Skote Nulled is not just another admin dashboard template. It’s a meticulously designed and fully responsive tool built on the powerful React & React Vite, augmented with Redux, Saga, and Hooks. This premium admin dashboard, driven by a clean and minimalistic design, speaks the language of modern web applications. It seamlessly aligns with the latest technological advancements and meets the needs of developers who wish to leverage the benefits of React without the interference of jQuery.


1. Cutting-Edge Technological Integration:

  • Built with the latest Bootstrap v5.2.3, ensuring maximum UI/UX efficiency.
  • Utilizes React Vite 3.1.1 for optimized performance and faster build times.
  • Adoption of React Redux – Redux Saga – React Hooks architecture for efficient state management and asynchronous operations.

2. Authentications & Security:

  • Integrated with Firebase authentication for seamless user validations.
  • Incorporates Fack-backend authentication.
  • Hassle-free Facebook & Google authentication for diverse user preferences.

3. Layouts & Designs:

  • Stunning Dark and Light layouts with the convenience of RTL options.
  • Choose from 7+ different layout types.
  • Sidebar customization with image and color variation options.

4. Responsiveness & Adaptability:

  • High-quality design widgets with universal responsiveness.
  • Easily adapt any layout into an existing app with minimum code tweaks, thanks to scss for Light, Dark, and RTL layouts and JSON object-driven layout structures.

5. Pure React Components:

  • An entirely jQuery-free environment ensures performance and developer-friendliness.

6. Multi-language Support:

  • Break language barriers with i18n support that’s powered by a JSON object.

7. Additional Design Tools:

  • Design enthusiasts will appreciate the availability of Sketch, Figma, & Adobe XD files.

8. Clean Code:

  • Clutter-free, well-commented, and W3C validated code ensures optimal web standards.

9. Icons & Fonts:

  • Elegant Box Icons for intuitive interface elements.
  • Use Google Fonts to add typography flair to your admin panel.

10. Comprehensive Pages & Tools:

  • Manage chats, e-commerce elements like products, orders, carts, shops, and more.
  • Efficient project management with grid, list, and overview pages.
  • Task management with list views and Kanban boards.
  • Financial operations are simplified with invoices list and detailed pages.
  • Easy data management with data tables and profile pages.
  • Analyze data trends with 3 different types of charts.

11. Custom Pages:

  • An “Not authorized Page” for restricted access alerts.

Download Skote Admin Dashboard Template

It is more than just a React Admin Dashboard Template. It’s a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the demands of contemporary web applications. From e-commerce systems to project management tools, Skote’s versatility shines through. Developers will find joy in the ease of customization and the elimination of jQuery, ensuring pure React benefits.

With Skote – React Admin & Dashboard Template + Sketch Free Download, you’re not just investing in a template but in a toolkit that promises to elevate your web application to unparalleled heights. It’s an amalgamation of aesthetics, functionality, and adaptability, making it an indispensable asset for any ambitious project.


v4.1.0 - 31 Aug 2023
- Updated Bootstrap Version to 5.3.0
- Added a new Kanban Board page to manage tasks and workflows.
- Enhanced light and dark mode support using Bootstrap's features.
- Added Loading functionality to provide better user feedback during actions.
- Implemented Toast Notifications to display non-intrusive messages.
- Revamped the Chat page with new features:
- Added Emoji support for expressive communication.
- Enabled Copy functionality for easy text duplication.
- Introduced Image support for sharing pictures.
- Updated All dependencies package.
- Fixed minor issues.


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