The world of dating has undergone a paradigm shift with the advent of digital platforms. Gone are the days of serendipitous meetings in coffee shops; today’s romance often begins with a swipe or a click. As more individuals turn to online platforms in search of companionship, the need for a robust, user-friendly, and intuitive platform becomes paramount. Answering this call is the DateBook Dating WordPress Theme Nulled —a tailor-made solution for those looking to establish or elevate their online dating platform. Let’s journey into the world of DateBook and discover how it’s setting the gold standard in digital matchmaking.


Online dating isn’t just about connecting two individuals; it’s about crafting experiences, building trust, and fostering genuine interactions. Realizing this, DateBook Dating WordPress Theme goes beyond mere aesthetics and functionalities. It offers a holistic solution that prioritizes user experience, safety, and meaningful connections, making it a standout choice for anyone venturing into the online dating arena.


DateBook Nulled is not just a theme; it’s a manifestation of understanding the nuances of online dating. Recognizing that every dating platform has its unique ethos and audience, DateBook provides a customizable, versatile, and feature-rich environment. From user profiles to messaging systems, it encapsulates everything one would expect from a top-tier dating platform, and then some.


1. Customizable User Profiles: Allow users to express themselves with customizable profiles, complete with photos, bios, preferences, and more.

2. Advanced Search Filters: Help users find their ideal match with comprehensive search filters based on interests, location, age, and other criteria.

3. Private Messaging System: Foster genuine interactions with an in-built messaging system, ensuring users can communicate privately and securely.

4. Subscription and Membership Options: Monetize the platform with various subscription tiers, offering premium features and benefits to paying members.

5. Integrated Video Chat: Elevate user interaction with a video chat feature, allowing members to have face-to-face virtual conversations.

6. Responsive Design: DateBook ensures a seamless experience across devices, be it desktop, tablet, or mobile, making sure love knows no digital bounds.

7. Safety Features: Prioritize user safety with features like profile verification, report mechanisms, and privacy controls.

8. SEO-Optimized: Attract more users with a theme coded for SEO best practices, ensuring higher visibility on search engines.

9. Multilingual Support: Break language barriers and cater to a global audience with the theme’s multilingual capabilities.

10. Event Management: Organize and promote singles’ events, mixers, or workshops, adding a real-world dimension to the digital platform.

11. Integrated Blog Section: Share dating tips, success stories, and updates through an integrated blog, fostering a sense of community.

12. Detailed Analytics: Get insights into user behavior, popular features, and platform growth through comprehensive analytics.

13. Dedicated Support & Documentation: Whether it’s setup, customization, or troubleshooting, a dedicated support team and extensive documentation ensure smooth sailing.

DateBook Dating WordPress Theme Free Download is more than just a digital tool—it’s the heartbeat of modern-day romance. In a domain where user trust, experience, and genuine connections are paramount, DateBook emerges as the perfect ally. It acknowledges the vulnerabilities, hopes, and aspirations of its users, and every feature is a testament to this understanding.

But what truly sets DateBook apart is its holistic approach. It’s not just about making matches; it’s about creating stories, fostering relationships, and building a community. From advanced search filters that help find the perfect match to safety features ensuring every user feels secure, DateBook covers all bases.

In the vast sea of online dating solutions, DateBook isn’t just another drop—it’s a wave, making its mark and setting new standards. For those venturing into the world of online dating or seeking to elevate their existing platform, DateBook promises not just a theme, but a transformative experience. In the quest for love and companionship, DateBook ensures every heart finds its way, every story gets its space, and every connection, virtual or not, feels real.


Version 4.7.3 (7 September 2023) :

- Fixed: TinyMCE editor in the settings did not save the text. 
- Fixed: Top and Featured statuses displayed even if disabled in the settings.
- Improved: custom fields functionality in admin area improved.
- Fixed: count countries function in admin area displayed error.
- Fixed: word filter worked incorrectly.
- Fixed: few bugs in forms fixed. 
- Fixed: bugs in the shortcode function "list of profiles". 
- Fixed: timezone of user was displayed incorrectly.
- Improved: style of theme settings page improved.
- Fixed: CSS style corrections on frontend and backend.
- Removed: cookies were removed as it has no sense.
Version 4.7.2 (22 July 2023) :

- Fixed: child theme did not save the settings.
- Fixed: column width of countries on mobile displayed incorrectly.
- Fixed: report function did not work. 
Version 4.7.1 (12 July 2023) :

- Fixed: tour approvement in moderation panel did not work correctly.
- Fixed: colors in Top profiles on front page fixed. 
- Fixed: number of members on home page broke site's width. 


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