Event management and organization have transformed drastically with the digital revolution. From ticket bookings to promotional campaigns, the online domain plays a pivotal role. As such, having a dedicated, professional, and functional website is paramount. Step in, Exhibz Event Conference WordPress Theme Nulled, meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of event organizers, conference planners, and exhibition managers.

Exhibz stands out as a specialized WordPress theme targeting the niche of event management and conference planning. With a keen focus on design, user experience, and functionality tailored for this domain, Exhibz Nulled simplifies the creation of a comprehensive digital platform. Whether you’re organizing a global tech conference, a local workshop, or an international exhibition, Exhibz provides the tools to craft a compelling online presence.


  1. Modern Design Layouts: Exhibz boasts several demo layouts that cater to various types of events and conferences. These designs are modern, responsive, and tailored to capture the essence of dynamic events.
  2. Event Schedule Management: One of the core features, the Event Schedule Management, allows organizers to display a detailed event timeline, helping attendees plan their participation effectively.
  3. Speaker Lineup Showcase: Highlight the stars of your event! Exhibz provides an attractive module to showcase the profiles of speakers, their bio, and session details.
  4. Ticketing and Booking Integration: With integrated solutions for ticket sales, event planners can facilitate seamless ticket booking, ensuring a hassle-free process for attendees.
  5. Drag and Drop Elementor Builder: Customizing Exhibz is a breeze with the Elementor builder. Even those without any coding expertise can design and tweak their website with simple drag-and-drop actions.
  6. SEO Optimized: An event’s success often hinges on its promotion. Exhibz is SEO optimized, ensuring better visibility on search engines and more organic traffic.
  7. Live Customizer: View changes in real-time as you adjust the design, colors, or layout with the live customizer. This feature ensures you get the desired look and feel without constant back-and-forth.
  8. Multilingual and Translation Ready: Cater to a global audience with Exhibz’s multilingual feature. The theme supports WPML, allowing you to reach a diverse crowd in their native language.
  9. Mailchimp Integrated: Building an email list for future events? Exhibz has Mailchimp integration to facilitate easy subscriptions and email campaigns.
  10. One-Click Demo Import: Start with a bang! Import a demo that aligns closely with your event’s nature, and then customize it to perfection, all with a single click.
  11. Gutenberg Compatible: For those who prefer the Gutenberg editor for content creation, Exhibz is fully compatible, ensuring a smooth content creation process.
  12. Dedicated Support and Regular Updates: With dedicated support, any challenges faced during the website setup or maintenance are swiftly addressed. Plus, regular updates mean the theme remains compatible with the latest WordPress versions and incorporates the latest design trends.

The realm of event management and conference planning is incredibly dynamic. The success of an event doesn’t just rely on on-ground logistics but also on effective online representation and functionality. Exhibz Event Conference WordPress Theme Free Download, with its array of features tailored for this niche, emerges as the ideal solution.

What truly sets Exhibz apart is its blend of aesthetics and functionality. While the design ensures capturing the audience’s attention, the backend features, from ticketing integration to SEO optimization, work seamlessly to provide an unmatched user experience. It’s not just about creating an online brochure of the event but about crafting an interactive platform that facilitates participation, interaction, and engagement.

Furthermore, the ease of customization ensures that even those without a technical background can design their event website to perfection. And with the backing of regular updates and dedicated support, the website remains a reliable tool throughout the event’s lifecycle, from initial announcements to post-event feedback collection.

In wrapping up, for event organizers and conference planners aiming to create a memorable digital footprint, Exhibz stands out as the go-to WordPress theme. It’s not just a theme; it’s a comprehensive solution that understands the intricacies of the event domain and delivers results that resonate.

Change Log

VERSION: 2.7.0 (08 MAY, 2024)

* New: Codestar Framework Support Added
* New: One-Click Demo Import Option Added
* Update: Remove Unyson Framework
* Note: Presently, we discontinued the compatibility of the Unyson Framework. However, we are providing a new framework called Codestar Framework. If you want to update the theme, then please backup your site before updating version 2.6.0 After updating the theme, if you face any difficulties then restore your site backup or contact our support team. Here is details doc of theme update of Codestar Migration:  https://support.themewinter.com/docs/themes/docs/general-information-4/

VERSION: 2.6.0 (17 JAN, 2024)

Fix: Speaker Widget Issue Fixed Fix: Attendee List Issue Fixed Fix: Feature Widget Issue Fixed Fix: Event Varition Ticket Slider Issue Fixed Fix: Exhibz Gallery Slider Issue Fixed Fix: Breadcrumb Issue Fixed Fix: Header Sticky Issue Fixed Fix: License Check Issue Fixed Fix: 8.2 License Deprecated Error Fixed New: Add New Social Icons (Twitter x etc..)

VERSION: 2.5.9 (14 SEP, 2023)

Fix: Elementor Deprecated Issue Fixed.

VERSION: 2.5.8 (10 SEP, 2023)

Fix: Schedule Tab Slider Issue Fixed. Fix: License Issue Fixed.

VERSION: 2.5.7 (19 AUG, 2023)

Fix: Swiper Slider Issue Fixed Fix: Schedule Limit Issue Fixed Fix: Recent Post Widget Issue Fixed Fix: Blog Page Banner Issue Fixed. Update: Exhibz Essential Plugin Version Update 1.7

VERSION: 2.5.6 (18 MAY, 2023)

* Check : WordPress 6.2 Compatibility Check * Check : Elementor 3.13.1 Compatibility Check Fix : Schedule item limit issue Fixed Fix : Event Location Issue Fixed Fix : Creative speaker slider Issue Fixed Fix : Swiper slider update Fix : Header Issue Fixed. Fix : License Issue Fixed. Fix : Widget Issue Fixed. # New : Timetics Plugin Added (Booking and appointment solution plugin.)

VERSION: 2.5.5 (6 APRIL, 2023)

Check : WordPress 5.9 Compatibility Check Check : Elementor 3.12.1 Compatibility Check Fix : RSVP Issue Fixed Fix : Event Social Icon Issue Fixed Fix : License Issue Fixed. Fix : Widget Issue Fixed.


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