WooCommerce Chained Products Plugin Free Download is a powerful tool designed to help online retailers create and sell compelling product bundles effortlessly. Whether you want to create bundles, composites, assemblies, or packages, this plugin provides the flexibility and functionality you need to boost your cart success and increase sales.

The success of any online store hinges on its ability to attract and retain customers. Offering them value and convenience is a key strategy in achieving this goal. WooCommerce Chained Products Plugin is a game-changer in the e-commerce industry, allowing online retailers to create custom product bundles that customers simply can’t resist.


WooCommerce Chained Products Plugin Nulled is a feature-rich tool that simplifies the process of creating and selling product bundles. Here’s an overview of what makes this plugin an indispensable asset for your online store:


  1. Product Bundling Made Easy: With Chained Products Free Download, you can effortlessly bundle products together, creating attractive offers that entice customers to buy more. Whether you want to offer discounts, promotions, or exclusive bundles, this plugin has you covered.
  2. Smart Chaining: Chained Products Plugin offers smart chaining, which means you can create dynamic bundles that respond to customer choices. For example, you can create bundles where selecting one product automatically suggests complementary products for a complete set.
  3. Variety of Bundle Types: Whether you want to create product bundles, composites, assemblies, or packages, this plugin supports a wide range of bundle types, ensuring you can tailor your offerings to your specific needs.
  4. Increase Cart Success: By offering product bundles, you can significantly increase cart success. Customers are more likely to purchase related products when they see them bundled together at a discounted price, thus driving higher sales for your store.
  5. Customization Options: Chained Products Plugin is highly customizable, allowing you to design product bundles that align with your brand’s identity and marketing strategy. You can adjust pricing, discounts, and bundle layouts to suit your store’s needs.
  6. Easy Management: Managing your bundled products is simple with this plugin. You can easily add, remove, or update products in your bundles, ensuring that your offerings are always up to date.
  7. Customer-Centric Approach: Chained Products Plugin is built with a customer-centric approach, making it user-friendly and intuitive for both you and your customers.
  8. Compatibility: This plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. It seamlessly integrates into your existing store, offering a seamless experience for both you and your customers.

Chained Products Nulled Plugin is a game-changer, providing online retailers with a powerful tool to create, manage, and sell attractive product bundles with ease.

By simplifying the product bundling process and offering a wide range of customization options, this plugin empowers you to tailor your offerings to your specific audience. Whether you’re looking to increase average order value, drive customer engagement, or boost overall sales, Chained Products Plugin offers the flexibility and functionality you need to succeed in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

With Chained Products Plugin, your online store can stay ahead of the competition and provide customers with irresistible offers that enhance their shopping experience. It’s more than just a plugin; it’s a pathway to boosting your e-commerce success.


2024-03-21 – version 3.5.0

  • New: WooCommerce 8.7.0 Compatible
  • New: WooCommerce Cart/Checkout blocks Compatibility
  • Update: Code improvements
  • Update: POT file

Version 3.4.0 RELEASED ON 2024-01-02

  • WooCommerce 8.4.0 Compatible
  • Product price is not showing correctly on the category page, if Priced Individually is enabled for any of the chained items
  • Filter ‘wc_cp_admin_hide_chained_order_item’ to hide the chained items in order edit page [Admin]
  • POT file

Version 3.3.0 RELEASED ON 2023-11-30

  • WooCommerce 8.2.2 compatible
  • WordPress 6.4.1 compatible
  • POT file

Version 3.2.0 RELEASED ON 2023.11.03

  • WooCommerce 8.2.1 Compatible
  • Unsupported operand types: string * int
  • PHP fatal error that occurred when attempting to restore a trashed subscription containing chained items
  • Code improvements for the latest WordPress Coding Standards
  • POT file


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