In the realm of web development, efficiency and adaptability are critical. DashCode steps into this sphere with its updated 2.0.6 version, designed as a cornerstone for developers aiming to build scalable and customizable web user interfaces. Whether you’re vested in React, Vue 3, or are a Tailwind enthusiast, DashCode Nulled ensures that your dashboard-building experience is streamlined, robust, and visually appealing.

DashCode’s essence lies in its simplicity combined with power. It’s more than just a dashboard template; it’s an integrated development environment that resonates with modern demands. By adhering to industry-leading standards, DashCode sets the benchmark for developer-friendly admin templates. Whether you’re building an analytics platform, an e-commerce backend, or a banking application, DashCode’s flexible architecture ensures that your development hurdles are significantly reduced.



As its core strength, DashCode’s design aligns with developers’ needs, ensuring clean code, multiple dashboard variations, and continuous updates.


With support for React, Vue.js, HTML, and Tailwind, developers can choose their preferred tech stack without compromise.

Visual Diversity

DashCode offers multiple themes, from the elegance of the dark mode to the subtlety of monochrome, enhancing user experience.

Layout Flexibility

With over nine distinct prebuilt layouts, including Horizontal Menu and Boxed Layout, developers can shape the UI based on their project’s unique requirements.

Conceptual Dashboards

Streamline your development with five premade conceptual dashboards tailored for various applications like CRM and E-commerce.

Applications Suite

DashCode isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality. Applications like Chat, Email, and Calendar are intricately designed to jumpstart your development.

Diverse Pages

Whether it’s authentication or a 404 error page, DashCode offers a plethora of pre-designed pages to accelerate the web development process.

Advanced Elements

DashCode boasts over 80 elements ranging from tables and charts to weather forecasts, ensuring your dashboard is both informative and interactive.

Tailwind-Themed Components

Maintaining design consistency, DashCode offers an array of components themed around Tailwind principles, from Avatars to Tooltips.

Download DashCode Admin Dashboard Template

In an era where web interfaces dictate the success of applications, DashCode 2.0.6 emerges as a beacon for developers. It understands the nuances of modern web development and provides tools, designs, and components that make the journey from idea to execution swift and hassle-free.

The template’s commitment to quality, flexibility, and user experience is evident in its features and continuous updates. So, for developers who seek a perfect amalgamation of design aesthetics and functionality, DashCode stands tall as the ultimate choice. With active support and well-documented guidelines, it’s not just a dashboard template; it’s a partner in your web development journey. Dive into the world of DashCode, where possibilities are endless, and the horizon of innovation is boundless.


    # Latest Version 2.0.7 Published on 19 January 2024
         * Added - E-commerce app to VueJs versions
         * Update - NextJs version 13 to 14
    # Latest Version 2.0.6 Published on 24 August 2023
         * Added - E-commerce app (APIs with MirageJS and rtk-query)
         * Update - auth implement with MirageJS and rtk-query
         * Update - Calender update with realtime api  using MirageJS and rtk-query
          * Fixed  - Sidebar rtl-issue fixed
          * Added - New auth layout
           * Fixed  - Other minor issues.
    # Latest Version 2.0.5 Published on 10 April 2023
    * Added  - Laravel version intial release.
    # Latest Version 2.0.4 Published on 07 April 2023
    * Added  - NextJs version intial release.
    # Latest Version 2.0.3 Published on 18 March 2023
    * Added  - HTML version intial release.
    # Latest Version 2.0.2 Published on 22 February 2023

    * Added  - React version intial release.
    # Version 2.0.1 Published on 1 February 2023

    * Added  - Monochrome mode added.
    * Fixed  - Axios configuration fixed.
    * Fixed  - Other minor issues.


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