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The digital marketplace thrives on aesthetics, functionality, and user experience. With the booming e-commerce industry, the competition to stand out and provide customers with an unparalleled online shopping journey has become intense. Ella – Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 Free Download emerges as a beacon for online retailers, blending the essence of design excellence with seamless functionality, ready to elevate any online store to new heights.

Ella is not just a theme; it’s a complete toolkit for any e-commerce business owner aiming to build a captivating and efficient online store on the Shopify platform. Recognized on Themeforest as one of the premium choices, it has been meticulously designed to cater to diverse industries and products, ranging from fashion to electronics, and everything in between.

Its multipurpose design means that no matter the niche, Ella can adapt. The theme embodies a blend of professional design aesthetics combined with top-tier functionality, ensuring that online retailers can present their products in the best possible light and streamline the shopping experience for their customers.


  • Google’s Rich Product Snippets for Better SEO: Enhances visibility on search engines, ensuring products appear prominently with detailed information.
  • Responsive Design, Mobile Optimized & Incredible UI/UX: Adapts to any device, offering a flawless browsing experience regardless of screen size. The user interface and experience are top-notch, ensuring users have a seamless journey.
  • Built with CSS 3 + HTML 5, Bootstrap 4.X: This ensures modern styling and responsive design, allowing compatibility with the latest web standards.
  • Google Web Fonts Integration, Support Shopify’s Font Picker: Customize your store’s typography with a plethora of fonts, ensuring brand consistency and aesthetics.
  • 27+ Stunning Homepage Layouts: Tailor your store’s first impression with various layouts to suit any brand or product type.
  • 06+ Layouts Options for Category Page & 09+ Layouts Options for Product Page: Provides flexibility in presenting products, catering to diverse display needs.
  • 07 Collection & 06 Blog page layouts: Optimize content display, whether it’s your product collection or engaging blog posts.
  • Multiple Headers + Footers, Multiple Mobile headers: Personalize your store’s top and bottom sections for distinct branding and navigation.
  • Upsell Bundled Products (Offer Discount feature): Increase sales by offering product bundles at special prices.
  • Numerous Custom Pages: From lookbooks to FAQs and brand showcases, ensure every aspect of your business is presented professionally.
  • 08 Advanced Mega menu layouts: Enhance site navigation, ensuring users find what they’re looking for swiftly.
  • Quick Shop & Ajax Layered Navigation (by Tags): Speed up shopping processes and allow for efficient product filtering.

Other Features

  • Express Order Module: Streamline the order process, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Instant Search: Allow users to find products quickly with refined search features.
  • Multiple Languages: Cater to a global audience with a range of language options.
  • Lazy Loading Image: Improves page load times by loading images only when they’re in view.
  • One Click Checkout & Advanced Size Chart: Streamline the buying process and provide size clarity, reducing return rates.
  • Custom Product Tabs: Personalize product descriptions, enhancing customer knowledge.
  • Ajax Popup For Login & Registration: Make the sign-up and login process a breeze, retaining user attention.
  • GDPR Cookie Popup: Ensure compliance with global data protection standards.
  • Sticky Add to Cart & Lookbook Module: Enhance user experience with easy access to cart and stylish product display.
  • Automatic Image resize & Ajax Infinite Scroll module: Optimize visuals and improve browsing with endless scrolling.
  • Product Image Swap/Advanced Swatches & New Wishlists Module: Enhance product view options and allow users to save favorites.
  • Instagram Gallery & Grouped Product Features: Integrate social media and offer bundled products effectively.
  • Brands Page & Video Slider: Showcase brands with flair and engage users with dynamic video content.
  • Recent Sales Popup Notifications: Instill trust and create a sense of urgency among potential buyers.
  • Image Gallery with Video + Zoom in Product Details: Enhance product details with a mix of media, offering a clearer view.
  • Ajax Cart popup & Quick Edit Cart: Make cart adjustments swift and hassle-free.
  • Custom logo & favicon upload: Personalize your store to resonate with your brand.
  • Newsletter Signup Popup & Upsell features: Engage customers and promote more sales with strategic upselling.
  • Product Labels & GRID & LIST Mode: Highlight products and offer display options for user preference.
  • Multiple Currencies & Hover Effect for Product Images: Cater to an international audience and improve product image interactions.
  • Product Reviews (app) & Fixed Header: Build trust with genuine reviews and ensure easy navigation.

Download Ella Shopify Theme

The e-commerce world is complex and ever-evolving. Having the right tools is essential. Ella – Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 is a standout choice in this realm. Its design and functionality are top-notch, catering to diverse business needs. This theme doesn’t just look good; it works effectively too. Each feature is tailored to help businesses create a strong online presence. As the digital market changes, having a flexible theme is crucial. Ella offers this adaptability. Whether you’re starting anew or revamping, Ella is a wise choice. It offers a blend of beauty and utility. Plus, with updates and strong support, businesses can stay ahead. In short, Ella sets the e-commerce standard.


Ella version 6.6.1 (24/05/2024)

We have added the following designs and features:

  • New Home: POD Store

  • New Functions: Combined Products Listing, Positive Vibes Bundle on the Product Card, Positive Vibes Bundle on the Product Detail Page.

  • New Block: Delivery Time on the Product Detail Page.

We have updated/fixed the following features:

  • Added Product Tags to the Product Detail Page.

  • Added settings for Sticky Checkout Button on Mobile.

  • Added settings dropdowns for ‘Shipping Estimate’ and ‘Coupon Code’.

  • Added settings for Sticky Add To Cart Always On Mobile.

  • Added settings for Sidebar ‘Swipe right (on mobile)’.

  • Added Customer Avatar.

  • Updated the ‘Variant Image Grouped’ feature.

  • Updated the H1 tags for SEO compliance.

  • Updated ‘Quick Shop 1’, ‘Quick View’, and ‘Edit Cart’ styles for Mobile

  • Updated Filter Price – Multiple Currencies.

  • Updated color settings in the ‘Featured Product’ section.

  • Improved JavaScript, CSS, and Liquid.

  • Fixed issues with Predictive Search, Filter Price, Fancybox – Main Product Image, Product Block – Scrolling, Section Slideshow, Sale Badge, and other minor issues.

  • Fixed JavaScript, CSS, and Liquid.

Ella version 6.5.5 (29/02/2024)

We have added the following new features:

  • Added: Animated Cursors Effects: Following Cursor Effect + Swirl Cursor Effect

The following cursor effect makes it easier for readers to navigate around the bold, content-heavy website. It makes the cursor more prominent so users can more easily locate where they are and move around the content-rich site.

The swirl cursor effect is a great contrast against the stark black background.

  • Page Preloading Effects: Logo image, Loading bar, and Rolling

Preloaders are essential interface elements, signaling that the website is active and processing data to prevent users from assuming it has crashed.

Creative animations enliven interfaces, adding uniqueness and branding to products. This small detail can significantly enhance user experience.

  • Built-in Store locator page: We have built this page to work with Google Maps, eliminating the need to pay for a 3rd party app.

We have updated/fixed the following features:

  • Compatibility with Shopify Subscriptions App

  • Improved: JavaScript, CSS, Liquid

  • Fixed: Product Bundle, Product Combo, Breadcrumb, Buy It Now button color, Language and Currency on Header Nav – Plain, Product Card, RTL layout, and other minor issues.

  • Fixed: JavaScript, CSS, Liquid


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