Online directories have rapidly evolved as indispensable platforms, allowing users to discover services, businesses, and events within their locality or interest sphere. It’s imperative for such platforms to offer fluid navigation, precise information, and an attractive layout. Catering to all these demands is ListingPro Nulled, a comprehensive solution for directory and listing needs.

ListingPro, at its core, is more than just a theme. It’s a well-crafted ecosystem designed for seamless directory creation and management. Whether you envision a local business directory, a classified ads space, or a specialized event listing, this theme stands ready to deliver with unmatched sophistication.

Developers of ListingPro have gone the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of the user experience, from the frontend interface to the backend functionalities, is refined to perfection. The built-in features and intuitive design remove the necessity for an array of third-party plugins, making the setup process streamlined and hassle-free.


  • One-Stop Solution: Unlike many other themes that rely heavily on third-party plugins, ListingPro boasts a comprehensive internal build. This means faster setup, reduced compatibility issues, and more coherent design language.
  • Advanced Search Filters: The integrated smart search system allows users to find listings based on a multitude of criteria. Whether it’s location-based searches, keyword matching, or category filters, ListingPro has got it covered.
  • Interactive Map Integration: Listings come alive with interactive maps, helping users gauge distances, explore neighborhoods, and decide on their options.
  • Responsive & Mobile-Ready: Recognizing the ever-growing mobile user base, ListingPro is designed to be fully responsive. This ensures that listings look impeccable and function flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones alike.
  • Monetization Features: Think beyond a simple listing website. With ListingPro, site owners can monetize their platform through features like paid listings, ad spaces, and claim listings.
  • Review & Rating System: Modern consumers trust peer reviews. ListingPro’s integrated review and rating system allows for detailed user feedback, which can immensely boost the credibility of listings.
  • User Dashboard: Registered users get access to a sleek dashboard where they can manage their listings, track reviews, view statistics, and much more.
  • Drag & Drop Form Builder: Customization is made easy with a drag & drop form builder, allowing site owners to tweak listing forms to their unique requirements.
  • Translation Ready: Cater to a global audience. ListingPro supports multi-language setups, ensuring that language is never a barrier.
  • Regular Updates & Support: ListingPro’s commitment to excellence is evident in its regular updates. With a dedicated support team, any issues or queries are addressed promptly.

Why Choose ListingPro?

When it comes to directory and listing themes, several options might catch your eye. However, ListingPro’s dedication to offering an all-in-one solution places it a cut above the rest. The emphasis on user experience, monetization, and scalability ensures that both the end-users and site owners reap substantial benefits. With ListingPro, you’re not just selecting a theme; you’re investing in a robust platform poised for growth.

Download ListingPro Theme

Navigating the digital landscape presents myriad themes and tools that clamor for attention. Making a well-informed choice involves more than just finding a visually appealing theme; it demands efficiency, scalability, and adaptability. ListingPro, with its comprehensive feature set, consistently rises to the occasion in this realm.

Reflecting on the world of directory platforms, fluidity, accuracy, and user engagement hold paramount importance. Modern users demand a seamless browsing experience, quick access to relevant data, and intuitive interactions. Every element of ListingPro, from its powerful search capabilities to its integrated review system, resonates with this user-focused approach.

Moreover, the ever-changing digital domain requires online platforms to stay flexible and responsive. ListingPro’s commitment to regular updates, its mobile-friendly design, and translation readiness underscore its forward-thinking approach. This theme doesn’t just adapt to the future; it actively molds the future of online directory platforms.

Beyond technical capabilities, ListingPro Free Download champions the essence of community and commerce. It offers seamless monetization opportunities, allowing businesses to transform their platforms from mere information hubs to vibrant commercial centers. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and developers can create a directory that engages and not just lists.

To sum up, when diving deep into online directories and listings, selecting a reliable, feature-packed, and adaptable theme becomes vital. ListingPro offers a holistic approach, combining design, functionality, and user experience, marking its position as a leading solution. Choosing ListingPro means embracing not just a product but a vision. It signifies the potential of a well-crafted directory platform, ensuring that you’re at the forefront of directory innovation.

Update Logs

5th Feb 2024 | Version 2.9.3

* Fixed: Security Update - False Alarm Identified and Addressed
* Fixed: Quick Help Widget CSS not loading

2nd Feb 2024 | Version 2.9.2

* New: Compatibility with PHP 8.2
* New: Welcome Email Template upon Setup
* New: Updated WPBakery
* New: Updated Redux Framework
* Fixed: Few Warnings
* Fixed: Auto page Recreation issue.
* Fixed: Package issue (When the package is completed it disappears from packages.)
* Fixed: Unable to display more reviews on the app view detail page.
* Fixed: Categories icons are not showing on the app view banner.
* Fixed: Reviews are not updating from the user dashboard.
* Fixed: The address is not showing on the detail page in the app view.
* Fixed: In Albanian Language Thursday and Friday days are not showing on the detail page.
* Fixed: Description quick tip not showing on the submit listing page
* Fixed: Fatal Error When only theme is activated.
* Fixed: Fatal error when we switch ListingPro Theme without deactivating the plugins.
* Fixed: Child Categories are not showing in the Style 1 Banner.
* Fixed: Custom fields are not showing on the lead form in-app view
* Fixed: Get Direction issue in Mobile on Detail Page.
* Fixed: The plugin setup screen is not displaying properly when we run the setup wizard again.
* Fixed: Reviews Show 5.0.0 instead of 5.0 on the detail page.
* Fixed: If we select Homepage in-app view for Home it shows an error of redirect too many times
* Fixed: Stripe object Payment issue with the Ads Payment.
* Fixed: Homepage button color issue.
* Fixed: Pricing Plan image size is not working while adding listings.
* Fixed: Business Hours issue on Safari Browser.
* Fixed: Unable to click on the Street View Icon in Google Maps on the Archive Page
* Fixed: Satellite Button is not clickable on Archive Page
* Fixed: Header Search Dropdown overlays with the top bar.
* Fixed: The listing layout is disturbed in the Elementor Listings Posts element.
* Fixed: If we import demo with Elementor, edit listing and Checkout page not imported with Elementor.
* Fixed: Select dropdown form field default selection in backend edit listing.
* Tweaks: Improve Setup Process
* Tweaks: Add placeholder text in many fields.
* Tweaks: XML File updated.
* Tweaks: Claim now and Report now button colors in Classic 2.
* Tweaks: Pot language file updated
* Tweaks: Twitter icon is now X

13th Sep 2023 | Version 2.9.1

Fixed: Elementor Compatibility Issue

1st Sep 2023 | Version 2.9

Added: ListingPro Classic 2 (New! Version of Classic Demo) 
Added: CubeWP Forms integration for Contact Us page form only
Added: Font Awesome icons integration for categories icons over map and search
Added: Child Categories added in by default search dropdown
Added: Translation updated for new strings
Fixed: Categories without listing count don't show in multi rating selection in admin dashboard
Fixed: Search icon displayed twice in mobile search/archive page
Fixed: Filters display in search/Archive Page
Fixed: Listing Details Page Map issue fixed in app view
Fixed: Typo mistakes in demo content
Fixed: Several minor UI/UX issues through out the product.
Tweaks: CSS/Images updated

15th June 2023 | Version 2.8

Added: New Checkout for Stripe
Added: Business Logo add option for all listing detail styles
Added: Fontawesome 5 Compatibility
Added: Option to display Taxonomy description
Added: Display footer in App view
Added: Option to display Email Address on Listing detail page
Added: Element to display coupons
Added: Element to display Announcements
Added: Element to display popular Listings
Added: Shortcode for Search bar
Added: Option to add logo and change color options for App view
Added: option to set form fields as required in FES builder
Added: Option to set invoice start No.
Added: Option to Import Form fields with Listings 
Added: Export Listings option
Fixed: Filter issue with custom fields
Fixed: Coupon not applied while tax disabled
Fixed: Feature Image from gallery issue in list view and app view
Fixed: Ads activation Email Issue
Fixed: User Dashboard Stats issue
Fixed: Design issues and Typos in demo content
Improved: App view 2 Category slider
Tweaks: CSS, Images updated

22nd Mar 2023 | Version 2.7.5

Fixed: Review images are not showing on the pagination
Fixed: Package is not showing activated with 100% coupon with stripe and PayPal
Fixed: Invoice is not generating with 100% coupon with PayPal
Fixed: Pagination is not showing on the first load on the archive page
Fixed: Pagination number goes to detail page on archive style 2

7th Mar 2023 | Version 2.7.4

Fixed: Changes in the Welcome Email Template
Tweaks: Minor UI/UX improvements
Tweaks: Minor bug fixes

22nd Feb 2023 | Version 2.7.3

Fixed: Search bar not showing on the banner after demo import
Fixed: Claimed Listing Element showing incorrect Listings
Fixed: Issue with Business hours
Fixed: Warning in Theme Options in MAP field
Fixed: Form fields issue on submit page style 2
Fixed: Recurring option showing on claim checkout
Fixed: Typos changes in Theme Options
Fixed: Demo import issue with Restaurant demo with WPBakery
Fixed: Map pin not showing on the archive page style 4 while click on the direction button
Tweaks: Warnings due to PHP latest version


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