The eCommerce landscape is rife with competition, compelling store owners to seek innovative ways to differentiate their offerings and optimize revenue. Enter Extra Fees for WooCommerce Nulled – a plugin designed to provide online businesses with the flexibility to introduce additional charges based on a myriad of conditions, ensuring both profitability and an enriched user experience.

WooCommerce, a platform revered for its scalability and customization capabilities, recognizes the ever-evolving demands of online businesses. The Extra Fees for WooCommerce plugin is a testament to WooCommerce’s commitment to flexibility. By allowing merchants to set up and apply extra fees based on predefined conditions, this tool plays an instrumental role in revenue management and enhances the purchasing process for customers.


Conditional Fee Application

One of the standout features of the plugin is the ability to apply fees based on specific conditions. Whether it’s a fee for international shipping, expedited delivery, or bulk ordering, the conditional logic ensures that fees are only applied when certain criteria are met.

Cart-based Fees

Depending on the contents of a shopper’s cart, merchants can decide to apply additional charges. For example, fees can be added for heavy items that require special packaging or for orders that exceed a certain quantity.

Location-specific Fees

For businesses that ship globally, location-specific fees can be a game-changer. This feature allows store owners to add extra charges for deliveries to remote locations or areas that come with added shipping complexities.

User Role-based Fees

Loyalty deserves rewards. With “Extra Fees for WooCommerce,” store owners can provide discounts to specific user roles. Conversely, they can also introduce charges for customers who fall outside of a designated loyalty bracket.

Payment Method Fees

Not all payment methods are made equal. Some might come with higher transaction charges than others. This feature allows merchants to pass on those charges to customers who opt for more expensive payment methods, encouraging them to choose more cost-effective options.

Tax Option

The inclusion of tax functionalities ensures that store owners remain compliant. They can decide whether the extra fees are taxable and, if so, the applicable tax class for each fee.

Flexible Display

Transparency is key in eCommerce. This feature ensures that all extra fees are clearly displayed in the cart, during checkout, and on invoices, making sure customers are always in the know.

Easy Integration

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the WooCommerce ecosystem, the plugin’s installation and setup are straightforward. Its intuitive interface ensures that even those without technical prowess can make the most of its features.

Download Extra Fees for WooCommerce Plugin

Extra Fees for WooCommerce isn’t just about amplifying revenue – though it does that remarkably well. It’s also about offering choices and transparency to customers. In a digital world where the customer is king, their experience dictates the success of an online venture. This plugin allows businesses to tailor that experience, providing clear breakdowns of costs and ensuring there are no surprises during the checkout process.

Moreover, it empowers merchants, providing them with tools to navigate the complex realm of eCommerce pricing. Whether it’s compensating for expensive shipping routes, incentivizing certain payment methods, or rewarding loyal customers, the plugin offers a level of flexibility that can be a game-changer for online stores.

In essence, Extra Fees for WooCommerce bridges the gap between business profitability and customer satisfaction. It embodies the spirit of what modern eCommerce should be – a space where business objectives align seamlessly with customer expectations. As online commerce continues to evolve, tools like this not only set the pace but also dictate the direction of that evolution.


Version 5.2.0 RELEASED ON 2023-11-22
  • Option to restrict charging Product Fee & Order Fee on Renewal Orders[Compatibility with WooCommerce Subscriptions]
  • Tested with WooCommerce v8.3.0
  • PHP higher version[v8.2.x] errors fixed


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