WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus Free Download
WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus Free Download

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, businesses seek solutions to enhance the purchasing experience for their customers. WooCommerce, a renowned e-commerce plugin for WordPress, offers extensive flexibility through its myriad of extensions. One such extension is the WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus Nulled.

WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus enhances the basic local pickup functionality offered by WooCommerce. It provides store owners with advanced options to customize and streamline in-store pickup, benefiting both businesses and their customers. Whether you run a single brick-and-mortar store or have multiple outlets, Local Pickup Plus Nulled can elevate your store’s pickup experience.


  1. Multiple Pickup Locations: Local Pickup Plus enables store owners to define multiple pickup locations. This is especially beneficial for businesses with more than one physical store or distribution point.
  2. Location-specific Products: Not every product might be available at every location. With this feature, store owners can allocate specific products to specific pickup points, ensuring accurate inventory management.
  3. Scheduled Pickups: Customers can select a preferred date and time for their pickup. This not only offers convenience to customers but also helps stores manage and streamline their pickup operations.
  4. Customizable Pickup Instructions: Each pickup location can have its own set of instructions. Whether it’s guiding the customer to a backdoor entrance or providing a specific phone number for queries, customization is at its best.
  5. Location-based Cost Adjustments: Implement a fee or discount for selecting a particular pickup location. For instance, central warehouses might offer a discount due to bulk storage, while a downtown location might have a fee due to higher operating costs.
  6. Email Notifications: When an order is ready for pickup, automated email notifications ensure that the customer is informed promptly.


  • Operational Efficiency: By offering scheduled pickups and location-specific instructions, businesses can optimize their staffing and inventory allocations.
  • Increased Sales: Some customers prefer immediate product access over waiting for delivery. Offering a convenient pickup solution can attract this customer segment, potentially increasing sales.
  • Reduced Shipping Costs: With the rise in local pickups, businesses might see a decrease in shipping and delivery costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Local pickups reduce the carbon footprint compared to traditional delivery methods, especially when customers are already on-the-go and can incorporate their pickup into their existing routes.

Integrating WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus:

The process to integrate Local Pickup Plus with a WooCommerce store is straightforward:

  1. Purchase and download the Local Pickup Plus extension Nulled.
  2. Install and activate it via the WordPress dashboard.
  3. Navigate to WooCommerce settings, and under the ‘Shipping’ tab, you’ll find the ‘Local Pickup Plus’ section.
  4. Begin the setup: Define pickup locations, set specific instructions, allocate products, and more.
  5. Save changes, and the local pickup option will be available for customers during the checkout process.

Usage Scenario:

Imagine a popular bakery chain with multiple outlets across the city. A customer residing near Outlet A might find that their favorite cake is only available at Outlet B. With Local Pickup Plus, the bakery can accurately display this information, allowing the customer to choose pickup from Outlet B. The customer can also select a convenient pickup time, ensuring they don’t have to wait in long queues. Simultaneously, the bakery staff at Outlet B gets notified in advance and can keep the order ready.

WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus Free Download addresses a significant e-commerce trend where customers, while appreciating the vast product selection online, also desire the immediacy of having their products at hand. This extension not only facilitates this but does so with an emphasis on convenience, efficiency, and adaptability. For businesses looking to strike a balance between their online and offline operations, Local Pickup Plus Nulled proves to be an invaluable asset.


Version 2.11.3 RELEASED ON 2024.03.25

  • Improve compatibility with WooCommerce USPS Shipping plugin
  • Improve compatibility with PHP 8.2+


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