Advanced iFrame Pro Free Download is the ultimate solution for seamlessly embedding content the way you want. This powerful tool allows you to hide, modify, and forward parameters in iframes, offering flexibility and control like never before.

Content embedding plays a crucial role in the online landscape. Whether you want to share videos, display dynamic data, or integrate elements from one website into another, iframes are often the go-to solution. However, the standard iframe options have their limitations. This is where Advanced iFrame Pro steps in.

Advanced iFrame Pro Nulled is not your typical iframe embedder; it’s a feature-rich tool that transforms how you can embed content. It offers advanced features that enable you to modify, hide, and forward parameters within iframes, giving you unprecedented control over your embedded content.


  1. Content Modification: One of the standout features of iFrame Pro Free Download is its ability to modify the content within the iframe. You can adjust the size, position, and styling of the embedded content to seamlessly integrate it into your website.
  2. Content Hiding: With this tool, you can hide specific elements within the iframe, ensuring that only the relevant content is visible to your users. This feature enhances the user experience by eliminating distractions.
  3. Parameter Forwarding: Advanced iFrame Pro allows you to forward parameters from the parent website to the embedded content. This is invaluable for passing data or user preferences seamlessly.
  4. Responsive Embedding: In a mobile-centric world, responsive design is a must. Advanced iFrame Pro ensures that the embedded content adapts to different screen sizes, providing a seamless user experience across devices.
  5. Custom Scrollbars: You have the option to add custom scrollbars to the iframe, giving you control over the navigation within the embedded content.
  6. Security: Security is paramount in the digital realm. Advanced iFrame Pro offers options to improve the security of your iframes, ensuring a safe user experience.
  7. Cross-Domain Embedding: Embed content from different domains without the usual restrictions. Advanced iFrame Pro simplifies cross-domain embedding, expanding your content possibilities.
  8. Lazy Loading: Optimize your website’s performance by enabling lazy loading for iframes. This ensures that the content is only loaded when it becomes visible, reducing unnecessary load times.

iFrame Pro Nulled is not just a content embedding tool; it’s a game-changer for online content integration. It offers a range of advanced features that provide you with the flexibility and control you need to seamlessly embed content the way you want.

Advanced iFrame Pro empowers you to take your content embedding to the next level. Whether you need to modify, hide, or forward parameters within iframes, this tool simplifies the process and enhances the user experience.

Advanced iFrame Pro is the ultimate solution. It’s the gateway to dynamic content embedding, offering flexibility and control that can transform your online presence.



  • Security fix: The additional_js and additional_js_file_iframe attribute are now only allowed to be used if you have the permission “unfiltered_html”, that you need in WordPress to use iframes. If you do not have this permission, during save the attributes are removed and an error message is shown.
  • Fix: Show iframe as layer was not working properly in Firefox. The link was opening in a new tab. Using a different way to hide the iframe solves the problem.


  • Fix: add_iframe_url_as_param thrown an error because of the additional security filter. Now it works fine again


  • Security fix: The include_html attribute are now only allowed to be used if you have the permission “unfiltered_html”, that you need in WordPress to use iframes. If you do not have this permission, during save the attribute is removed and an error message is shown.
  • Security fix: All shortcode attributes have now input sanitation to avoid Stored Cross-Site Scripting at save if you do not have the permission “unfiltered_html”! This happens in the normal editor and also in the Gutenberg block! Please get the unfiltered_html permission if you get an error message while you want to use ‘();= or a space in attributes. This sanitation is very general and does not allow all possible things you can do with advanced iframe. As 99.9% of the users who add an iframe are editors or above this should affect almost no one directly and it makes the plugin more secure.
  • Security fix: ” inside advanced iframe shortcode attributes is not allowed anymore to avoid XSS attacks.
  • Security fix: Additional output filtering of short code attributes directly used in HTML or Javascript to avoid XSS attacks. This is done for ALL roles!
  • New: The scroll to top in the external workaround is now also supporting the “touched” event next to the “click” event.
  • New: The documentation was improved for scroll to top as the external workaround is also supporting “iframe” if “Scrolls the parent window/iframe to the top” is set to iframe.


  • New: Support for Partitioned; See for details. All places where SameSite=None is set also Partitioned; is added now.
  • Fix: When saving the administration the detection of modified ai.min.js could cause a file_exists too long error with a lot of text shown. A wrong variaentation ble was used here which is fixed now. Now also the detection works that ai.min.js is regenerated again and again.


  • Security fix: The onload and custom attributes are now only allowed to be used if you have the permission “unfiltered_html”, that you need in WordPress to use iframes. If you do not have this permission, during save the attributes are removed and an error message is shown.


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