The backend of a website often becomes an overlooked dimension, but it is here that the real magic happens. Making this experience seamless and user-friendly for website managers is the driving force behind many innovations. UiPress Pro Nulled stands as a testament to this approach, fundamentally reshaping how you interact with the WordPress admin dashboard.

UiPress Pro steps into the scene as an avant-garde solution to traditional WordPress admin interfaces, which, while functional, sometimes lack the finesse and customization options desired by advanced users. With its sleek design and modular approach, UiPress Pro elevates the entire experience of website management. It is more than just a dashboard facelift; it’s about optimizing efficiency, personalizing aesthetics, and integrating functionalities that amplify user experience. It’s a transformative journey from the standard to the exceptional.


Customizable Interface

At the core of UiPress Pro is its customizable interface. Users have the liberty to personalize their dashboard with dark and light themes, adjust icon sizes, and tweak the overall layout. This personal touch makes the platform feel more like “home.”

Advanced Menu Editor

With the integrated menu editor, you have the ability to add, remove, and rearrange menu items. This ensures that you have the most crucial tools and options right at your fingertips, minimizing navigation time.

Content Overview

The ‘At a Glance’ widget gets a revamp, allowing users to have a quick overview of their content, from posts and comments to pages and custom post types.

Google Analytics Integration

Stay updated with your website analytics without switching tabs. With Google Analytics integration, real-time website statistics are displayed right on your dashboard.

Quick Links

Save time with quick links, giving instant access to your most frequented pages and settings.

Admin Bar Control

Keep your admin bar decluttered by choosing what to display. With UiPress Pro, you can remove unnecessary items and even add your own links.

Ultra-Fast Search

The integrated search feature is blazing fast and incredibly intuitive, making it simpler than ever to find posts, products, users, and more.

Maintenance Mode

UiPress Pro’s maintenance mode is not just about displaying a ‘site under maintenance’ notice. It’s about crafting an aesthetic and informative page that tells your visitors when to come back.

White Labeling

For developers and agencies, the white-label feature is a gem. Transform and rebrand the WordPress dashboard in line with your or your client’s brand identity.

Adaptive to Roles

Realize the power of role-based customization. Configure the dashboard based on user roles, ensuring everyone gets an optimized experience aligned with their responsibilities.

Mobile Responsiveness

Admin management on the go is a breeze with UiPress Pro’s mobile-responsive design. It adjusts beautifully to various screen sizes without compromising on functionality.

Regular Updates

The team behind UiPress Pro believes in continuous evolution. Regular updates ensure that you always have the best features and security enhancements.

Download UiPress Pro Plugin

UiPress Pro Free Download doesn’t merely tweak the WordPress admin experience; it reimagines it. It’s the answer to the calls of countless developers and website managers who have long yearned for a more optimized, streamlined, and personalized dashboard. It’s an embodiment of what the future of website management looks like: intuitive, efficient, and tailored to individual needs.

The magic of UiPress Pro lies in its ability to meld aesthetics with function. By providing tools that are not just visually appealing but also incredibly useful, it sets a new standard for admin dashboards. Whether you’re a developer aiming to impress clients with a branded backend or a website owner looking for more control and efficiency, UiPress Pro emerges as an indispensable asset. With every feature, it underscores a simple message: Your WordPress backend deserves as much love and attention as the frontend. And with UiPress Pro, giving it that love has never been easier. Embrace the change, experience the power of optimization, and let UiPress Pro be your guide in this journey.



15th of Haziran, 2024

Small stability update

Fixed issue with menu builder not displaying menu items

Release 3.4.01 | uiPres pro

15th of Haziran, 2024

Small stability update

Fixed issue with analytics charts arrow indicators color
Fixed issue that could cause the menu editor and user management apps to fail when used in the frame with dynamic loading disabled.
Fixed issue with matomo account switch

Release 3.4.0 | uiPress Pro

11th of Haziran, 2024

This update brings enormous speed and stability improvements to the pro features of uipress as well as several bug fixes.

Huge speed improvements across the whole plugin
Refactored, compiled and split all JS into chunks
Stability fixes and other bug fixes

Release 3.2.2 | uiPress Pro

11th of Mart, 2024

Small stability update that fixes issue with deactivation hook.

Fixed issue that could cause incorrectly called hook warning


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