Ultimate Affiliate Pro Nulled is an innovative affiliate marketing plugin, specifically designed for WordPress & WooCommerce. This potent plugin offers a myriad of powerful features designed to maximize your marketing efforts, optimize conversions, and boost the overall profitability of your online store or website. As an incredibly user-friendly tool, Ultimate Affiliate Pro brings a fresh perspective to affiliate marketing, offering unrivaled flexibility and customization to meet your business’s unique needs.

Main Features

Ranks with Achievements

One of the key features of Ultimate Affiliate Pro is its rank-based system. This allows you to classify your affiliates into distinct ranks and assign them different commission levels. Affiliates can be promoted to the next rank once they achieve predetermined milestones, incentivizing them to perform better.

Unlimited Affiliates

There’s no cap on the number of affiliates you can have promoting your products or services. Ultimate Affiliate Pro allows for unlimited affiliates, enhancing your reach and potential for sales.

Custom Amount

The plugin lets you set a percentage or flat amount for each rank, offer, or custom commission. This versatility caters to the different reward systems businesses might prefer, including multi-level marketing (MLM) rewards.

Special Offers

With Ultimate Affiliate Pro, affiliates can earn different commissions based on which products or services are purchased. The offer can be limited by a specific date range, allowing you to run exclusive promotions or seasonal campaigns.

Multi-level Marketing (MLM)

Transform your affiliate platform into a powerful MLM system. This feature boosts your affiliates’ drive to recruit new leads, with options to set a Unilevel Plan, Force Matrix, or Binary Matrix system, based on your specific requirements.

Lifetime Commissions

Affiliates can earn commissions on all future purchases made by a customer they referred. This feature eliminates concerns about cookies or different browsers, offering a reliable and long-term revenue stream for your affiliates.

Performance Bonuses

You can set bonus commissions when an affiliate reaches a specific rank or signs up for the first time. Each rank can have a different bonus, which motivates affiliates to perform better and climb the ranks.

Banners Management

Ultimate Affiliate Pro provides various banners that your affiliates can use to promote your products or services. These banners can be embedded on any website, enhancing visibility and reach.

PayPal & Stripe Payouts

Pay your affiliates’ earnings directly from the Ultimate Affiliate Pro dashboard via PayPal or Stripe. This streamlined process makes managing affiliate payments a breeze.

Recurring Referrals

The plugin allows for commissions on recurring subscriptions, offering a custom amount that can vary from one rank to another.

Signup Referrals

A flat commission can be awarded when a referred user signs up, incentivizing the growth of your user base.

Social Share & OptIn Integration

Integrated with Social Share&Locker, The plugin enables your affiliates to share their links on social networks. It also integrates with 10 different email marketing platforms, allowing you to store your affiliates’ emails for future newsletter campaigns.

Download Ultimate Affiliate Pro Plugin

To wrap things up, the immense value of the Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin is undeniable. Not only does it simplify the management of your affiliate program, but it also provides powerful tools to motivate and empower your affiliates. However, the benefits don’t stop there.

By leveraging features like MLM systems and lifetime commissions, you give your business the opportunity to broaden its horizons. These advanced functionalities are designed to keep your affiliates productive, which naturally leads to a boost in your profits. Furthermore, the customizability that Ultimate Affiliate Pro offers ensures that it can meet the unique needs of any business, big or small.

So, if you are on the lookout for an affiliate marketing solution that promises growth and efficiency, Ultimate Affiliate Pro stands out as a top contender. With its feature-rich nature and user-friendly design, this plugin isn’t just an add-on to your website; rather, it’s an investment into a comprehensive solution dedicated to enhancing your affiliate marketing strategy.

It’s clear that this plugin is not just about improving your affiliate program. Instead, it’s about taking it to unparalleled heights. If you aspire to boost your affiliate marketing efforts, there’s no doubt that Ultimate Affiliate Pro could be the ultimate game-changer for your business.


Version 8.9 – 06.13.2024

- Added: Integrations section in UAP Dashboard
- Fixed: Changing the WP Native fields slugs
- Changed: Data display when Affiliate has no Rank assigned
- Changed: UAP Dashboard Style and UI Improvements

Version 8.8.1 – 05.28.2024

- Fixed: WordFence warning message

Version 8.8 – 05.23.2024

- Fixed: Gutenberg Compatibility with LearnPress
- Fixed: Woo Payment Integration not working with Woo Blocks
- Changed: UAP Dashboard interface
- Changed: FrontEnd Showcases

Version 8.7 – 04.19.2024

- Added: Referrals Table - Payout status
- Fixed: Custom Affiliate Tabs - Icons display
- Fixed: main Reports tab order
- Fixed: Direct Email - Subject
- Fixed: Admin Menu is not showing up at WP Multisite
- Fixed: Approve Affiliate option does not show up in the Affiliates Table
- Fixed: PHP Compatibility
- Fixed: Payout process - new payout algorithm
- Fixed: Remove Payout Payments
- Fixed: Affiliates table - showing up the Email Status column when is necessary
- Fixed: Default Rank option is not saving
- Changed: Affiliate Table - Search by Affiliate
- Changed: Recurring Commission generation process
- Changed: Product Rates - No Date Range requirement


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