Grace Church, Religion & Charity WordPress Theme Free Download, a non-profit contemporary Religion & Church WordPress Theme. Tailored specifically for churches, prayer groups, Christian communities, charities, volunteer organizations, and non-profit entities, Grace is a harmonious blend of modern design and purposeful functionality. This theme has been meticulously crafted to provide a digital sanctuary for believers, fostering community engagement, and supporting the noble endeavors of non-profit organizations with a focus on spirituality.

1. Purposeful Design:

Grace embraces a purposeful design philosophy, reflecting the sacred nature of its intended audience. The theme’s aesthetics are contemporary, offering a visually engaging and modern online presence for religious organizations and non-profits.

2. Church-Centric Functionality:

Tailored to meet the unique needs of churches and religious communities, Grace incorporates features that facilitate church-centric functionalities. From event management to sermon presentations, the theme provides tools to streamline church-related activities and communication.

3. Volunteering and Charity Focus:

Acknowledging the charitable and volunteering aspects of religious organizations, Grace shines a spotlight on volunteering and charity initiatives. The theme includes dedicated sections to showcase community service projects, fundraising campaigns, and opportunities for believers to contribute to noble causes.

4. Responsive Design:

In an era of diverse digital devices, Grace adopts a responsive design approach. The theme ensures an optimal viewing experience across various screen sizes, allowing believers to access spiritual content seamlessly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

5. Community Engagement:

Fostering community engagement is at the heart of Grace. The theme includes features such as forums, discussion boards, and member profiles to encourage believers to connect, share thoughts, and engage in meaningful conversations within the digital community.

Navigating the Spiritual Oasis:

1. Home Page Overview:

The home page serves as a spiritual oasis, welcoming visitors with serene visuals, concise messaging, and strategically placed elements. Grace invites believers and seekers to explore the array of spiritual offerings, events, and community engagement opportunities.

2. Events and Sermons Sections:

Grace Church, Religion & Charity WordPress Theme Nulled dedicates sections to upcoming events and sermon presentations. Believers can easily access information about church services, special events, and listen to or watch sermons online. The theme ensures that spiritual nourishment is just a click away.

3. Volunteering and Charity Initiatives:

Believers inspired by the spirit of charity and volunteering can find purposeful initiatives showcased on dedicated pages. Grace allows religious organizations to highlight ongoing projects, fundraising campaigns, and opportunities for believers to contribute to the greater good.

4. Community Forums:

Encouraging community interaction, Grace integrates community forums where believers can share thoughts, seek guidance, and engage in discussions. The forums serve as a digital congregation space, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among members.

5. Responsive Galleries:

Visual storytelling is seamlessly integrated into Grace Free Download with responsive galleries. Churches can showcase vibrant images of events, community gatherings, and spiritual moments, creating a visually captivating representation of their spiritual journey.

A Sanctuary for Spiritual Connectivity:

Grace Religion & Church WordPress Theme stands as a sanctuary for spiritual connectivity. It beckons believers, churches, and non-profit organizations to embark on a digital journey that goes beyond conventional boundaries.

As you explore the spiritual oasis crafted by Grace Nulled, envision how this theme could serve as a beacon of faith, community, and purpose for your religious organization or non-profit entity. Grace invites believers to embrace the modernity of digital connectivity while staying true to the sacred traditions and values that define their spiritual journey.

Change log

01.05.2024 Version 3.11 – Update

Added: AI Helper Image Generator & Media Library: support for the new image generation model DALL-E-3
Added: AI Helper Image Generator & Media Library: an option for choosing Stable Diffusion API server ( or
Added: AI Helper Image Generator & Media Library: an option "Autoload list of models" in Stable Diffusion and Stability AI API settings
Added: AI Helper Image Generator & Media Library: new models for Upscale (Stability AI) and Stable Diffusion.
Added: AI Helper: Chatbot AI Assistant to help with basic theme customization (title, tagline, logo, colors)
Added: AI Helper: support for Flowise AI API for chatbots
Added: AI Helper: support for Open AI Assistants API (GPT-4)
Added: AI Helper: support for Google AI API (aka Gemini)
Added: AI Helper: parameters for changing text and placeholders in AI Chat, Text Generator and Image Generator shortcodes
Added: AI Helper: "Embed External Chatbots" options
Added: AI Helper: "LoRA model" parameter for submodels
Added: AI Helper: "Proxy URL" parameter for API settings of Open AI and Google AI
Added: AI Helper: a "model choice" field in Gutenberg editor, Text Generator and AI Chat shortcodes
Added: AI Helper: customization parameters for styling a chat window in "AI Chat" shortcode
Added:  AI Helper: Popup Layout for "AI Chat" shortcode
Added: AI Helper: "Remember on reload" option for "AI Chat" shortcode
Added:  "Permanent" and switcher customization parameters for Dark/Light Switcher shortcode
Added: "Categories Order" option for the "Categories list" widget
Added: A contact form selection option for individual Team posts that overrides the global option for CPT Team
Added: Compatibility with The GDPR Framework plugin
Added: Meta data (variations) to the cart page  
Added: Layout "Simple" for the Hotspot widget
Added: An option to change "More" button text for the Categories List widget
Fixed: Script for Bg-Canvas (Dynamic Background) on mobile devices
Fixed: Script for dropdown shift in RTL version
Fixed: PHP 8 compatibility: $content=null replaced with $content=''
Fixed: Switcher and Image Generator scripts
Fixed: Compatibility with WPML Multilingual CMS (xxx_is_external_url() function)
Fixed: Text shifting for "Background Text" module
Fixed: "WooCommerce Search" filter
Fixed: Styles for video added in portfolio items
Fixed: SVG icon animation in the Icons shortcode
Updated: Blogger shortcode styles
Updated: QW Extension addon (to version 1.4.1)
Updated: Elementor styles
Updated: Gutenberg styles
Removed: Cookie Information plugin installation recommendation

25.01.2024 Version 3.10 – Update

Added: Top 5 Visited Pages for Dashboard Widget;
    Added: Popup alignment for Hotspot shortcode;
    Added: Attribute "playsinline" for video on iOS;
    Added: QuickCal plugin compatibility;
    Added: Elementor 3.16.0 compatibility (flexbox containers support);
    Added: Autoupdate for "QW Extension" addon;
    Added: AI Helper: width and height parameters for Stable Diffusion;
    Added: AI Helper: new API support from Stability AI for image generation;
    Added: AI Helper: "Negative Prompt" and "Safety Checker" options to exclude non-desirable images;
    Added: AI Helper: Chat History shortcode;
    Added: AI Helper: "Upscale image" option for the Extended layout of Image Generator shortcode;
    Added: AI Helper: "System Prompt" parameter to add context for Image Generator shortcode;
    Added:  AI Helper: рarameters "System Prompt", "Max. Tokens" and "Temperature" for Text Generator and AI Chat shortcodes;
    Added: AI Helper: an option to enable/disable prompt auto-translation into English for Image Generator shortcode;
    Fixed: Loop for video autoplay;
    Fixed: Scroll for CPT Portfolio archive page on mobiles;
    Fixed: Styles for WordPress 6.3 compatibility;
    Fixed: Booked appointments fix (2.4.4 version);
    Fixed: Fly positioning on mobiles;
    Fixed: Tabs style for Switcher shortcode;
    Fixed: Icons for Х.com (Twitter) and TikTok;
    Fixed: Responsive styles for WooCommerce Extended Products;
    Fixed: Woocommerce product meta data for Blogger shortcode;
    Fixed: Legacy Widget styles in Widgets Editor;
    Fixed:  Iframe resize for RevSlider;
    Updated: GSAP JavaScript animation library to 3.12.2;
    Updated: The Events Calendar styles.

31.10.2023 Version 3.9 – Update

- Fix: CSS\JS\PHP fixes (shortcodes\widget layouts)

11.09.2023 Version 3.8 – Update

 Added: Switcher shortcode
 - Added: Squeeze images shortcode
 - Added: Expand / Collapse addon
 - Added: New parm "Outside Top" for Titles in the slides
 - Added: New styles for Button shortcode (Slide,Flow,Veil,Curtain,Slant)
 - Updated: addon QW Extension (theme compatibility)
 - Added: QW Services (Panel,Stylish,Price,Card,Plaque,Tricolore,Nodes)
 - Added: QW Icons (Stylish)
 - Added: QW Portfolio (Pack,Board,Chess,Simple,Case)
 - Added: QW Testimonials (Date,Big)
 - Add style: "Simple" for Slider Controls


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