The digital age presents businesses with boundless opportunities, especially when it comes to online sales. However, the B2B sales domain has its unique challenges, requiring specialized tools to streamline processes and enhance customer relationships. Addressing these needs is the WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents Nulled plugin, a game-changing solution that promises to redefine the B2B e-commerce landscape.

WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce platform, transforming it into a B2B sales powerhouse. Recognizing the nuanced relationship between businesses and their sales agents, this plugin offers a tailored approach to manage, reward, and keep track of these crucial stakeholders. It’s not just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to bridge the gap between businesses and their sales representatives in the digital realm.

Typically, managing sales agents involves juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. From assigning specific customers to monitoring their commissions, businesses have their hands full. WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents plugin takes the load off, providing a one-stop platform to handle all B2B sales agent needs.


  • Sales Agent Management: Easily create and manage profiles for each of your sales agents. Assign them customers, set their commission percentages, and monitor their performance all from a centralized dashboard.
  • Flexible Commission Structure: Recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all, the plugin allows businesses to define unique commission rates for each agent. Whether it’s a flat rate, percentage-based, or a mix of both, you have the freedom to decide.
  • Detailed Reporting: Knowledge is power. With the WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents plugin, gain deep insights into each agent’s sales. Understand which products are popular, which agents are outperforming, and areas of improvement.
  • Order Management: The plugin brings clarity to order management. View orders made through agents, track their status, and manage commissions for completed orders effortlessly.
  • Customer Assignment: Assign specific customers to agents, ensuring they receive personalized service. This aids in building stronger B2B relationships and ensures that customers always have a point of contact.
  • Integrated Communication: Streamline communication between your agents and customers. The plugin comes with a built-in messaging system, ensuring that all stakeholders remain in the loop and can communicate effectively.
  • Automated Notifications: From order updates to commission payouts, keep your agents informed with automated notifications. This fosters transparency and ensures agents are always aware of their performance.
  • Seamless Integration: The beauty of the WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents plugin lies in its seamless integration with the WooCommerce platform. There’s no steep learning curve; if you’re familiar with WooCommerce, you’ll feel right at home.

Download WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents Plugin

In a competitive digital marketplace, standing out requires more than just offering quality products. It’s about the entire shopping experience, and when it comes to B2B sales, that experience is intertwined with the performance and management of sales agents. WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents plugin doesn’t just recognize this; it acts on it, providing businesses with a tool that’s comprehensive yet user-friendly.

This plugin embodies the future of B2B e-commerce. It simplifies complex processes, brings transparency to agent management, and positions businesses to make the most of their B2B relationships. Investing in such a tool isn’t just a decision for the present; it’s a step towards future-proofing your B2B e-commerce operations.

In summary, WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents Free Download is a testament to what’s possible when technology meets insight. It’s tailored for the digital age yet rooted in timeless business principles. If B2B sales are your game, this plugin is the teammate you’ve been waiting for. Dive into a new era of B2B e-commerce, where efficiency, transparency, and performance come standard.


  • v1.4.3 23 December 2023
    • * Tweak: to improve performance, customers and orders list in subagent page are now external pages
    • * Fix: resolved a problem in commissions list filters in backend
    • * Fix: resolved a problem when mark commissions as paid/unpaid in backend
    • * Minor fixes, improvements and localisation updates
  • v1.4.2 07 October 2023
    • * Add: new experimental feature to enable silent debug mode
    • * Fix: resolved a problem in selected option dropdown in edit account dashboard page
    • * Minor fixes, improvements and localisation updates
  • v1.4.1 08 August 2023
    • * Fix: resolved an error in admin orders update
  • v1.4.0 03 August 2023
    • * Dev: added compatibility with new WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS)
    • * Minor fixes and localisation updates
  • v1.3.4 02 July 2023
    • * Tweak: improved sales agents dashboard cache system for interactive tables
    • * Tweak: improved REST API custom meta management
    • * Minor fixes and localisation updates
  • v1.3.3 01 June 2023
    • * Add: sales agent can set preferred period in his dashboard “Account details” page
    • * Tweak: orders/earnings list pages and widgets values calculation depend on new preferred period option
    • * Tweak: added a new column “Total goods” in commissions export
    • * Tweak: improved REST API data
    • * Fix: resolved a minor issue to improve affiliate link management
    • * Minor fixes and localisation updates
  • v1.3.2 05 April 2023
    • * Add: new feature to choose which roles to allow association with sales agent (consider as customer)
    • * Add: new feature to choose which roles to allow access to dashboard and assign commissions (consider as sales agent)
    • * Dev: introduced new support system for third part compatibility
    • * Minor fixes and localisation updates
  • v1.3.1 08 February 2023
    • * Fix: resolved a problem with sales agents login when moderate registration option is disabled
    • * Fix: resolved a problem with sales agents bulk status change in admin
    • * Minor fixes and localisation updates
  • v1.3.0 04 February 2023
    • * Add: new option to send admin notification when a new sales agent register
    • * Add: new option to moderate sales agents registration
    • * Add: new option to manage sales agent account status (enabled/disabled)
    • * Add: new option to customize sales agent affiliate ID
    • * Fix: correct sales agent assignment with affiliate links and custom link parameters
    • * Minor fixes and localisation updates


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