The art of organizing events has been revolutionized with technological advances, and right at the pinnacle of these innovations stands EventRight Pro Nulled. Marrying the traditional essence of event management with state-of-the-art functionalities, this system is paving the way for seamless, efficient, and impactful event planning. EventRight Pro emerges as the ultimate solution for both professional event organizers and individuals eager to make their events memorable.

A Comprehensive Glimpse: What is EventRight Pro?

EventRight Pro is more than just an event management tool; it’s an ecosystem tailored for holistic event planning. Whether it’s a corporate conference, a musical concert, a local workshop, or an international seminar, this platform ensures that every little detail is in place, from ticket generation to real-time guest information. By consolidating everything related to an event in one digital space, EventRight Pro guarantees that not just the organizers, but also the attendees, have a streamlined and enriched experience.

Delve into the Features: Making EventRight Pro Stand Out

  • Tailwind CSS Infrastructure: Aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand with EventRight Pro. The user front website is intricately designed with Tailwind CSS Module & Components, offering a visually appealing yet user-friendly interface. The added advantage of customization using npm commands makes it a boon for developers wanting to tweak the platform to their unique needs.
  • Uncomplicated Event Listing: The core of any event management system is the ease with which events can be listed and organized. EventRight Pro’s intuitive design ensures that event listings, complete with every essential detail, can be created with a few simple steps.
  • Integrated Payment Processing: In today’s digital age, a secure and efficient payment processing system is paramount. EventRight Pro, through its integration with renowned third-party payment processors, assures that ticket sales are smooth and that every transaction is transparent and secure.
  • Robust Ticket Management: Tickets are the gateway to any event, and managing them effectively can make all the difference. EventRight Pro’s ticket management feature allows users not just to view their tickets but also to download them, ensuring they have access to their entry passes anytime, anywhere.
  • Tailored Features for a Holistic Experience: Beyond the core functionalities, the script offers several other features that enhance the overall user experience. From managing event schedules to sending out offers, and from collating guest information to ensuring every aspect of the event aligns perfectly, this platform has got it all covered.

Concluding Thoughts: EventRight Pro’s Pioneering Approach to Modern Event Management

EventRight Pro stands out in the world of event management. This modern tool offers unmatched efficiency to both planners and attendees. It marries traditional event best practices with the latest tech, setting itself apart.

Built with Tailwind CSS, EventRight Pro offers a sleek user interface. It turns daunting tasks like payment handling and ticket distribution into simple clicks. Despite its tech-forward approach, it never loses sight of the human touch, crucial in events. Its features, from streamlined ticketing to event listings, mark it as a contemporary tool for modern times.

Its flexibility is evident. Whether you’re hosting a cozy get-together or a grand conference, it adapts seamlessly.

In conclusion, as we pivot more towards events in our digital age, tools like EventRight Pro will be crucial. It doesn’t just make current event management smoother; it also hints at future possibilities. With EventRight Pro, users get a blend of efficiency, structured organization, and memorable event experiences.


v1.13.0  Update  08-11-JAN-2024
-  [ADD] Stripe Hosted Payment Page in User ticket Booking flow
-  [ADD] Added the feature to add images in the Event Description input
-  [FIX] Twilio invalid number error handling
-  [ADD] added followed event list API endpoint for user app
-  [FIX] ticket count number going negative
-  [FIX] tax was having minus sign in the payment page
-  [FIX] vendor payout: showing paid button even if paid already
-  [FIX] marker Icon was getting stretched in event details page
-  [FIX] Organiser name issues
-  [ADD] Error handling at multiple places

v1.12.2  Update  11-DEC-2023
-  [ADD] Verification status of the user (customers & organizers)
-  [FIX] User signup issue in website
-  [FIX] Reset password issue
-  [FIX] Verification issue

v1.12.1  Update  02-DEC-2023
-  [ADD] Organizer OTP verification for phone (twilio)
-  [FIX] User login & Register page mobile friendly
-  [FIX] minor bugs fixed
-  [NOTE] Organizer App also has the update v1.2.0 released
-  [NOTE] There is one database update query attached in the root folder


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