The Gig Stand-up Club & Night Bar WordPress Theme Nulled is a specialized WordPress theme designed to cater to the unique needs of stand-up comedy clubs, night bars, and entertainment venues. This theme combines a stylish design with a range of functionalities specifically tailored to enhance the online presence of entertainment venues.

Creating a vibrant and engaging online presence is crucial for entertainment venues such as stand-up comedy clubs and night bars. The Gig Theme is crafted to meet these specific needs, offering a perfect blend of style, functionality, and ease of use. It helps venue owners and event organizers create stunning websites that capture the essence of their entertainment business.


The Gig Theme Nulled is a comprehensive WordPress theme that offers a customizable and intuitive platform. Its design is focused on showcasing entertainment venues in the best light, with features that highlight events, artists, and the unique atmosphere of the venue. The theme’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of entertainment-focused sites, from small comedy clubs to large night bars and event spaces.


The Gig Theme is packed with features that enhance the functionality and appeal of entertainment websites:

  • Responsive Design: The theme is fully responsive, ensuring that the website looks great and functions smoothly on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.
  • Event Management: A key feature is the integrated event management system, allowing easy creation, management, and display of events, including dates, times, and ticket information.
  • Artist Profiles: The theme supports artist profiles, providing a platform to showcase performers with bios, photos, and links to social media.
  • Customizable Layouts: Users can choose from various pre-designed layouts or create custom layouts to match their branding and style.
  • Photo and Video Galleries: The theme includes options for photo and video galleries, perfect for showcasing past events and performances.
  • Social Media Integration: Seamless integration with social media platforms allows for easy sharing of content and increased engagement with audiences.
  • Online Ticket Sales: Integration with ticketing systems enables online ticket sales directly from the website, enhancing convenience for customers.
  • Newsletter Sign-Up: Built-in newsletter sign-up forms help in building an email list for marketing and communication.

Advanced Functionalities

Beyond its basic features, The Gig Theme offers advanced functionalities to further enhance the website:

  • SEO Optimization: The theme is optimized for search engines, helping increase the visibility of the website in search results.
  • Custom Widgets: A range of custom widgets are available, including upcoming events, recent posts, and social media feeds.
  • Interactive Maps: Integration with mapping services helps customers locate the venue easily.
  • Multimedia Support: The theme supports a variety of multimedia formats, including audio and video, allowing for diverse content presentation.
  • Translation Ready: The theme is ready for translation, making it accessible to a global audience.
  • Regular Updates: The theme receives regular updates, ensuring compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and web technologies.

The Gig Stand-up Club & Night Bar WordPress Theme Free Download is an exemplary choice for entertainment venues looking to establish or enhance their online presence. Its combination of style, functionality, and user-friendliness makes it an ideal solution for showcasing entertainment spaces and events. The theme’s focus on the specific needs of comedy clubs and night bars ensures that every feature adds value and enhances the user experience, both for the website owner and the visitors.

In the competitive world of entertainment, having a strong online presence is vital. The Gig Theme not only provides the tools to create an attractive and functional website but also ensures that the spirit and energy of the venue are effectively communicated to the audience. With its continuous updates and dedication to quality, The Gig Theme stands out as a robust and reliable WordPress theme, perfectly suited for the dynamic and exciting world of stand-up comedy clubs and night bars.

Change log

19.01.2024 Version 1.12 – Update

Added: Top 5 Visited Pages for Dashboard Widget;
    Added: Popup alignment for Hotspot shortcode;
    Added: Attribute "playsinline" for video on iOS;
    Added: QuickCal plugin compatibility;
    Added: Elementor 3.16.0 compatibility (flexbox containers support);
    Added: Autoupdate for "QW Extension" addon;
    Added: AI Helper: width and height parameters for Stable Diffusion;
    Added: AI Helper: new API support from Stability AI for image generation;
    Added: AI Helper: "Negative Prompt" and "Safety Checker" options to exclude non-desirable images;
    Added: AI Helper: Chat History shortcode;
    Added: AI Helper: "Upscale image" option for the Extended layout of Image Generator shortcode;
    Added: AI Helper: "System Prompt" parameter to add context for Image Generator shortcode;
    Added:  AI Helper: рarameters "System Prompt", "Max. Tokens" and "Temperature" for Text Generator and AI Chat shortcodes;
    Added: AI Helper: an option to enable/disable prompt auto-translation into English for Image Generator shortcode;
    Fixed: Loop for video autoplay;
    Fixed: Scroll for CPT Portfolio archive page on mobiles;
    Fixed: Styles for WordPress 6.3 compatibility;
    Fixed: Booked appointments fix (2.4.4 version);
    Fixed: Fly positioning on mobiles;
    Fixed: Tabs style for Switcher shortcode;
    Fixed: Icons for Х.com (Twitter) and TikTok;
    Fixed: Responsive styles for WooCommerce Extended Products;
    Fixed: Woocommerce product meta data for Blogger shortcode;
    Fixed: Legacy Widget styles in Widgets Editor;
    Fixed:  Iframe resize for RevSlider;
    Updated: GSAP JavaScript animation library to 3.12.2;
    Updated: The Events Calendar styles.

14.09.2023 Version 1.11 – Update

 Added: Switcher shortcode
 - Added: Squeeze images shortcode
 - Added: Expand / Collapse addon
 - Added: New parm "Outside Top" for Titles in the slides
 - Added: New styles for Button shortcode (Slide,Flow,Veil,Curtain,Slant)
 - Updated: addon QW Extension (theme compatibility)
 - Added: QW Services (Panel,Stylish,Price,Card,Plaque,Tricolore,Nodes)
 - Added: QW Icons (Stylish)
 - Added: QW Portfolio (Pack,Board,Chess,Simple,Case)
 - Added: QW Testimonials (Date,Big)
 - Add style: "Simple" for Slider Controls

03.08.2023 Version 1.10 – Update

- Fixed: CSS\JS\PHP fixes (shortcodes\widget layouts)

14.07.2023 Version 1.9 – Update

- Fixed: CSS\JS\PHP fixes;
- Added: New addon QW Extension (theme compatibility)

07.03.2022 Version 1.8 – Update

- Fixed: CSS\JS\PHP fixes (shortcodes\widget layouts);
- Added: New trx_addons option "Show mouse helper in swiper slider"

31.01.2022 Version 1.7 – Update

- Fix: CSS\JS\PHP fixes (shortcodes\widget layouts);
- Fix: Improved compatibility with YITH Wishlist plugin;
- Fix: WooCommerce Cart behavior on mobile devices;
- Fix: WPML (translated page editing).


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