Are You Looking for a Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management Solution? Introducing Perfex CRM Nulled.

In the modern business landscape, customer relationships are the backbone of success. But managing these relationships, especially for growing businesses, can become a complex task. Enter Perfex CRM Nulled – a robust tool designed to streamline, organize, and elevate your customer relationship management.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a pivotal necessity for businesses aiming to keep their customers satisfied and loyal. In an era where every customer interaction can make or break a business relationship, a comprehensive CRM solution is the lifeline that keeps businesses afloat. Perfex CRM understands this, presenting a dynamic platform tailored to meet the ever-evolving demands of modern businesses.

Perfex CRM Free Download is a self-hosted CRM software designed to help businesses manage their customers, invoices, estimates, projects, and many other tasks using just one tool. With its intuitive design and a plethora of features, Perfex CRM ensures that businesses, whether startups or established giants, can streamline their operations and foster better client relationships. Its self-hosted nature ensures that businesses have full control over their data, providing a secure and private environment for all interactions.


  • Rich Dashboard: Perfex CRM offers an interactive dashboard that gives businesses a panoramic view of all activities, from customer interactions to pending tasks.

  • Project Management: Juggle multiple projects effortlessly with task attributions, Gantt charts, and time-tracking capabilities. It ensures every project is executed efficiently and on time.

  • Invoice Management: With Perfex, businesses can generate and send invoices seamlessly, ensuring timely payments. The system can also send reminders for overdue payments, easing the collection process.

  • Estimate Creation: Before finalizing a deal, businesses can create and send professional estimates to clients, making the negotiation process smoother.

  • Ticketing System: Address customer queries and complaints through a built-in ticketing system. This ensures that all issues are tracked and resolved, enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Email Integration: Connect with your customers without leaving the platform. Perfex CRM’s email integration ensures businesses can communicate with their clientele efficiently.

  • Customer Management: Maintain detailed profiles of every customer, storing crucial data like contact details, past interactions, and preferences. This ensures businesses can offer personalized services, fostering loyalty.

  • Expense Tracking: Monitor and manage your business expenses directly from Perfex CRM. This feature ensures you keep a close eye on your expenditures and maintain a profitable operation.

  • Customizability: Every business is unique, and this script understands this. With a plethora of customization options, businesses can tailor the platform to match their specific needs.

  • Reports & Insights: Dive deep into your operations with detailed reports. From sales figures to customer interactions, Perfex CRM provides insights that help businesses make informed decisions.

Elevate Your Customer Relationships with Perfex CRM

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have become indispensable. Perfex CRM doesn’t just offer a tool; it revolutionizes the way businesses prioritize and nurture customer relationships.

Every thriving business values connections – with partners, stakeholders, and most importantly, customers. Perfex CRM strengthens these ties. It ensures businesses don’t overlook any interaction, miss opportunities, or let any customer feel overlooked. Its multifaceted dashboard provides clear insights, and its efficient invoicing system simplifies financial operations.

Moreover, Perfex offers a significant security advantage due to its self-hosted nature. Businesses can rest easy knowing their

data, as well as their customer’s data, remains secure and protected from potential third-party vulnerabilities.

The flexibility of Perfex CRM, with its wide array of features, ensures it suits businesses of all scales and types. Whether you’re just starting or you command a vast clientele, Perfex can handle your CRM requirements, adjusting and scaling as your needs evolve.

In short, when you choose Perfex – Powerful Open Source CRM Free Download, you’re choosing a future where customer relationships stand front and center. This platform provides the tools and insights necessary to consistently meet and even exceed customer expectations. In a world where customers are more informed and demanding than ever, Perfex CRM can be your key to maintaining high satisfaction levels and ensuring steady business growth. Embrace Perfex, and lead the way in exceptional customer relationship management for your sector.


  • Add option to auto-convert proposal to invoice after acceptance (customers-related proposals only)
  • Add an option to disallow non-admin staff to edit tickets and replies messages
  • Fix tickets content show HTML
  • Fix modules menu item badge displays HTML
  • Fix the proposal table not sorting by date created
  • Fix detailed expenses report not working
  • Fix admin-related kb articles encoding
  • Fix TinyMCE not working in modals
  • Fix delete ticket redirect to invalid link
  • Fix customers dropdown not searchable
  • Fix my tasks table showing all tasks
  • Fix tickets table status filter not working correctly
  • Add advanced filters for customers
  • Add advanced filters for tasks
  • Add advanced filters for invoices
  • Add advanced filters for estimates
  • Add advanced filters for subscriptions
  • Add advanced filters for proposals
  • Add advanced filters for tickets
  • Add advanced filters for leads
  • Add advanced filters for projects
  • Add advanced filters for expenses
  • Add staff_cant function and deprecate has_permission function
  • Add advanced filters for contracts
  • Add advanced filters for credit notes
  • Add a create form button to estimate the request page
  • Updated: Do not allow editing contract content after signing or marked as signed
  • Updated: Lock contract content with used merge fields after signing or marked as signed
  • Update: Auto disable Pusher in case of invalid configuration
  • Update default charset to utf8mb4 (new installs only)
  • Add ability to save filters
  • Add ability to filter by custom fields
  • Add ability to mark filters as default
  • Add ability to share filters with other team members
  • Add ability to dynamically filter dates e.q. “next month”
  • Add ability to create conditional filters
  • Allow customers to table VAT search
  • Allow modules to register custom filters for supporting tables
  • Remove leads filters in favor of the new filter feature
  • Convert template column content to long text
  • Remove deprecated MySQL functions
  • Apply decimal setting to customer area dashboard
  • Remove hardcoded db prefix in leads import
  • Performance improvements
  • Fix pagebreak adding extra <p> tags to editors
  • Fix the calendar shown in English in the client area
  • Fix invoice items table
  • Fix bug with login in after importing customer without password
  • Fix custom field related to customer result not showing customer name
  • Fix undefined variable $ci error in the Tasks controller
  • Fix the sidebar toggle on a tablet
  • More hooks added
  • Minor fixes


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