The cornerstone of user interaction on any website often hinges on its forms. Whether it’s a simple contact form or a complex data collection system, forms bridge the gap between users and webmasters. Formidable Forms Pro Nulled rises as a beacon in the world of WordPress form builders, promising versatility, ease of use, and powerful features tailored for both novices and experts alike.

Formidable Forms Pro isn’t just another form plugin; it’s a comprehensive solution that reshapes the landscape of website interaction and data management. It’s been specially crafted for those who seek more than just basic form functionalities. Offering a wide range of tools and configurations, this plugin is both a powerhouse for data collection and a canvas for creativity. From generating leads to conducting surveys, from booking appointments to gathering feedback – Formidable Forms Pro stands tall, serving various purposes with finesse.

Salient Features

  • Drag-and-Drop Form Builder: Building forms couldn’t be easier. Thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, even those with no coding experience can craft professional-quality forms in minutes.
  • Visual Styler: Ensure your forms resonate with your brand. Customize colors, borders, and typography to make every form a seamless extension of your brand identity.
  • Conditional Logic: Display fields based on user selections, ensuring users only see what’s relevant. This smart feature enhances user experience by keeping forms concise and contextual.
  • Multi-Page Forms with Progress Bar: For extensive forms, break them down into multiple pages, aiding users with a progress bar, so they’re always informed about their completion status.
  • Repeater Fields: Let users add new sets of fields dynamically, which is perfect for registration forms that require information about multiple participants.
  • Integrated Views: Display form data with ease, making it possible to create directories, listings, or any other data-driven web application directly from the forms.
  • Powerful Calculations: Whether you’re creating order forms or complex calculators, leverage built-in mathematical logic to compute values dynamically.
  • Over 125 Form Templates: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Choose from a myriad of pre-designed templates tailored for every need, from simple contact forms to intricate surveys.
  • Front-End Editing: Allow users to edit form entries from the front end, ensuring data remains current and relevant.
  • User Registration and Login: Craft custom user registration forms, complete with all the fields you need, integrating seamlessly with WordPress’ user system.
  • Mail Integration: Connect your forms to popular email services ensuring every lead or contact flows directly into your mailing lists.
  • eCommerce Features: Create forms that not only gather data but can also process payments, integrating smoothly with payment gateways.
  • Extensive Add-ons: Extend the power of Formidable Forms Pro with a range of add-ons, from integrating with CRM systems to advanced data management tools.

Download Formidable Forms Pro Plugin

In the digital age, user engagement is crucial. A tool like Formidable Forms Pro isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity for WordPress site owners. These forms, often overlooked, are vital. They’re not just data collectors but powerful tools driving website functionality. From capturing feedback to driving advanced applications, it’s about harnessing this data effectively.

Formidable Forms Pro Free Download stands out in this realm. It’s more than a form builder; it’s a solution for data management and user engagement. It offers a vast feature range while being user-friendly. This balance means no more trading off between functions and ease of use. Users benefit from smooth and efficient interactions.

Its adaptability sets it apart. Whether it’s for e-commerce sites, personal blogs, or SMEs, this tool fits every need. As businesses grow, Formidable Forms Pro grows with them. Its integrations and add-ons ensure adaptability.

Customization is also at its core. Website owners can design forms that fit their needs and match their brand. The visual styler and templates let each form echo a brand’s identity.

To conclude, tools like Formidable Forms Pro, which simplify and amplify online efforts, are invaluable. It bridges better user engagement and is a catalyst for growth. It symbolizes the fusion of innovation and function. Investing in it means more than adding a plugin; it’s about strengthening your digital footprint. It ensures that every user interaction and data point is optimized.


Formidable Forms v6.8.2

  • Fix: Submit buttons would not stop spinning after uploading a file because of a JavaScript error introduced in last release.
  • Formidable Forms v6.8.1

    • New: The Full Width submit button position setting for new forms with the frm_flex class included on the frm_submit element now includes all buttons in a single row instead of making all buttons 100% width. Buttons will stretch to fill the empty space.
    • New: Slim Select dropdowns that allow empty values now include an x icon for clearing the value back to empty.
    • New: The Slim Select options pop up will no longer close on select when the dropdown is set to multiselect to make it easier to select multiple options.
    • New: Slim Select dropdowns options will now appear in the order they were selected in, to be more consistent with how Chosen dropdowns worked and to make it easier to keep track of the last selected option.
    • Fix: Most HTML would get stripped when displaying a Summary field including anchor tags and image tags. Now it is based on the privileges of the logged in user.
    • Fix: [x show=”label”] shortcodes would not work for checkboxes or dropdown fields with multiselect enabled, showing the values instead.
    • Fix: A PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: reset(): Argument #1 ($array) must be of type array, string given error triggered for some calculation fields has been fixed.
    • Fix: The submit button would remain disabled after a lookup on some forms with multiple pages and submit button conditional logic.
    • Fix: The Full Width submit button position setting was not working when using the Overwrite theme styling style setting.
    • Fix: Unique field validation would fail when submitting a value that exists in another entry that isn’t completed, include draft, in-progress, and abandoned entry statuses. Now unique field validation will only check entries that are submitted.
    • Fix: Fixed a PHP Warning: Array to string conversion in submit button conditional logic settings that was preventing the new starts with and ends with options from staying selected.
    • Fix: When loading a form, sometimes data would load for a recently edited entry instead of for the expected draft entry.
    • Fix: Forms with date calculations would pop up with an error message on load in some cases where 2 forms are loaded on a single form, or when editing in-place.
    • Fix: Repeater button icons now always use repeater icon color styling.
    • Fix: Fields that use a Lookup default value were not pulling look up values when the watched Lookup field was an Slim Select dropdowns.
    • Fix: Options were not populating properly in lookup fields watching other lookup fields if the watching lookup was a Slim Select dropdown.
    • Fix: Disabled radio buttons and checkboxes displayed as images will no longer have special border styling on hover.
    • Fix: The list of autocomplete options when using Slim Select was not scrollable.
    • Fix: Slim Select dropdowns were not working properly with RTL styles.
    • Fix: Placeholders were not appearing as expected in Lookup and Dynamic field Slim Select dropdowns.


  • Security: Nonce validation was missing when saving changes on the form settings page.
  • New: A new dashboard landing page has been added with a list of recent entries, access to your inbox, and a payment summary, all in one place.
  • New: New fields will no longer appear on the front end until the form builder is saved. This way a form can be used without partial incomplete changes while a form is being worked on.
  • New: An HSL color value can now be used in the visual styler. Previously these values would be prepended by # and PHP warnings would cause styles to break.
  • New: Stripe subscriptions will now cancel at period end by default instead of cancelling immediately. This can be reverted to the previous behaviour using add_filter( ‘frm_stripe_cancel_subscription_at_period_end’, ‘__return_false’ );.
  • New: Summary emails will no longer send by default on multisite for sites that are not the main site.
  • New: Summary emails can now be disabled from your profile on your Formidable Forms account for Pro users.
  • Fix: On some sites, while using Google Chrome, some style card menu options would be missing. This includes the option to Delete a style or to Set a style as default.
  • Fix: Long forms loaded with AJAX were loading in smaller batches than intended, usually pulling only a few fields at a time. This has been restored to the intended batch size of 15 fields at a time.
  • Fix: A styling issue in some search search inputs has been fixed.
  • Fix: The view payment page was appearing blank, and table column options were missing when editing a table view.
  • Fix: An error message wouldn’t properly appear when using a 3D secure card and failing the payment.
  • Fix: A subscription with a failed payment would incorrectly redirect like a confirmed payment.
  • Fix: The toggle to disable form styling would still appear active when disabled through the Manage Styling global setting.
  • Fix: Encoded characters would appear in plain text summary emails.
  • List tag types include ul, ol, and li are now allowed in form input HTML by default.
  • Form input HTML will no longer be filtered to strip most HTML on display if the entry was created by or edited by a privileged user.
  • Summary emails are no longer sent when there are no new entries.


  • Fix: The setting to disable Formidable styling on a form was not working and the Formidable styling would still get applied.

Formidable Forms v6.7.1

  • New: [frm-graph] shortcodes now support a title_italic=1 option.
  • New: The setting for displaying a look up or dynamic field as a dropdown has been renamed to improve compatibility with security tools that block the word “select” in POST data.
  • New: Formidable branding has been removed on the import page when white labelling is enabled.
  • New: “like” and “not like” conditions used in conditional logic have been renamed to “contains” and “does not contain”.
  • Fix: Edited entries would perform look ups and change the value of some fields watching the look ups when there were already values set.
  • Fix: A conditionally disabled submit button would switch to enabled after a look up was completed, or a file was uploaded. Now it will only switch to enabled when all conditions are fulfilled.
  • Fix: Dynamic defaults values like [post_title] and [get] shortcodes were not always getting set back to their default values after clicking the start over button.
  • Fix: A fatal error would occur when using a [frm-graph] shortcode when using group_by and include_zero options together.
  • Fix: A styling issue has been fixed for rootline elements on RTL layouts.
  • Fix: [if created_at] conditional statements with conditions like greater_than=”-10 minutes” would not work using the expected timezone. This has been updated to work with condition values like “-10 minutes” and “-30 seconds”.
  • Fix: A third parameter is now included when calling the frm_after_create_entry action for a draft entry. Without this parameter, there were issues with possible conflicts with other code that relies on this hook, including code in older versions of the Zoho Flow plugin.
  • Fix: New repeater entries were not getting added when updating an entry because of an issue introduced in last release.
  • Fix: “like” conditions were failing to work when comparing a numeric value to an unexpected non-numeric string like “_123”.
  • Fix: A passing null to parameter #3 deprecated message when calling str_replace has been fixed when processing shortcodes.
  • Fix: Some warnings would get logged when deactivating Pro.
  • Fix: A passing null to parameter #1 deprecated message when calling stripos has been fixed when processing shortcodes.
  • Fix: When importing CSV data for a multiselect dynamic dropdown, only a single entry record would get imported successfully.
  • Fix: Only a single multiselect lookup option would be selected when editing an entry after the lookup happens on page load.
  • Fix: Calculations with repeaters would sometimes include values from incorrect fields with similar field keys.
  • Fix: Clicking on a single file upload field with an uploaded file will no longer load the prompt to upload another file.


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