The landscape of CRM solutions has witnessed a shift towards more streamlined, comprehensive, and multitasking platforms. Among the most notable names making waves in this evolution is Grow CRM SaaS – Laravel Project Management – Multitenancy Nulled. Designed with precision and user-friendliness in mind, it harmoniously integrates CRM and SaaS capabilities, ensuring businesses, regardless of size, enjoy a seamless workflow.

Grow CRM SaaS represents an embodiment of meticulous design thinking, aimed at simplifying the project management process. By functioning as a unified point of contact, it enhances the collaboration between teams and their clients. What’s more, with the introduction of multitenancy, businesses can now establish their very own SaaS, widening the spectrum of opportunities and profitability.


CRM Capabilities

The intuitive design of Grow CRM prioritizes user-friendliness. It streamlines interactions between businesses and clients, enhancing collaborative efforts.

SaaS Specialties

Empower your business with the SaaS version of Grow CRM. Create tailored plans, either free or paid, and offer your customers their unique CRM instance on a subdomain. Plus, with the integration of various payment gateways like Stripe, Paystack, and Paypal, financial transactions become a breeze.

Landing Page and CMS

Not just a CRM, it provides a beautifully crafted landing page coupled with a robust content management system, allowing businesses to personalize their online presence.

Comprehensive Project Management

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools. With advanced features like project templates and project cloning, project management is more effortless than ever.

Task Management & Time Tracking

Assign tasks, set reminders, clone tasks, and utilize timers to manage and complete tasks efficiently. The built-in time tracking tool ensures accurate billing based on time spent on tasks.

Financial Management

Integrated invoicing, subscriptions, and recurring billing functionalities mean financial operations, from creating invoices to automated credit card charges, are consolidated into one platform.

Proposals & Estimates

Creating compelling proposals and sending estimates becomes straightforward, enhancing client interactions and ensuring they always have a clear picture of costs.

Leads, Opportunities & Knowledgebase

Lead generation and conversion are simplified through the advanced form builder. And with the knowledgebase feature, businesses can offer clients a repository of information, reducing the need for constant customer support.

Workflow Automation & Task Dependency

Automate repetitive tasks and ensure that workflows remain smooth and efficient. The added task dependency management ensures tasks follow a set sequence, fostering synchronization among team members.

Download Grow CRM SaaS PHP Script

In an era where efficiency and multitasking are the gold standards for businesses, Grow CRM SaaS – Laravel Project Management with Multitenancy emerges as a game-changer. It’s not just another CRM; it’s an ecosystem designed to revolutionize how businesses manage projects, interact with clients, and streamline their operations.

While several CRM solutions in the market promise an integrated experience, Grow CRM goes a step further. It offers unparalleled features, from its detailed project and task management to its financial tools and SaaS capabilities. This platform genuinely understands the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Moreover, the inclusion of multitenancy not only diversifies its applications but also presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses to foray into the SaaS domain. With its advanced tools, stunning design, and future-ready approach, Grow CRM SaaS – Laravel Project Management with Multitenancy isn’t just a tool – it’s a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming for transformative growth. If there’s one investment businesses should consider in their quest for enhanced operations and client relations, this CRM stands out as a top contender.

Change Log

Version 2.5 – 3 April 2024

            Added - Support tickets - Canned messages
            Added - Clone Contracts 
            Added - Clone Proposals 
            Added - Schedule invoice publishing 
            Added - Schedule estimate publishing 
            Added - CRM wide dynamic search 
            Added - Tasks cover images 
            Added - Leads cover images 
            Added - Tags on files & attachments 
            Added - Attach files to notes
            Fixed - Saving bank settings not working
            Fixed - Test email not working 
            Fixed - Project template milestones not being created
            Fixed - Preview image modal reloading page on close



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