The e-commerce landscape is bustling with innovation, continually seeking to bridge the divide between online and offline shopping experiences. Enter the Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin)—a game-changer that effortlessly melds the digital and physical realms of retail.

The Point of Sale System for WooCommerce stands out as a robust tool that integrates seamlessly with any WooCommerce-powered website. Crafted with the modern retailer in mind, it’s a plugin that transforms any online store into a full-blown point-of-sale system, harmonizing the digital and brick-and-mortar elements of business. With this integration, store owners gain the power to manage both their online and offline sales via a single platform, bringing about unmatched efficiency and coherence.


Real-time Synchronization

One of the most powerful assets of this POS plugin is its real-time synchronization capability. Whether a sale occurs in-store or online, inventory and sales data are instantly updated. This synchronization eliminates the chances of overselling products and keeps stock data consistently accurate.

Offline Mode

Even the best internet connections can falter. But with the POS plugin, businesses won’t skip a beat. In the event of a lost connection, the plugin smoothly transitions into offline mode, allowing sales processes to continue unhindered. Once connectivity is restored, all offline sales are synchronized automatically.

Barcode Scanning

To enhance the in-store shopping experience and streamline the checkout process, the POS plugin comes equipped with a barcode scanning feature. With a simple scan, products are added to the cart, making the billing process swift and error-free.

Multiple Payment Methods

In the contemporary retail ecosystem, flexibility in payment options is paramount. Catering to this, the POS system supports a plethora of payment methods, ensuring that customers always have their preferred payment avenue available.

Customer Management

The Point of Sale System for WooCommerce isn’t just about sales; it’s also about building lasting customer relationships. Merchants can effortlessly add and manage customer profiles, ensuring personalized service during each store visit.

Receipt Customization

Brand consistency is vital, and this extends to receipts as well. The POS plugin enables businesses to customize their receipts, incorporating company logos, custom footers, and other essential details.

Dynamic Search

Time is of the essence in retail. The dynamic search feature allows store managers and employees to quickly search and add products to the cart, enhancing the overall efficiency of the sales process.

Tax Calculation

Tax considerations are a pivotal part of any sale. The POS plugin automates tax calculations based on the store’s location, ensuring accuracy and compliance at all times.

User Role Management

Every retail team member has a specific role to play. The POS system acknowledges this by offering user role management. Store owners can assign roles and permissions, ensuring that team members access only the features relevant to their job.

Download Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin)

The evolution of e-commerce has always been about pushing boundaries and seeking innovations that redefine the shopping experience. The Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin) epitomizes this evolution. Beyond merely acting as a conduit between the tangible brick-and-mortar store and its digital counterpart, the plugin emerges as a force that revolutionizes the very fabric of retail management. Its prowess lies in its adeptness to blend the best of both realms, ensuring neither is compromised.

In a market where customer expectations are dynamic and businesses are in a perpetual race to outdo one another, having a system that can toggle between online and offline sales is a monumental advantage. The POS plugin does more than just facilitate transactions. It engenders trust by offering customers a consistent shopping experience, irrespective of their purchasing platform.

For entrepreneurs and businesses using WooCommerce, this plugin isn’t just another add-on—it’s a paradigm shift. It promises and delivers a more streamlined operation, allowing businesses to manage their resources better, reduce overheads related to inventory discrepancies, and offer real-time responsiveness to market changes. Furthermore, its emphasis on enhancing customer experience—be it through diverse payment options, personalized receipts, or efficient barcode scanning—signals a commitment to prioritize the end-user, which is invariably a hallmark of successful businesses.

In conclusion, as the retail landscape becomes increasingly intertwined with digital innovations, tools like the Point of Sale System for WooCommerce are not just desirable but essential. It paves the way for a more interconnected, efficient, and customer-centric future, marking a significant leap in the journey of e-commerce. For those who embrace it, the POS plugin promises not just growth but a transformation into a more agile and adaptable business entity, ready to take on the future of retail.


"Initial release v 1.0.0" "Current release v 5.1.0"
 v 5.1.0

Fixed: Coupon discount issues with inclusive/exclusive tax.
Fixed: Offline mode receipt print issue.
Fixed: Virtual product order issues with HPOS orders.
Fixed: POS cart UI issue and redesigned the home panel.
Fixed: Auto-sync offline orders while the device becomes online.
Fixed: Reports translation issue at admin and POS end.
Enhancement: Customers info UI and added back button on customer edit/add page at POS end.
Enhancement: Modified the loader and replaced it with pure react js loader and redux management.
Enhancement: Improved customer syncing and default customer management.
Enhancement: Improved categories listing popup UI and added up to 5 level categories listing.
Enhancement: Improved the UI of the discount popup.
Enhancement: Fixed the product's grid-gap and managed dynamically according to the device width.
Added: Admin can set POS colors from appearance settings and added some suggested color schemes.
Added: Cart item count on cart actions delete button.
Added: Apply the coupon by pressing the Enter button.
Added: left alignment to the reports table for better data representation.
Added: Password view/hide button inside account settings password change fields.
Added: No results screen on all pages like customers, orders, home screen, and sales screen.
Added: New category style on Home screen and admin can change from New style to old style from appearance settings.
Added: Orders listing with pagination and improved orders listing UI at POS end.
Added: Customers listing with pagination and improved customers listing UI at POS end.
Added: Order status change feature at POS end and admin can enable/disable this feature by settings.
Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce HPOS feature.

 v 5.0.0

Fixed: Discount apply validation.
Fixed: Show product meta option condition on order summary.
Fixed: Tax disable issue when the tax setup and tax is disabled.
Fixed: Add/Edit payment from admin for marketplace point of sale.
Fixed: Default customer set issue while updating default customer's data.
Fixed: Customer updated data render issue in customer list.
Enhancement: Seperated the POS general settings based on the settings category.
Enhancement: Improved coding standard of API and functionalities.
Enhancement: Seperated the POS master stock from the woocommerce stock.
Enhancement: Improved notices, errors, alerts popup.
Added: Integrated new report section on the POS and admin end.
Added: Pin product feature.
Added: Product out of stock visibility.
Added: Custom order prefix feature.
Added: Listed woocommerce orders on the POS.


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