The rise of digital platforms has made it easier than ever to access services at our fingertips. Handyman Service App Nulled steps into this digital arena, offering a mobile-based solution for on-demand home services. Built on Flutter, this app is more than just a booking system; it’s a comprehensive solution for businesses and clients alike.

Handyman Service is a potent blend of efficiency and user-friendliness. This Flutter app is crafted for businesses looking to penetrate the online home services market, ensuring they have a reliable, feature-rich platform to cater to their clientele. The emphasis here isn’t just on creating a functional app but one that allows businesses to launch and scale rapidly. Its customizable templates mean that developers can tailor the app to fit unique business needs, ensuring a seamless transition from idea to execution.


  • Swift Setup: The pre-designed templates, including Sign in, Sign up, and Payment pages, ensure that businesses can launch their service booking system in mere minutes.
  • Comprehensive Booking System: Clients can conveniently book services, and providers can assign these bookings to handymen, ensuring timely service delivery.
  • Robust Admin Panel: Built on Laravel PHP, the admin panel offers valuable insights, analytics, and statistics, ensuring businesses can make informed decisions.
  • Role-based Access: The app offers multi-role functionalities. From Admin to Service Provider, Handyman, and customers, each role has its tailored dashboard and permissions.
  • Multilingual & RTL Support: Catering to a global audience becomes easy with multiple language and Right-to-Left script support, ensuring the app meets diverse client needs.
  • Dual Theme Support: Offering both light and dark themes, Handyman Service ensures a visually pleasing user experience irrespective of user preferences.
  • Push Notifications: Engage clients proactively and keep them informed with push notifications, enhancing the app’s interactivity and ensuring timely service updates.

Download Handyman Service Mobile App Template

In today’s tech landscape, Handyman Service offers a unique chance. It’s more than just an app—it’s a digital gateway for businesses of all sizes. This app isn’t just about serving users; it’s about creating memorable experiences for both clients and providers.

The adaptability of Handyman Service stands out. It’s not just a service tool; it’s a vision of swift, efficient operations and happy customers. When businesses choose this App, they get more than a tool. They adopt a mindset that values quick responses, change, and top-notch service.

In a world where online and offline services blend, a reliable app like Handyman Service is crucial. It connects old-school services with modern consumers. By making things simple, improving access, and allowing customization, Handyman Service shows us a future where businesses can meet customer needs with ease. Choosing this app today is a step towards a bright, tech-savvy tomorrow.


[v11.6.0] – 18 June 2024

Mobile App

  • New – Introducing our revolutionary dynamic User App Dashboard Management feature, administered by the admin. This feature offers unparalleled flexibility and control over your app’s dashboard interface.
  • New – Added a restriction on the cancel booking button, preventing cancellations one hour before the service starts.
  • Fix – Resolved the social login issue.
  • Fix – Displayed the correct booking address in booking details.
  • Fix – Addressed the permission issue in provider details.
  • Fix – Fixed the issue with user favourite lists in the user app.
  • Fix – Resolved issue with blog details not visible in dark mode in Provider App.
  • Fix – Corrected discount service price validation in the Add Service Form in Provider App.

[v11.5.3] – 10 June 2024

Mobile App

  • New – Inter font implemented for backend, frontend, and app.
  • Update – Migrate to Flutter 3.22.x.
  • Update – Added translation for time slot day labels.
  • Update – Libraries have been updated and migrated codebase to utilize the latest version of “firebase_pagination”.
  • Fix – Ensured the customer app lists all remote jobs when the nearby service feature is enabled.
  • Fix – Default profile image is now set correctly during OTP sign-up.
  • Fix – Resolved the notification click issue for chat and booking details.
  • Fix – Corrected the issue in the provider app where the “Set as feature” option was not saving during package edits.
  • Fix – Addressed the issue with toggling the push notification switch.


  • Update – Deleted categories now appear at the end of the list instead of the beginning.
  • Update – Text changed from “Deletion Request” to “Data Deletion Request” across pages.
  • Update – User list page now redirects to the detail page based on user type upon clicking a user.
  • Update – Dashboard updated to display cash payments separately.
  • Update – Updated the login flow for registering provider handymen.
  • Fix – “Pending” status now accurately reflects “Pending by Admin” in the dashboard.

[v11.5.2] – 23 Apr 2024

Mobile App

  • New – Users can now enable/disable Push Notifications.
  • Update – Removed set as featured blog feature.
  • Fix – Price issue while adding extra charges.
  • Fix – Forget Password model mapping issue.


  • Update – Added “Address” and “Joining Date” columns in the user and handyman lists.
  • Update – Removed “Bookings” from the Booking section in the sidebar and move it to the Main section under “Bookings.”
  • Update – Removed the slider from the system and move it to the Promotion section in the sidebar.
  • Update – Removed the “Set as Featured” option from the blog.
  • Update – Removed the “Add Permission” button from setting.
  • Update – Accounts created by providers and handymen from the website now go to the request list.
  • Fix – Resolved frontend service list price filter currency static issue in the dropdown.
  • Fix – Corrected frontend search service clicking image returning a 404 error.
  • Fix – Ensured subcategories with status set to false are not visible on the user website.
  • Fix – Resolved user detail issue in the user-service-list datatable.
  • Fix – Corrected handyman image issue in the provider detail.
  • Fix – Resolved payment method disable issue.


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