The realm of WordPress themes is vast and varied, but there’s one name that often stands out from the crowd – Divi. And when it comes to augmenting Divi’s power and capabilities, there’s a tool that emerges as the definitive companion: Divi Booster Nulled.

Divi, by Elegant Themes, is renowned for its flexibility, offering endless design possibilities. Yet, there’s always a thirst for more, a desire to push boundaries. That’s where Divi Booster steps in. It’s not just an add-on; it’s a magic wand that amplifies, enhances, and transforms Divi’s core functionalities, making the impossible seamlessly possible.

Divi Booster is a powerhouse packed with features. It’s the culmination of solutions to the most common, and even some unusual, Divi user requests. Here’s a glimpse into its magnificent toolkit:

The Arsenal of Divi Booster

  • Speedy Configuration: Without diving deep into codes, you can swiftly make changes and see them reflect in real-time.
  • Footer Customizations: Personalize your footers, be it editing the “Powered by WordPress” text or adding before and after footer layouts.
  • Enhanced Header Options: From making the phone number clickable for mobile viewers to new styles and effects for header elements, Divi Booster has got you covered.
  • Post & Page Customizations: Fine-tune your content display. Hide titles, feature specific posts, or even customize the .meta data.
  • Side Navigation: Divi Booster lets you expand the side navigation, giving it the limelight it often deserves.
  • Mobile Styles: Tailor-make mobile experiences. Collapse sub-menus or even refine the dropdown menu’s animation and styling.
  • Custom CSS Manager: A dedicated space for your custom CSS, ensuring it remains untouched during theme updates.
  • Advanced Modules: Expand Divi’s modules with new additions and features, offering a wider scope for creativity.
  • Plugin Compatibility: The plugin plays well with other plugins, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.
  • Regular Updates: The Divi Booster team is always on their toes, ensuring the tool is updated, refined, and aligned with Divi’s latest features.

Concluding Magnificence: Divi Booster’s Luminary Presence

In the vast landscape of website creation, Divi Booster Free Download undoubtedly emerges as a powerful enhancement to the Divi experience. So, why does it stand out? Primarily, it bridges the gap between the existing features of Divi and the endless possibilities website designers envision. Furthermore, while Divi lays down the foundation, The plugin embellishes, enriches, and ensures that every project resonates with its creator’s unique touch.

But here’s the catch. It’s not just the myriad features that make Divi Booster special. Indeed, its core essence lies in empowering users, allowing them to sculpt their vision to perfection. Each update, each feature, and every tiny tweak exists to amplify the originality of Divi, turning every website into a masterpiece.

In essence, Divi Booster isn’t merely an add-on; it’s a game-changer. It breathes life into projects, turning them from good to exceptional. If you think of Divi as your canvas, This plugin acts as the palette of colors that adds depth, vibrancy, and brilliance. Experience the augmented Divi world with Divi Booster and let your creativity soar to new heights!


= 4.4.3 (17 Apr 2024) =
* Slider randomization option now also available in the fullwidth slider module
= 4.4.2 (9 Apr 2024) =
* Fixed images not showing in contact form confirmation email
= 4.4.1 (1 Apr 2024) = 
* Added option to disable slide title link in slider module = 4.4.0 (26 Feb 2024) = * Added support for field placeholders in contact form confirmation message. * Added new social icons: Rumble, Truth Social and Gab
= 4.4.0 (26 Feb 2024) =
* Added support for field placeholders in contact form confirmation message.
* Added new social icons: Rumble, Truth Social and Gab
= 4.3.8 (14 Feb 2024) =
* Fixed license keys with uppercase characters unnecessarily rejected
* Added new social icon: Blog
= 4.3.7 (13 Feb 2024) =
* Added new social icons: Bluesky, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and Apple Music
= 4.3.6 (8 Jan 2024) = * Fixed person module open links in tab not working in some cases * Delayed portfolio sorting filters for improved compatibility with custom code * Fixed WP MapIT preventing admin settings sections from opening * Fixed PHP 8 JSMin deprecation notices * Fixed html tags displayed as text in contact form confirmation email * Fixed customizer social icons option missing = 4.3.5 = * Added option to send confirmation email to submitter from contact form module = 4.3.4 = * Added option to hide top header on scroll when fixed header enabled * Added drop shadow to custom icon uploader thumbnails for improved visibility = 4.3.3 = * Fixed custom button icon padding incorrectly overridden when button icons disabled in customizer = 4.3.2 = * Fixed option to limit video module youtube related videos not working = 4.3.1 = * Added new social icon: Substack * Fixed "enable builder by default" 404 error when used with Events Calendar post type


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