Astra Pro Nulled is a WordPress theme that combines customizable options for speed, style, and user website settings. Astra can be used for business pages, blogs, portfolios, biographies, WooCommerce storefronts, restaurants, and more.

This includes websites with pre-designed pages that save time so you can reassign them to other parts of your website. The design of the demo can be easily customized without code. Astra’s customizable options are great.

You can remove page titles and sidebars, change page widths, and more to create your website exactly the way you want it. Speed ​​is what sets Astra apart from other themes. Its speed is very light, which makes it better than other themes on the market.

Astra comes with ready-made SEO components that let you manage layouts for headers, archives, pages, footers, sidebars, posts, blogs, etc. You can set colors, fonts, content and even meta. Astra WordPress theme does not have jQuery.

This means there is no render blocking to prevent performance optimization. Astra Vanilla uses JavaScript instead. Compared to other companies’ average resource amount of around 300 KB, it is extremely lightweight at less than 50 KB in terms of KB.

Pingdom gave Astra a 100% speed score, while Google gave DEV 95% and YSlow 91% (according to data provided by the Astra team).

Astra seamlessly integrates WooCommerce. This is a great benefit for anyone looking to build an online store. We offer a wealth of unique features that make your brand vision a reality.

Astra Pro Features

  • Sticky Header
    This is a header that stays at the top of the page as the user scrolls. You can quickly access the menu from anywhere on your site.
  • Page Headers
    You can add custom page headers and set display rules to display them on specific pages and posts on your site.
  • Mobile Headers
    It allows you to adjust and customize header breakpoints, set different logos, menu styles, colors, etc. for mobile devices.
  • Colors & Typography
    Set colors and fonts that match your brand and easily manage colors and typography across your site.
  • Mega Menu
    Create beautiful templates with your favorite page builder or enter shortcodes to add layouts to your website’s mega menu.

Site Layouts

  • Boxed
    Astra Pro allows you to display primary content in a boxed layout to separate it from other content displayed on the page.
  • Padded
    You can add specific margins to the edges of your content to give it a padded look. Astra’s padding layout makes this easy.
  • Fluid Layout
    Astra Pro gives you the option of choosing a liquid layout. This allows the entire website to stretch to the bottom of the screen.
  • Spacing Control
    Astra’s Spacing Addon allows you to manage margins and padding for all elements and override default spacing settings.
  • Full Width
    Astra comes with a default full width layout that allows you to use the full width of your site’s primary content.

Colors and Background

  • Above Header
    You can even manage colors and backgrounds in the header above! You can set different colors and backgrounds for your mobile device.
  • Below Header
    Want to change the color and background of the bottom header? Astra lets you change the colors of everything within it.
  • Sticky Header
    Astra offers a variety of options for controlling the colors and backgrounds within your website’s sticky header.
  • Content
    Astra provides a simple interface for managing colors for different types of content from one place. You can control the color of heading tags, etc.

Global Designs Options

  • Mobile Header Designs
    With Astra, you can add breakpoints as needed to display flyouts, hamburger menus, and more on your website.
  • Below Header Content
    Astra allows you to add various widgets, HTML content, shortcodes, etc. to manage the content of your website’s bottom header.
  • Below Header Layout
    Would you like to change the layout of the next header on your website? Astra offers you the possibility to manage the next header layout and its content.
  • Above Header Content
    Astra allows you to place any kind of content in the above header of your website. Do you want to add HTML code, widgets, shortcodes, or just text?  You can do that!
  • Above Header Layout
    With its user-friendly layout, Astra allows you to manage and control the layout of the top header and the content within it.
  • Flexible Footer Layouts
    Astra provides various options to choose a flexible footer layout with different types of content such as widgets. Text, HTML code, shortcodes, etc.

Blog Layouts

  • Grid Layout
    Use the Astra theme’s blog layout to display all your blog posts in a grid layout on your blog page.
  • Masonry Layout
    Want to display your blog posts in a trendy stone layout? Astra offers this amazing layout that shows all your posts.
  • Blog Structure Control
    You can control how individual posts are displayed on your blog page. Reorder feature images, titles, and meta text to control structure.
  • Post pagination
    Astra lets you add stylish pagination to spread your blog posts across multiple pages. This can be accessed using the button below.
  • DateBox
    Astra allows you to display a trending date field on every post element you add to your blog page. Display the issue date stylishly!
  • List Layout
    Set up your blog page to display blog posts in a list layout with each post in order.
  • Highlight First Post
    Want to make sure your users read the first post? Astra allows you to mark the first post in a list.
  • Excerpt Count
    The excerpt serves as a summary of your contribution. On the blog page, you can get relevant excerpts for each post you see.
  • Infinite Loading
    If you select the infinite loading option, blog posts will load on the same blog page as the user continues to scroll down.

WooCommerce Features

  • Grid Settings
    Astra’s WooCommerce module lets you display your products in a grid layout that you can customize to your needs.
  • Off-Canvas Sidebar
    Astra lets you add an off-canvas sidebar to your shop page. This sidebar is initially off-screen and can be triggered via a button or link.
  • Gallery Options
    View all your products in the product gallery on your shop page. You can set the layout as a grid or list and customize it further.
  • Infinite Scroll
    Do you want all products to load on one page? To do this, select Infinite loading where the products load as the user scrolls down.
  • Dropdown Cart
    When using Astra with WooCommerce, you can display a dropdown cart to view and add items that the user has added to the cart.
  • Sales Bubble Style
    You can place trendy and attractive sales bubbles on your products to encourage quick purchases and increase sales.
  • Quickview
    Astra allows you to enable the Quick View option. This allows the user to take a closer look at the product without opening it on a new page.

Custom Layouts

  • Custom Header
    You can use your favorite page builder to create custom headers. Create your own custom headers and enable them site-wide or on specific pages.
  • Custom 404 Page
    Astra lets you design engaging custom 404 pages with content of your choice that look better than standard 404 pages.
  • Display Conditions
    You can display a custom layout for your entire site or select specific pages to display.
  • Custom Footer
    Astra lets you create custom footers with your favorite page builder and use them throughout your site or on specific pages you want to display.
  • Custom Layout – Hooks
    Hooks let you inject custom code and content wherever you want. Astra offers a variety of promotional hooks to choose from.
  • Custom Layouts Inside Gutenberg Pages
    You can design custom sections in your favorite page builder and display them in specific places on selected Gutenberg pages/posts.


  • LifterLMS
    Astra seamlessly integrates with LifterLMS to help you build engaging, distraction-free online course websites.
  • LearnDash
    Astra seamlessly integrates with LearnDash to help you create user-friendly and engaging online course delivery websites.

Download Astra Pro Nulled WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for an easily accessible and customizable WordPress theme, you can’t go wrong with Astra Pro Free Download. SEO friendly and compatible with all page builders. This theme is perfect if you don’t want to delve into advanced website building.

Astra’s design offers everything you need and more. Customize layouts, toggle different header options, edit colors and backgrounds, and more.

Themes are widget-friendly, can have up to four areas, and can be integrated with toolsets for further customization. Its powerful add-on pack gives you even more options. Compatible with WooCommerce and many other plugins to make your life easier.

Astra has a very fast loading speed of about 0.5 seconds. Although it has a simple design, it offers many options for customizing your website.

The Astra Starter Sites plugin allows you to use various ready-made templates and adapt them to your company. Compatibility with page builders allows you to do everything with little effort and no knowledge of HTML.


Astra Pro 4.6.4 Updates

Hello Astra Pro Users!

We’re excited to let you know about our latest update, version 4.6.4.

We’ve listened to your feedback and made some improvements and fixes. Here’s what we did:

Accessibility Enhancement: We’ve improved the accessibility of advanced headers by removing incorrect role=”img” attributes, ensuring a more inclusive browsing experience for all users.

Live Search Fix: Browser autocomplete is now disabled when live search is enabled, preventing any potential issues with search result overlapping.

WooCommerce Fixes:

  • Resolved the issue where Infinite Scroll & page weren’t functioning correctly when using an Elementor template.
  • Fixed a conflict between Astra Pro addon and Essential Addon’s Product Carousel transition property, ensuring smooth integration.

White Label Fix: Addressed the problem where the Help link persisted in the theme builder despite the white label being enabled, ensuring consistent branding for users.

LifterLMS Fix: The Enable Course Meta option now functions properly with LifterLMS Blocks, providing a seamless experience for managing course metadata.

These updates aim to make your experience better. If you have questions or run into problems, feel free to reach out.

Astra Pro 4.6.3 Released!


  • Mega Menu – Page Builder templates looses their styling when used as mega menu content in v4.6.2.

Astra Pro 4.6.2 Released!

This update includes the following improvement & bug-fixes:


  • Introducing new “rem” unit support for font-size in customizer typography settings.


  • Header-Footer Buttons – Added new option “Inherit” to Size to inherit global button stylings.


  • Single Post – Social sharing design customizer options has dependency of “Enable Author Box” option.
  • Performance – Slow query issue when too many menu items are used.
  • WooCommerce – Related product column setting not working for mobile devices when Up sell product section is disabled.

Astra Pro 4.6.1 Released!

This update includes the following improvement & bug-fixes:


  • Page Header – Restricted the banner title area with layout-2 with page header.


  • Page Header – “Override the image with the featured image” option not working for single layouts.
  • Fatal error showing from addon side because user is using older Astra version and updated Astra Addon.


  • Improvement: Performance – Removed legacy CSS for the spacing addon & managed spacing with the new spacing options.
  • Improvement: WooCommerce – Added a new customization option for the color of the cart icon when the sticky header is enabled.
  • Fix: Social Icons – Horizontal alignment does not work if Stack-On is selected.
  • Fix: Sticky Header – Background is not blurry on iOS devices.
  • Fix: Page Header – Background Image is not working on a single post.
  • Fix: Nav Menu – Menu items hover color not working as expected.
  • Fix: WooCommerce – Horizontal product gallery slider resizes in landscape mode for mobile devices.
  • Fix: Site Builder – Header Shrink effect does not work in Site Builder header layouts.
  • Fix: Site Builder layouts and page headers with untitled showing empty title space on front end admin-bar menu dropdown.
  • Fix: Site Builder – Issue with hooks not showing up in full width with Beaver Builder on the editor page.
  • Fix: WooCommerce – Unable to login with modern checkout when the password contains some specific symbols such as ampersand.
  • Fix: WooCommerce – On shop page sidebar collides when it’s moved to the top of the screen on responsive devices.
  • Fix: WooCommerce – Quick view background color not applying to entire product details section when sticky add to cart button is enabled.
  • Fix: Nav Menu – Menu layout breaks on responsive devices due to default spacing added.
  • Fix: Page Header – Getting str_contains() deprecated notice from custom header with PHP 8.x.
  • Fix: WooCommerce – The Off-canvas Sidebar does not close with an outside click or ESC key.
  • Fix: PHP error for “Uncaught Error: class FLThemeBuilderLayoutData not found” when Beaver Themer is active.
  • Fix: Sticky Header – Sticky header active menu color is not working when the submenu is added.

Astra 4.6.1 – Fix PHP Error for Legacy header-footer Setup.


  • PHP fatal error with “Uncaught Error: Class ‘Astra_Builder_Base_Dynamic_CSS’ not found” when old header-footer is active.


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