win-win deal: Your customers enjoy the convenience and security of a digital wallet that’s integrated with your store, while you reap the benefits of increased loyalty and retention. To keep things simple for new customers, the extension preserves the ability to apply gift card codes right before placing an order — just like coupons.

Changelog for WooCommerce Gift Cards

  *** Woo Gift Cards ***
Version 1.16.10
RELEASED ON 2024.02.14
Hide 'Refund to gift cards' button from orders that do not include any debited gift cards.
Fixed an issue that prevented admin scripts from loading when High-Performance Order Storage was used.
Introduced 'woocommerce_gc_cart_gift_cards_template_args' filter.

2024.01.24 - version 1.16.9
* Tweak - Added compatibility with PHP 8.3.
* Tweak - Deferred frontend scripts.
* Tweak - Updated the WooPayments integration to remove express checkout buttons in gift card product pages.
* Tweak - Updated the PayPal integration to remove smart buttons in gift card product pages.

2023.12.19 - version 1.16.8
* Fix - Fixed 'Invalid quantity configuration. Please review the recipients count.' error for multiple gift cards with the same recipient email.

2023.12.12 - version 1.16.7
* Important - Security improvements.
* Fix - Prevented users from deleting gift cards that are used in orders. 
* Fix - Fixed an issue with how gift card codes were displayed in e-mails when viewed from mobile screens.

2023.10.17 - version 1.16.6
* Fix - Important: Security improvements.
* Fix - Resolved deprecation notice when viewing a Subscription paid by gift cards balance.
* Tweak - Declared compatibility with the cart/checkout Blocks.

2023.09.19 - version 1.16.5
* Fix - Fixed an issue with page titles in settings.
* Tweak - Used admin theme colors in settings.
* Fix - Resolved a styling issue with the outline border when selecting a gift card form field.

2023.08.28 - version 1.16.4
* Feature - Added compatibility between the 'Send as gift?' feature and the new, block-based single product template.


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