Navigating the maze of online buy-and-sell platforms can be overwhelming, both for users and website owners. However, ClassifiedPro Nulled changes the game by offering an all-in-one solution for classified ad websites. Whether you’re looking to facilitate transactions in household goods or real estate properties, this WordPress theme packs in everything you’ll need for a smooth operation. Built on the robust CubeWP Framework, ClassifiedPro stands out for its versatility and the sheer range of features it offers.

Dual Functionality for Enhanced Revenue

What makes ClassifiedPro truly distinctive is its unique hybrid model. While most classified ad platforms focus either on local, cash-only transactions or fully online operations, ClassifiedPro caters to both. This duality not only broadens your market reach but also opens up various revenue streams, enhancing your website’s overall profitability.

Features: More than Just a Classifieds Theme

AI-powered Recommendation Engine

Enhance user experience by leveraging the AI-powered recommendation engine. This feature helps visitors discover items that are most relevant to their needs, thereby increasing engagement and potential transactions.

‘Make an Offer’ Functionality

Gone are the days when prices were rigid. The ‘Make an Offer’ feature allows buyers and sellers to negotiate prices, giving each party a sense of control and satisfaction.

Peer-to-Peer Messaging

Facilitate smooth communication between buyers and sellers with an integrated messaging system, making transaction discussions simple and secure.

Multiple Home Pages

Whether you are dealing with general items, automotive, or real estate, each category has its dedicated home page, making navigation a breeze for users.

Front-End Submission with Live Preview

Users can effortlessly create ads through a front-end submission feature that even offers a live preview, helping them visualize the final post before making it live.

Form Builder and Advanced Search

The frontend form builder is highly customizable, allowing for tailored user registration. An advanced, customizable search form helps users find exactly what they’re looking for.

Customizable Filters and User Profiles

Enhance the search experience further with customizable filters. Also, user profiles feature trust indicators and social proof elements that can be fully tailored.

Flexible Pricing Plans

From Pay-Per-Click to Package Purchases, ClassifiedPro provides various pricing plans to monetize your website effectively.

Multilevel Ad Banner Placement

Optimize your ad revenue with strategic banner placements across multiple levels on your website.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The intuitive user dashboard makes for a streamlined user experience, ensuring that even those who are not tech-savvy can navigate with ease.

ClassifiedPro – The Complete Package for Classified Ad Websites

ClassifiedPro does not merely streamline the complex processes involved in running a classified ads website—it revolutionizes them. With its unique dual functionality, the theme widens your reach, thereby amplifying your revenue streams.

Moreover, its impressive array of features, from an AI-powered recommendation engine to multiple home pages for different categories, makes it an indispensable tool for anyone serious about creating a high-impact classified ads website. ClassifiedPro puts user experience at the forefront without compromising on customization and functionality.

So, if you’re looking to carve a niche in the crowded market of online classifieds, ClassifiedPro gives you the keys to a powerful, versatile, and highly customizable platform. With this theme, you’re not just setting up a website; you’re building an entire marketplace. It’s time to take your classified ad website to the next level with ClassifiedPro.


Version: 1.0.13 – 20th May 2024

* Added: License expiration issue ( Added plugin update feature )
* Fixed: Product feature image not displaying correctly on checkout
* Fixed: Automotive and Property Landing Pages not showing on mobile
* Fixed: Quick Signup not working on submit page
* Fixed: Deprecated warning on Product grid
* Fixed: Elementor is required for the theme is showing 2 times
* Tweaks: UI/UX Changes


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