In an era where businesses are competing intensely to capture the attention of their target audience, generating high-quality content consistently is vital. But producing such content requires time, effort, and a certain level of creativity – resources that are often in short supply. That’s where MagicAI Nulled steps in.

MagicAI, an AI-powered tool for generating high-quality content instantly, has become the best-selling product on Codecanyon within three days of its release. The PHP Script uses OpenAI’s popular AI generation models – GPT-4, GPT-3.5, GPT-3, Dall-E, Ada, Curie, and Davinci – to deliver different types of content with unrivaled quality and speed.

Features Overview

AI Generators:

MagicAI offers a variety of AI generators designed to cater to all your content generation needs.

  • AI Text Generator: Generate high-quality texts with the AI Writer. Easily edit, export, or publish your AI-generated results with an intuitive interface.
  • AI Image Generator: Create stunning images for web design, advertising, and social media.
  • AI Code Generator: Streamline your coding process, making it faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before.
  • AI ChatBot: Get instant answers to your questions on any topic.
  • AI Speech to Text: Transcribe your recordings accurately in minutes.
  • AI Voiceover: Create captivating voiceovers with natural intonation and versatility.

Magic Tools:

MagicAI provides a set of cutting-edge tools to help you optimize your content generation process.

  • Smart Installation: Install MagicAI effortlessly with our latest wizard.
  • One-Click Update: Keep your site up-to-date with just a single click.
  • Mobile First: MagicAI works great on any device.
  • Chatbot Training: Train MagicAI on your data and make your AI content exclusive to your website.
  • Custom Chatbots: Create your own chatbot with custom avatars.
  • Stream: View each letter in real-time as the AI generates the output.
  • Custom Templates: Generate various types of content with pre-made or custom templates.
  • Advanced Dashboard: Gain valuable insights and manage site settings from a responsive dashboard.
  • Performance: MagicAI’s rock-solid structure delivers maximum performance.
  • Turbo Writer: Achieve the best performance on any server with exclusive JS and server optimizations.
  • Payment Gateways: Securely process electronic payments.
  • Pricing Plans: Choose from prepaid, subscription, or lifetime-based pricing.
  • Free Trial: Experience MagicAI’s capabilities before purchasing.
  • Affiliation: Earn commissions from referrals.
  • Editable Website: Update your site content easily with the Frontend Editor.
  • WYSIWYG Editor: Edit content effortlessly.
  • Multilingual: Understand and generate content in multiple languages.
  • Easy Translation: Translate strings and download new languages.
  • RTL Support: Adapt your content and user experience to meet the needs of RTL language speakers.
  • Dark Mode: Transform your dashboard’s appearance into a dark layout.
  • SEO: Generate unique and optimized content.
  • Social Login: Login with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or GitHub.
  • Privacy & Security: Safeguard personal information and ensure GDPR compliance.
  • Site Health: Manage your project and server configuration.
  • Easy Export: Export generated content as plain text, PDF, Word, or HTML.
  • Support Platform: Access Support Tickets and update the platform with a single click.
  • Live Search: Provide users with relevant results within the same page.
  • Multiple API Keys and Tokens: Integrate API keys for smooth and uninterrupted AI interactions.

Custom Templates

MagicAI OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator as SaaS Nulled offers custom templates for various content types and industries. Whether you need to generate blog posts, social media posts, YouTube video descriptions, or email newsletters, MagicAI has a template for you.

How MagicAI Works

Using MagicAI is a breeze. Simply provide some basic information or keywords about your brand or product and let the AI algorithms handle the rest. Once the content is generated, you can view, edit, or export your result with a few clicks. And just like that, you’re done!

Download MagicAI PHP Script

MagicAI OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator as SaaS Free Download is truly a game-changer in the world of content generation. Its wide range of AI generators, intuitive tools, custom templates, and ease of use make it an essential asset for businesses looking to scale their content creation efforts. MagicAI not only simplifies the content creation process but also ensures the quality and uniqueness of the content, thereby helping businesses to stay ahead in the digital race.

Whether you are a content creator, marketer, developer, or business owner, MagicAI is your key to unlocking a world of high-quality content at your fingertips. Embrace the future of content generation with MagicAI today.


4.7 – FEB 10, 2024

NEW: AI-Powered Text Generator & Editor.
TWEAK: Enhanced responsiveness.
TWEAK: Feature access to new sign ups.
FIX: Typos.
FIX: Avatars not showing in some places.

4.6.1 – FEB 9, 2024

FIX: Style build issues.
FIX: Hotfix Stripe subscription payment.
FIX: Paypal plan with coupon cancellation.
FIX: AI Youtube backend stream issues.
TWEAK: Lifetime plans added to home page pricing table.

4.5 – FEB 7, 2024

New: Team functionality.
New: Enhanced payment system.
New: Bank Transfer.
New: Free Token Packs and Subscription Plans.
New: LifeTime Monthly and Yearly renewal Subscription Plans.
New: Tax functionality.
New - User finance managment and assign plans by admin (manual payments)
New: Create Users by Admin.
Tweak: More Functions to REST Api.
Tweak: Performance optimization.
Tweak: Style Enhanced.
Fix: Auto-translate issues.
Fix: Coupon issues.
Fix: AI voiceover issues.
Fix: Real-time data issues.
Fix: Fine-tune issue.
Fix: Premium/regular packages access issues.
Fix: Passive templates usable issues.

4.4 – JAN 29, 2024

FIX: AI chat image page opening issues.
FIX: AI chat image feature not closable issue.
FIX: OpenAI settings page not opening issue.
FIX: Other typo issues.

4.3 – JAN 26, 2024

NEW: Fine Tune Models
TWEAK: AI Youtube - Insert and save thumbnail.
TWEAK: Improve auto-translate.
FIX: Chat Image and AI Rewriter issue with multiple API keys.

4.2 – JAN 23, 2024

NEW: Auto-translate feature with Google for additional languages.
NEW: AI YouTube switcher for seamless integration with YouTube content.
NEW: AI Rewriter functionality for content rewriting.
TWEAK: Update badge and titles for a refreshed look.
TWEAK: Ensured Elevenlabs model is updated to version 2.
TWEAK: Improvements in prompts for a more refined user experience.
TWEAK: Enhancements in styling, including improvements in dark mode.
FIX: Addressed issues related to removing redundancies.
FIX: Resolved scrolling issues in the chat area.

4.1 – JAN 18, 2024

NEW: Real-time data integration with AI chats using Serper API.

NEW: Integration of Elevenlabs for AI voiceovers.

Tweak: Chat indicator in AI Chat for better user experience.

Tweak: AI assistant with text selection checking.

Tweak: Enhanced streaming functionality for smoother performance.

FIX: Addressed style issues in AI Chat.

FIX: Resolved AI Chat text line height i

4.0 – JAN 11, 2024

NEW: REST API with Swagger for app development on MagicAI.
NEW: Advanced AI assistant.
NEW: Chat Image feature.
NEW: Community platform.
NEW: AI Support Portal.
NEW: Revised payment system with RevenueCat gateway.
TWEAK: Update Chat UI for better user experience.
TWEAK: Responsiveness.
FIX: Resolved language page issues.
FIX: Image in AI Chat.
FIX: Backend stream chat prefixes.
FIX: Remove deprecated Davinci model.
FIX: Avatar display issues.
FIX: Addressed some typos.

3.5.2 – 22 Dec 2023

NEW Admin-configurable daily rate limits for voice features.

TWEAK Improved database compatibility by removing dependency on SQLite.

TWEAK Enhanced language support with additional translations.

FIX Voiceover now supports OpenAI voices without requiring a Google file.

FIX Resolved avatar display issues.

FIX Addressed and resolved possible installation issues for smoother setup experiences.

FIX Fixed problems related to the language page functionality.

3.5.1 – 20 Dec 2023

NEW AI PDF available now for all hosting types.

3.5.0 – 19 Dec 2023


TWEAK UI improvements on AI chat.


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