Blueprint WordPress Theme Nulled is the ideal option for Bloggers, Magazine Publishers, and Internet Retailers that want to create gorgeous blogs and publications. It is simple to understand why it is a top choice product in the Blog & Magazine business with its Responsive Design, Drag & Drop Page Builder, Built-in Mega Menu, Customizable Layout Choices, Unlimited Color Options, WooCommerce Compatible, and Social Media Integration. Don’t pass up the opportunity to start your own blog or magazine with Blueprint now! Now is the time to get started!

One Theme with 9 Importable Demo Sites

Start your blog right now with 9 pre-made starter sites that include all articles and graphics.

Extremely Responsive

We tested the Blueprint theme on multiple physical devices and emulators to make sure we deliver the best quality.

Dark Mode

Switch on Dark Mode for a better viewing experience, particularly in low-light situations.

Dark Mode is a striking new design that is easy on the eyes and allows you to focus on the content. It has a dark color scheme and is engaged automatically or manually through a toggle based on the browser’s chosen settings.

To give your eyes a rest, enable Dark Mode.

Multiple Page Header Types

Your articles and pages can have one of three alternative page headers. Use an image overlay or a smaller page header to display the heading of your highlighted content.

Customize with Instant Live Preview

The native WordPress customize tool may be used to modify all theme parameters. Forget about out-of-date settings pages and manually refreshing your website to observe changes. While creating your ideal online media, you may see all of the changes in real time.

Multiple Archive Layouts for Homepage and Archive Pages

Select from a variety of post archive layouts for your homepage and archive pages. Your posts can be displayed in grid, list, or full layouts.

Smart Colors

When you choose a dark background color for your header or footer, the text and links will convert to white. You don’t need to configure many color options because the majority of them will operate automatically depending on your pick.

Multiple Page Layouts

Choose an appropriate page layout for your homepage, archives, posts, and pages. Use a sidebar on the left or right side of the page, or use the full-width page layout for your content.

Super-Fast Mega-Menu

Display a thumbnail of your most recent posts in the menu dropdown. Don’t worry, the menu will not slow down your website because the content is dynamically requested only when a user hovers over the parent menu item.

Exclude Duplicate Posts

Everyone, including Google, understands that duplicate content is bad. By excluding featured posts from the main archive with a single click, you can avoid having duplicate content on your homepage.

AMP Support

Styles for the AMP pages have been added to match the main styles of your website. To enable Google Accelerated Mobile Pages on your website, simply install and activate the official WordPress AMP plugin.

Google Fonts

With support for 800+ Google Fonts, you can create a variety of styles. Simply select the desired font from the dropdown and preview it on your website in real-time – no more perplexing CSS rules or code snippets.

Additional Content

Have you ever wanted to place an advertisement beneath your header? Or a brief description before your homepage’s featured posts section? A subscribe form beneath the post content? You can insert any content into different template parts using our signature feature without changing template files or overriding templates with a child theme.

Smart Sticky Navigation

Increase the viewport of mobile users by displaying the main navigation only when they scroll up. Or force the menu to stay sticky all the time. You can also disable the feature entirely. With a single click, enable any of the three options in Blueprint theme settings.

Sticky Sidebar

When scrolling down the page, make your widgets sticky. Choose between sticking to the bottom edge of your sidebar or the top edge of the last widget. Increase the conversion rate of your ad by placing it as the last widget and selecting the latter option. In contrast to other themes’ sticky sidebars, ours is enabled and does not flicker on tablets or mobile devices. We created a sticky sidebar that animates beautifully not only on desktops but also on mobiles by utilizing the native browser’s sticky positioning.

Mobile Slide-Out Menu with Widgets

When you click the hamburger icon on a mobile device, the mobile menu appears. You can also include social links, a subscription form, a Facebook fan page, or any other widget in your mobile menu, just like you would in a regular sidebar.

Paginated Posts

Divide your posts into multiple pages and include properly styled pagination at the bottom.

Support for Guest Authors and Multi-Author Posts with Co-Authors

With the integrated Co-Authors Plus plugin support, you can include guest authors without creating separate user accounts, or you can add multiple authors per post. All post authors, including contributors and guest authors, are permitted to have social accounts as well as a bio.

Smart Multi-Level Menu

You are in control of how your content is structured. In your main menu, you can have an unlimited number of levels with our theme. If there isn’t enough room in the viewport for a dropdown submenu, it will appear on the opposite side. It also supports mobile touch devices.


Support for RTL (right-to-left) languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and any other RTL written language is built in.

Numbered Pagination, Load More, and Infinite Load

The “Load More” button and the Infinite Load feature will encourage your users to stay on your website longer by allowing them to browse through your post archives without having to refresh the browser page.

We use the new REST API to fetch posts instantly, which is the quickest way to dynamically load posts in WordPress.

Post Views with Google Analytics synchronization

With the integrated post views support, you can display the number of post views alongside other post meta.

Post Reading Time

Add post reading time easily to encourage your users. The reading time is calculated automatically based on an adult’s average reading speed.


Because of vector scalable elements, clear Retina-ready images, and typography, your website will look fantastic on Retina screens.

Adaptive Optimized Image Sizes
A small number of thumbnails generated will save disk storage space on your hosting provider and speed up the thumbnail regeneration process.

We never downscale images and always serve them in their original or close-to-original size, so that users do not download more than they need. Google, too, prefers optimized image sizes.

Feature-Rich, yet Simple

Despite having many useful built-in features, it is extremely simple to use. All options support live preview, allowing you to see all changes before saving them.

We made certain that all theme options and features blend in seamlessly with the WordPress user interface and feel very natural and intuitive.

Of course, no coding is required to get your website up and running.

Yoast SEO Support, including Breadcrumbs Styles

Breadcrumbs, a powerful SEO addition to your website, can be activated with a single click in SEO using the Yoast plugin, and it will appear in the right place with the right styles.

Live Search Results

Because of the integrated gallery styles, the default WordPress galleries (or the gallery shortcode) will look nice right out of the box.

Built-in Styles for WordPress Galleries

Because of the integrated gallery styles, the default WordPress galleries (or the

Related Posts

By enabling recent posts beneath your single posts, you can increase the page per visit ratio. When there are enough posts in the same category, related posts will appear automatically.

Optimized CSS without Dependencies

There are no dependencies (such as Bootstrap), so there is no extra bloat or third-party assets. Your users and Google will appreciate how quickly your website pages load.

Coded with WordPress Coding Standards

WordPress Coding Standards assist developers in maintaining a consistent style, resulting in clean, easy-to-read code. When writing code for our WordPress themes, we keep this in mind.


With performance optimization, you can enjoy fast browsing. To avoid making too many requests to your database, we tested our Blueprint Theme Free Download with the Query Monitor plugin.

Google Structured Data Support

By assigning special classes to elements, we ensure that the structured data is correct. It assists Google in better understanding your content and ranking your website higher.

Built with Hooks & Developer Friendly

There are numerous actions and filters that allow you to hook into theme functions from a child theme to create awesome custom solutions for your clients while keeping the website up to date.


The Blueprint theme includes a.pot file that allows you to easily translate our theme into your native language using POEdit or Loco Translate.

And much more features.

Download Blueprint WordPress Theme

To summarize, Blueprint – Next-Generation Blog & Magazine Theme Free Download has a high rating of 95/100 for Blog & Magazine builder. Despite some drawbacks, Blueprint provides a variety of features such as Responsive Design, Drag & Drop Page Builder, Built-in Mega Menu, Flexible Layout Options, Unlimited Color Options, WooCommerce Compatible, and Social Media Integration, making it ideal for Bloggers, Magazine Publishers, and Online Retailers looking to create stunning blogs and magazines.


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