Are you looking to create a powerful and modern freelance marketplace that stands out from the rest? Look no further than Freeio Freelance Marketplace WordPress theme Nulled that brings together exciting features and excellent code quality to provide you with everything you need to establish a successful freelance platform. Whether you want to build a freelancer marketplace or a similar project, Freeio has got you covered.

Freeio is not just your run-of-the-mill freelance theme. It boasts a contemporary design that not only catches the eye but also prioritizes usability, visual hierarchy, and aesthetics. This ensures that your users can navigate the platform effortlessly, creating a seamless experience for both freelancers and employers.

The theme’s primary focus is to simplify the process for freelancers and employers, allowing them to register and create profiles in just a few simple steps. From there, employers can post tasks on the marketplace, and freelancers can submit their proposals for review. Once a proposal is accepted, the employer can make the payment, which will be received by the admin. The freelancer’s wallet system will also reflect this transaction after the deduction of the admin’s commission under the pending payments section. Upon project completion and approval by the employer, the amount will move from the pending balance section to the freelancer’s available balance in their wallet. The commission system ensures that the admin can effectively monetize the platform.


Freeio comes equipped with an array of features that make it a standout option for creating your freelance marketplace:

Fields Manager

Easily manage and customize fields to tailor the platform according to your specific requirements.

Restrict Job View

You have the flexibility to control who can view job pages, whether it’s all users (including guests), registered users, freelancers, or certain users with packages.

Restrict Freelancer View

Similarly, you can determine who can view freelancer pages and their contact information, ensuring privacy and exclusivity based on user roles and packages.

Add Projects, Services, and Jobs in Frontend

The frontend functionality allows users to add projects, services, and job listings seamlessly.

Highly Customizable

Freeio offers extensive customization options, giving you full control over the appearance and functionality of your marketplace.

One-Click Demo Import

Get started quickly with a pre-designed demo that can be imported with a single click, saving you time and effort.

No Coding Knowledge Required

Freeio is designed for everyone, even those without coding experience. You can easily set up and manage the platform without any technical know-how.

Responsive & Retina Ready

Your freelance marketplace will look stunning on all devices, from desktops to smartphones, thanks to its responsive and retina-ready design.

Boxed Layout Option

Customize the layout with a boxed option for a unique and visually appealing look.

Powerful Typography Options

Choose from a wide range of typography options to ensure your platform’s content is presented in the best possible way.

Translation Ready

Reach a global audience by easily translating your marketplace into different languages.

WooCommerce Compatible

Integrate WooCommerce to offer additional products or services on your platform and boost revenue.

Powerful Sorting Options

Allow users to efficiently find job listings, services, projects, and resumes with the theme’s advanced sorting capabilities.

Multiple Ways of Showcasing Listings

Display job listings, services, projects, and resumes in various styles and formats to suit your platform’s needs.

User Login & Dashboard

Provide users with a seamless login experience and an intuitive dashboard to manage their activities.

Social Media Integration

Enable users to log in or apply for jobs using their Facebook, Google, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts.

Pricing Tables & Comparison

Present pricing plans and comparisons with visually appealing pricing table shortcodes.

Smooth Page Transitions

Offer a seamless browsing experience with smooth page transitions.

Fontawesome & Flaticon

Access a vast library of icons to enhance the visual appeal of your platform.

User Notification

Keep users informed with relevant notifications for a more engaging experience.

Maps Integration

Integrate Here maps, Google maps, or Mapbox maps to add location-based functionalities to your platform.

Download Freeio WordPress Theme

Freeio is the ultimate Freelance Marketplace WordPress theme that combines contemporary design with powerful features to help you build a successful freelance platform. Whether you want to create a comprehensive marketplace or a niche freelance site, Freeio offers the flexibility and functionality to bring your vision to life. With its user-friendly interface, seamless payment system, and customizable options, you can cater to both freelancers and employers, ensuring a satisfying experience for all users. So, take the leap and empower your freelance business with Freeio, the go-to theme for creating a thriving freelance marketplace that stands out from the crowd.

Updates History:

Version 1.3.1 – 10 June 2024

* Updated user restrict
* Updated Twitter icon

Version 1.3.0 – 03 May 2024

* Updated Elementor builder element



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