When it comes to website form management, one size hardly fits all. This is where Calculated Fields Form PRO Free Download comes into play. The plugin brings a new level of dynamism to form creation, allowing users to include calculated fields in real-time. Think of mortgage calculators, price estimators, or advanced booking systems—these are just the tip of the iceberg. This platform has revolutionized the way businesses can interact with their customers online, offering a broad spectrum of features designed to make form creation as simple and efficient as possible.


Real-Time Calculations

Arguably the most compelling feature is real-time field calculation. As a user inputs data, related fields adjust automatically. This dynamic function serves a multitude of purposes, from loan calculations to intricate quotes for services.

Versatile Form Types

Calculated Fields Form PRO isn’t limited to specific industries. You can develop an array of forms such as loan calculators, date calculators, range sliders, or even complex booking and reservation systems.

Extensive Operations and Mathematical Functions

The software supports a plethora of mathematical operations and functions, including the basic add, subtract, multiply and divide operations, as well as advanced trigonometric calculations, rounding, and much more.

Conditional Logic

You can set conditional rules that show or hide fields based on user input, helping you create dynamic, interactive forms. The conditions can also affect the calculations, leading to a highly personalized user experience.

Multi-page Forms

Breaking down a long form into multiple pages enhances the user experience and increases form completion rates. This feature allows you to create multi-step forms with calculated fields, perfect for surveys or detailed service quotes.

Predefined Templates

If you are short on time, make use of various predefined templates that cater to different business needs. These templates offer a head start, reducing the effort needed to launch a new form.

Data Storage and Management

All user data can be safely stored and managed within the plugin. Data can be exported to CSV or Excel for further analysis, making it a versatile tool for data gathering and customer insights.

E-commerce Integration

The plugin seamlessly integrates with e-commerce platforms. Users can add items to the cart and proceed to checkout right from within the form, providing a unified shopping experience.

Email Notifications

Automated email notifications can be sent to administrators and users based on form submissions, keeping all stakeholders in the loop.

Robust Security

Security features include CAPTCHA and anti-spam methods to ensure that the data collected is legitimate. The forms are also GDPR compliant, ensuring data protection and privacy.

API for Customization

For those who require a unique setup, Calculated Fields Form PRO offers an API for further customization. Advanced users can write custom functions and integrate with other platforms or services.

Download Calculated Fields Form PRO Plugin

Calculated Fields Form PRO has set a new standard in the realm of dynamic form creation. Its vast range of features, including real-time calculations, conditional logic, and e-commerce integration, delivers an unmatched, interactive user experience. Whether you run a financial consultancy, a booking service, or an online store, this plugin offers the tools to create complex, calculated forms that meet your business needs. With Calculated Fields Form PRO, you can significantly enhance user engagement, data accuracy, and ultimately, the efficiency of your online operations. It’s more than a form builder; it’s a comprehensive solution for any business looking to optimize its online forms.



  • Modifies the predefined forms.
  • Modifies the fields list and improves the fields’ access from the list.
  • Allows associate developer notes to the HTML Content fields.


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