Bricksforge The Bricks Tools That Feel Native Nulled is a revolutionary suite of tools designed to enhance the experience of using the Bricks Builder for WordPress. Aimed at both novice and experienced web designers, Bricksforge brings a range of functionalities that seamlessly integrate with Bricks Builder, elevating it to new heights of efficiency and creativity. This comprehensive review will delve into the key features of Bricksforge, exploring how it stands out in the world of WordPress building tools.

Bricksforge is a toolkit that complements and extends the capabilities of the Bricks Builder, a popular WordPress page builder. It is designed to feel like a natural extension of Bricks Builder, offering additional features and enhancements that streamline the web design process. The toolkit is geared towards those who seek to maximize their productivity and creativity in website development.

Overview of Bricksforge

At its core, Bricksforge Nulled is about enhancing user experience and functionality. It integrates smoothly with the Bricks Builder, ensuring that users do not have to deal with a steep learning curve. The toolkit is responsive, ensuring that the added features work flawlessly across different devices and screen sizes.

Features of Bricksforge: The Bricks Tools That Feel Native

  1. Advanced Design Elements: Bricksforge introduces a variety of new design elements that are not available in the standard Bricks Builder. These elements include unique widgets, modules, and layout options, allowing for more creative and complex designs.
  2. Customization and Styling Options: The toolkit provides enhanced customization and styling options, giving users greater control over the look and feel of their website. This includes a wider range of typography, color, and animation options.
  3. Performance Optimization: Bricksforge places a strong emphasis on performance. The tools are optimized for speed, ensuring that they do not compromise the website’s loading times or overall performance.
  4. Seamless Integration: The tools integrate seamlessly with the existing Bricks Builder interface, maintaining a consistent user experience and avoiding any disruptions to the workflow.
  5. Responsive Design Capabilities: Bricksforge enhances the responsive design capabilities of Bricks Builder, offering more options for creating mobile-friendly websites.
  6. User-Friendly Interface: The interface of Bricksforge is intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible to users of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced web designers.
  7. Regular Updates and Support: Bricksforge is maintained with regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress and Bricks Builder versions. The toolkit also comes with dedicated support, providing assistance to users when needed.
  8. Extended Functionality: The toolkit extends the functionality of Bricks Builder, adding features like advanced sliders, overlays, and dynamic content capabilities, which are essential for modern web design.
  9. Enhanced Workflow Tools: Bricksforge includes workflow enhancement tools that streamline the design process, saving time and effort for the users.
  10. Custom Code Integration: For those who wish to add custom code, Bricksforge provides an easy and efficient way to integrate custom CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

User Experience and Performance

The user experience is central to Bricksforge. The toolkit is designed to complement the existing workflow of Bricks Builder, making it easy for users to adopt and benefit from the additional features. The performance of the toolkit is optimized to ensure that it enhances, rather than hinders, the website’s speed and efficiency.

Customization and Flexibility

A major advantage of Bricksforge is its emphasis on customization and flexibility. Users can easily modify their design elements and integrate advanced functionalities without needing extensive coding knowledge. This level of customization allows for the creation of unique and sophisticated websites.

Integration and Compatibility

As a toolkit designed specifically for Bricks Builder, Bricksforge integrates smoothly and maintains high compatibility standards. This ensures that users can leverage the new tools without facing compatibility issues or disruptions in their existing setups.

Bricksforge: The Bricks Tools That Feel Native Free Download is an invaluable asset for users of the Bricks Builder in WordPress. Its comprehensive range of tools and features, combined with ease of use and enhanced customization options, makes it a must-have for anyone looking to push the boundaries of web design on WordPress. The toolkit not only enhances the capabilities of Bricks Builder but also ensures that users can create more efficient, responsive, and visually appealing websites. With its focus on user experience, performance optimization, and seamless integration, Bricksforge stands out as a powerful extension to one of the most innovative page builders in the WordPress ecosystem.


Version: 2.1.6

4. February 2024

Pro Forms: Added Required Asterisk Typography Control

Added a new control to style the required asterisk typography.


Pro Forms Panel empty

Fixed a bug caused the Pro Forms Panel to be empty in some situations.


Bricksforge Panel: Animation UI disappears

Fixed a bug caused the Animation UI for single animation selectors to disappear in some situations


Fixed different bugs

Some bugs that were fixed in 2.1.4 have reappeared in 2.1.5 due to a compilation error. This has been fixed.

Version: 2.1.5

2. February 2024

Bricksforge Panel: Bricks Dynamic Data Support

The entire Bricksforge Panel now supports Bricks Dynamic Data. Use the following syntax: {dynamic:your_tag}, for example: {dynamic:post_id}


Email Designer: New Filter bricksforge/email_designer/allowed_vars

With this new filter, you can add your custom Twig Variables.


Pro Forms: New control “Jump to Top”

When activated, the form will automatically jump to the top of the form when changing the step. This only works for multistep forms.


Pro Forms: New control “Autofocus first step”

When activated, the first input of the next step will be focussed after changing the step.


Bricksforge Panel: Click Trigger is now waiting for triggers with link

If a click trigger selector has a link, Bricksforge will first run the animation, then navigate to the link.


Bricksforge Panel: Single Animation disappears

Fixed a bug caused an animations to disappear when including not valid selectors like “.” or “#”.


Bricksforge Panel: Visual Timeline Height to small

Fixed a bug caused the visual timeline height to be too small. (Scrolling needed in that case)


Email Designer: YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Compatibility Fix

Added a compatibility fix for the plugin “YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards”

Version: 2.1.4

26. January 2024

Pro Forms Datepicker: Custom Options per Breakpoint

With this version, you can assign custom options per breakpoint for your datepickers, which are accepting dynamic data as well.


Pro Forms: Animated Steps – Step is changing also for invalid required fields

Fixed a bug caused the animation is also triggered if there are still required fields in the current step.


Pro Forms: Quill Editor: Enter Key jumps to next step

Fixed a bug caused enter key to jump to the next step when using the Quill Rich Text Editor field.

Version: 2.1.3

25. January 2024

Pro Forms: Step Animations

With this version, you can add simple animations when navigating trough form steps.


Pro Forms: “Required Count” for Checkbox Wrapper

This new control has been added for the Checkbox Wrapper. It makes it possible to define a required number of selected checkboxes.


Pro Forms: Dynamic Data support for Validation Rules

The Validation Rules area now supports Dynamic Data.


Pro Forms: Mailchimp Action – No email address provided error

Fixed an issue caused the Mailchimp action to show an error even if an email address has been provided.


Admin Pages: Menu not appearing

Fixed an issue caused the menu or submenu not to appear for certain assigned user roles.


Email Designer: Invalid Password Reset Link

Fixed an issue caused password reset link to be invalid in some situations.


Form Submission: Submissions not showing

Fixed an issue caused the form submission not to show in the backend when using formal site languages

Version: 2.1.2

23. January 2024

Pro Forms: Added new option “Triggers Next Step” for radio fields

For Radio fields, you can activate a new setting “Triggers Next Step”. If active, the selection of a radio button will automatically jump to the next step of your form.


Pro Forms: Added security additions for “Update Post Meta”

The additions “Allow only if post author” and “Allow only if logged” in options have been added to the “Update Post Meta” action.


Pro Forms: Actions List is now searchable

The Pro Forms Actions selection is now searchable.


Pro Forms: Mailchimp Action – Nestable Forms Conflict

Fixed a bug which caused to not be able to map form fields when using the Nestable Forms approach.


Pro Forms: WC Add To Cart action – Fixed PHP Error

Fixed a bug which caused a php error when using the WC Add to cart action with a custom product ID.


Bricksforge Panel: Default Controls not showing when using 3D Models in the same timeline

Fixed a bug which caused the default controls not to appear when using 3D Model Controls in the same timeline.


Email Designer: Fixed displaying errors for Form Variables

Fixed a bug which caused display errors when the value includes special characters.


Backend Designer: Broken CSS when using Morphorism effect and HSLA colors

Fixed a bug which caused broken CSS when using Morphorism together with HSLA color formats.

Version: 2.1.0

9. January 2024

New Extension: Admin Pages

This extension allows you to create admin pages using Bricks Templates. Admin Pages are custom menu items that can be added to the WordPress admin menu. They can be used to create custom dashboards, settings pages, or any other type of admin page.



Bricksforge Panel: 3D Model Animations

Now, you can animate 3D Models with GSAP using the Bricksforge Panel.



Pro Forms: Added “Color Picker” Form Field

Added a new form field to give the user the possibility to choose a color from a color picker.


Pro Forms: Date Field – Added “Disable Dates in the past” and “Max Days” control

Added a new controls to automatically disable dates in the past in the Datepicker and to make it easier to work with dynamic dates.


Pro Forms: Repeater Fields – Added “All Rows” control

With this new control, Pro Forms will loop trough each row to replace the data with the data of your form fields.



Pro Forms: New Variable Filters

Added new filters :implode and :array. Example: {{your-variable:implode}} would convert an array to a comma separated string of values.



Bricksforge Panel: Added “Reverse Animation Selector”

Added an easy way to automatically reverse a click triggered animation using a custom selector.


New Dynamic Data Tag {brf_loop_index}

This Dynamic Data Tag allows you to display the index of the current loop.



New Dynamic Data Tag {brf_parent_loop_post_id}

This Dynamic Data Tag allows you to display the ID of the parent post of the current loop.



Form Submissions: Included field id

The Form Submissions Row Header is now also showing the field ID for the related field.


Security Improvements

Security has been increased for the Ajax functions that can be called via the Bricksforge Panel. By default, execution is now only permitted for users with the appropriate authorisations. Check the docs for more informations about this.



Pro Forms: “Disable Dates” not working for Datepicker

Fixed an issue caused the “Disable Dates” area to show a php error in some situations.


Pro Forms: Checkbox Gap setting is limiting unit to px

Fixed an issue caused checkbox gap setting to limit the unit to px.


Pro Forms: Image Previews not in sync

Fixed an issue caused the image previews for the “File” field to not be in sync in some situations.


Pro Forms: Modern Select Placeholder added as initial value

Fixed an issue caused the Modern Select field to add a placeholder as initial value when “Multiple” has been selected.


Pro Forms: Fixed “Create Submission” action issue

Fixed an issue caused the submit button to infinitely spin when using the “Create Submission” action.


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