Nazmart – eCommerce Website Builder SaaS PHP Scripts for Multi-Tenancy. It uses a separate database for each tenant, allowing your website to load quickly, and it allows you to add custom domains. Automatic subdomain creation, among other things. Nazmart Nulled PHP script comes with a different 04 theme with necessary inner pages, allowing your tenant to easily create an eCommerce website without having to worry about design. Also has 20+ payment gateways and supports over 150 currencies. It is highly customizable and includes many useful features such as a drag-and-drop menu builder, a drag-and-drop form builder, a drag-and-drop widget builder, and many others. It is compatible with desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, as well as major browsers.


Unique Design

This suggests that Nazmart has a design distinct from other eCommerce platforms, ensuring a fresh and original user experience.

04 theme (6+ more themes coming soon)

The platform currently offers 4 themes with the promise of 6 or more additional themes in the future.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

A comprehensive control panel that allows administrators to manage and oversee various aspects of the eCommerce platform.

User Role Permission System

Administrators (Super Admin) have the ability to assign specific roles to users or even add new admins, providing tiered access control.

User Dashboard

A dedicated area for users to manage their profile, orders, and other personal details.

Tax Module

Enables the setup and management of tax rates and rules relevant to different regions or products.

Inventory Module

Helps in tracking and managing stock levels for products.

Advance shipping Module

Provides advanced options for setting up shipping rates, rules, and methods.

Campaign Module

A tool to create, manage, and analyze promotional campaigns.

Variant Module

Allows products to have different variations like size, color, etc.

RTL Support

Supports Right-to-Left languages, essential for languages like Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

Dynamic Page

Offers the ability to create pages with dynamic content.

Page Slug Change Options

Ability to modify the URL “slug” of a page for SEO and branding purposes.

Page Meta Tag Options

Customize meta tags for individual pages, enhancing SEO efforts.

Drag & Drop Menu Builder

Easily design and organize site menus using a drag-and-drop interface.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Create and customize forms using a visual, drag-and-drop editor.

Drag & Drop Widgets Area Builder

Design widget areas and components with a drag-and-drop tool.

FAQ Page with google schema markup support

Create a FAQ page that is optimized with Google schema markup for better search engine visibility.

Page Slug & Name Change

Modify both the page’s URL slug and its displayed name.

950+ Google Fonts

Access to a vast collection of fonts from Google’s library for design customization.

Cache Settings

Manage cache settings to improve site performance and loading speeds.

Pre Made Pages Slug change & Name change

Ready-made pages with the flexibility to change their URL slugs and displayed names.

Custom CSS Settings & Custom JS Settings

Customization of the site’s appearance and behavior using CSS and JavaScript.

Maintains Mode

Likely a mode that allows admins to make updates or maintenance tasks without affecting the live site.

GDPR Cookie Settings

Manage cookie settings and permissions in compliance with GDPR.

Email Template Settings

Customize the design and content of automated emails sent by the platform.

SEO Settings Available

Enhance search engine visibility and performance through SEO configurations.

OG Meta Added

Integration of Open Graph meta tags, helping in defining rich content for social media sharing.

Google Analytics Settings

Integration with Google Analytics for tracking and analyzing website traffic.

Live Chat Options

Embed live chat functionalities for real-time customer support.

Unlimited Color Option

Customize the platform’s appearance with a wide range of color choices.

Dynamic Order Page

An order page that can adjust or modify content based on various parameters.

FAQ Page

A dedicated page for Frequently Asked Questions.

Typography Settings

Customize fonts, sizes, and other text properties.

Well Documented

Comprehensive documentation is available, guiding users on how to use and customize the platform.

Download Nazmart PHP Script

Nazmart Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform Free Download stands out as a highly comprehensive and customizable eCommerce Website Builder, especially tailored for a SAAS (Software as a Service) model with a focus on Multi-Tenancy. Its distinctive architecture, which employs a separate database for each tenant, not only ensures swift website load times but also brings in flexibility with the addition of custom domains and the provision of automatic subdomain creation. Furthermore, design constraints are virtually nonexistent, thanks to the diverse range of themes, with more to come, as well as over 950 Google Fonts.

From the administrators’ perspective, Nazmart offers an extensive range of control, be it through its robust dashboard, nuanced user role management, or the myriad of modules to handle taxes, inventory, shipping, campaigns, and more. This is complemented by the platform’s commitment to user experience – evident from features such as dynamic content creation, an extensive set of drag-and-drop builders, and SEO optimization capabilities, among others.

Adding to its global appeal, the platform’s compatibility with RTL languages, integration with over 20 payment gateways, and support for more than 150 currencies makes it versatile for a diverse user base. The platform’s mobile and browser compatibility ensures that both administrators and end-users get a seamless experience regardless of their device of choice.

Lastly, with a strong emphasis on compliance and user support – be it through GDPR cookie settings, live chat options, or the extensive documentation – Nazmart Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform Nulled proves itself as not just a tool but a comprehensive solution for budding entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. It is evident that Nazmart has meticulously integrated both utility and design, making it a promising choice for anyone looking to venture into the realm of eCommerce.

Changes Logs

Date: March 13th, 2024

Version: 2.0.2

[fixed] a security issue fixed

Date: January 28th, 2024

Version: 1.9.0

[Added] Domain Reseller Plugin Added (Premium)
[Added] New Payment Gateway Added - Iyzipay
[Added] Product Multi-Lang Slug Support Added

[Fixed] Landlord Payment Success Page Bug Fixed
[Fixed] Untracked: More Major and Minor Bug Fixed

Date: January 20th, 2024

Version: 1.8.0

[Added] MSG91 SMS Gateway Added (Premium Plugin)
[Added] Unsubscribe Newsletter from Email Option Added
[Added]Tenant User Order Cancel Option Added

[Fixed] Product Special Character Issue Fix
[Fixed] Shipping Plugin Token Expire Issue Fixed
[Fixed] Newsletter Improved
[Fixed] Landlord Coupon Delete Issue Fixed
[Fixed] Zero Price Planed Tenant Delete Issue Fixed
[Fixed] Country, State and City CSV Import Issue Fixed
[Fixed] Shipping Plugin Image Issue Fixed

Date: January 1st, 2024

Version: 1.7.0

[Added] DHL Shipping Plugin (Premium)
[Added] ShipRocket Shipping Plugin (Premium)
[Added] Phone Screen Product Responsive Option Added
[Added] Tenant Country, State and City Import from CSV Added
[Added] Admin Panel Global Search Improved
[Added] 4 New Languages Added for New Tenant Creation
[Added] Alert Messages Improved

[Fixed] Product Variant Issue fixed
[Fixed] Product details payment gateway image issue fixed
[Fixed] Order details page updated
[Fixed] Sales report translation issue fixed
[Fixed] Cloud storage issues fixed
[Fixed] Image upload issue fixed
[Fixed] Product title special character issue fixed
[Fixed] Summernote media and link disappear issue fixed
[Fixed] more bug fixed

Date: December 6th, 2023

Version: 1.6.1

[Added] POS search with SKU or Name added
[Added] New languages added for new tenant creation settings
[Added] Sidebar permission system added for external plugin
[Added] Site health page improved
[Added] Tenant admin global search option added
[Added] Performance improved

[Fixed] POS product search improved
[Fixed] POS scanner search issue fixed
[Fixed] POS receipt size issue fixed
[Fixed] POS failed purchase bug fixed
[Fixed] Tenant email settings big fixed
[Fixed] POS PWA issue fixed
[Fixed] Theme information edit bug fixed
[Fixed] Media uploader bug fixed
[Fixed] Site analytics plugin’s php extension bug fixed


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