CheckoutWC v9.0.37

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  • Create Date September 19, 2023
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CheckoutWC v9.0.37

CheckoutWC Changelog

Version 9.0.37 - 2024.05.15

  • New - Added {{customer_email}} replacement code for Abandoned Cart Recovery emails
  • Fix - Fix how we handle side cart height to prevent position fixed scrolling issues on iOS / Android.
  • Fix - Open side cart when product is added using the product block
  • Fix - Fix issue where Order Pay feature wasn't available for Basic license holders
  • Fix - Fix issue with WooCommerce 8.8+ that prevented email restricted coupon codes from applying
  • Fix - Refresh content of cfw_after_cart_html action hook on AJAX updates
  • Fix - Fix issue that caused notices to not appear in the side cart
  • Fix - Fix JS error with Payment Plugins PayPal
  • Fix - Don’t run woocommerce_update_cart_validation if quantity is 0 to prevent issues with other plugins that don't expect it
  • Fix - Wrap hidden email input with form-row class for logged in users to maximize compatibility with third party plugins.
  • Dev - Add three new action hooks for review panes: cfw_after_shipping_step_review_pane, cfw_after_payment_step_review_pane, cfw_after_order_review_step_review_pane
  • Dev - Add cfw_acr_exclude_cart filter
  • Dev - Add cfw_acr_send_to_email filter

Version 8.2.27 - 2024.01.31

  • Important Hotfix - Fix bug that prevented error notices from showing during checkout submit and caused page to hang.

Version 8.2.26 - 2024.01.24

  • Improved - Added more common email domains to email domain autocomplete list.
  • Fix - Fix issue that caused add_cap to run on every page load
  • Fix - Fix issue with WooCommerce 8.5.1 that prevented notices from being parsed
  • Fix - Fix issue when using only billing address and PayPal Brasil para WooCommerce
  • Fix - When minimum or maximum quantity is set on a cart item, avoid unnecessary AJAX refreshes and disable quantity buttons if required.
  • Dev - Added filter to disable email domain validation: cfw_disable_email_domain_validation
  • Dev - Added filter to enable zip+4 for Smarty address suggestions: cfw_smarty_use_zip4
  • Dev - Cleaned up old style action | filter lookup

Version 8.2.25 - 2023.12.15

Version 8.2.25 - 2023.12.15

  • Fix - Fix Google Pay button styling with Payment Plugins Stripe
  • Fix - Fix issue that prevented Abandoned Cart email checkout URL from restoring cart session
  • Fix - Fix styling of Byjuno fields
  • Fix - Fix potential fatal error with suggested products not being real products
  • Fix - Fix Order Delivery Date Pro data field not being readonly when it should be readonly.

Version 8.2.24 - 2023.12.07

  • Hotfix - Fix merge error that caused header logo to disappear on templates

Version 8.2.23 - 2023.12.07

  • Fix - Fix international phone field flags on mobile iOS
  • Fix - Fix bug that caused the suggested products slider to slide the wrong way when dragging between the suggested products.
  • Fix - Fix WooCommerce Price Based on Country. Prices were getting taxes removed twice.
  • Improved - Added uninstall.php for those who want to start fresh. Must be enabled in CheckoutWC > Advanced
  • Dev - Added new filter: cfw_get_logo_attachment_id
  • Dev - Added cfw_get_woocommerce_notices filter
Version 8.2.22 - 2023.11.28
  • Improved - Link intl-tel-input preferred countries to our highlighted countries setting, but provide a separate filter: cfw_phone_field_highlighted_countries
  • Fix - Allow HTML in order bump descriptions.

Version 8.2.20 - 2023.11.15

  • Improved - Decoupled JS to reduce front end asset size for side cart by ~100kb
  • Improved - Load Slick as as a separate asset and only load it if suggested products carousel is enabled
  • Fix - Fix modal variation price not updating on some modals
  • Fix - Remove WooCommerce Price Based on Country compatibility module that was causing incorrect order bump prices
  • Fix - Firm up hiding normal WooCommerce output on bump modals for variations
  • Fix - Fix display count tracking for side cart bumps that caused conversion rate to be 100%. Conversion statistics for those bumps will need to be reset if accurate percentage is desired.
  • Fix - Remove debug code
  • Dev - Update old pre-8.0 settings to autoload false

Version 8.2.19 - 2023.11.13

  • New - You can now exclude an order bump for product categories
  • New - Added new setting to allow showing shipping / order total / taxes on the side cart.
  • Fix - Fix loading shimmer bug with WooCommerce Stripe
  • Fix - Fix bug with variation prices not holding after checkout submit.
  • Fix - Fix issue with WooCommerce Oppcw
  • Fix - Fix Mercado issue where payment fields did not load with one page checkout
  • Dev - Added filter to control international phone field placeholder mode: cfw_international_phone_field_placeholder_mode
  • Dev - Added filter to side cart icon: cfw_side_cart_icon
  • Dev - Added new WP hooks JS filter: cfw_js_disable_cart_quantity_prompt
  • Dev - Also added PHP filter: cfw_disable_cart_quantity_prompt
  • Dev - Add JS action hook when Google Address Autocomplete fills address: cfw_google_address_autocomplete_fill_address
  • Dev - Add filter to our notices display: cfw_wc_print_notices
  • Dev - WP hooks instance is now globally available on the window object: cfwGetWPHooks()

Version 8.2.18 - 2023.11.01

  • Improved - Allow the quantity control on bundled items if appropriate.
  • Fix - Fix width of Payment Plugins PayPal button
  • Fix - Fix bug where shipping method showed outdated price when using table rates, or similar. Such as using the plugin Flexible Shipping.
  • Fix - Fix bug where order bumps showed on the side cart even when disabled
  • Fix - Fix WooCommerce Payments express buttons and separator when underlying checkout page is configured with the block checkout
  • Fix - Fix Advanced Coupons styling bugs with Groove theme
  • Fix - CSS fix for Betheme
  • Fix - Fix issue where removing an item in the side cart removed even when clicking ‘cancel’ on confirm dialog
  • Fix - Fix issues with Mercado gateway
  • Fix - Fix Polylang home URL
  • Fix - Prevent fatal error with grouped products
  • Fix - Add our CSS as unremoveable with WP Rocket
  • Dev - Add debug logging to ACR
  • Dev - Make classes on checkoutwc_cart shortcode filterable: checkoutwc_cart_shortcode_additional_classes
  • Dev - Add a filter to allow tracking carts without emails defined: cfw_acr_track_cart_without_emails
  • Dev - Add filter cfw_hide_bump_if_offer_product_in_cart to control whether order bumps are hidden if the offer product is in the cart. Always hides if the bump is already in the cart.
  • Dev - Added actions cfw_after_modal_order_bump_variable_product_form and cfw_after_modal_order_bump_regular_product_form actions
  • Dev - Added action cfw_after_modal_variable_product_form

Version 8.2.17 - 2023.10.12

  • Fix - Fix fatal error from non-existent shipping method
  • Fix - Fix Klarna Payments on the order pay page
  • Dev - Allow a cookie for template previewing

Version 8.2.16 - 2023.10.10

  • Fix - Fix bug that prevented a shipping method from properly being set when switching to pickup
  • Fix - Only get instock products for cross sells
  • Fix - Protect against potential fatal error
  • Dev - Add SKU to cart items as data property

Version 8.2.15 - 2023.09.27

  • Fix - Fix bug that caused the buttons on the cart item variation edit modal to be untranslated
  • Fix - Fix bug that prevented the image from changing when variation is changed in modals

Version 8.2.14 - 2023.09.20

  • Fix - Change how we do the square gift card form so that it shows up when it is supposed to for everyone.
  • Fix - Fix unremoveable gift from WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free
  • Dev - Add filter to enable coupons on order bumps: cfw_allow_order_bump_coupons

Version 8.2.13 - 2023.09.16

  • Hotfix - Fix potential JavaScript error