WPMU DEV’s Hustle Pro Nulled WordPress Popups Plugin is an essential tool for any website owner seeking to engage visitors, convert leads, and grow their audience. It combines a vast range of functionalities with ease of use, enabling the creation of effective and attractive pop-ups, slide-ins, and email opt-ins.

The digital landscape is crowded, and capturing the attention of visitors is more challenging than ever. Hustle Pro is designed to cut through the noise, offering WordPress users a powerful solution to grab visitor attention with targeted marketing messages. It’s a plugin that goes beyond the basic pop-up, providing a suite of tools for comprehensive visitor engagement.

Overview of Hustle Pro

At its core, Hustle Pro Nulled is about maximizing the impact of every site visit. This plugin is a powerhouse for lead generation, equipped with smart conditions for pop-up triggers, and an array of customizable templates that can fit any brand style. It’s also built to work seamlessly with popular email services, making it a versatile addition to any WordPress site.

Features of WPMU DEV Hustle Pro WordPress Popups Plugin

  1. Intuitive Design Options: Hustle Pro offers a user-friendly interface with customizable templates, making it possible to design pop-ups that blend well with the site’s aesthetic without any coding knowledge.
  2. Smart Exit-Intent Technology: The plugin is equipped with exit-intent technology that can detect when a visitor is about to leave the site and trigger a pop-up to capture their attention.
  3. Email Marketing Integrations: Hustle Pro seamlessly integrates with a host of email marketing services like Mailchimp, AWeber, and Constant Contact, allowing for easy addition of new leads to mailing lists.
  4. Behavioral Triggers: Set pop-ups to appear after a certain amount of time, on click, or as the user scrolls through a page, offering a high level of control over how and when visitors are engaged.
  5. A/B Testing: The plugin includes functionality to test different content and styles to see what converts best, thereby optimizing marketing strategies.
  6. Conversion Metrics: Track how well each pop-up performs with built-in analytics that provide insights into views, conversions, and overall effectiveness.
  7. Mobile-Friendly: Recognizing the importance of mobile traffic, Hustle Pro ensures that all pop-ups are responsive and look great on any device.
  8. Social Media Integration: Beyond email opt-ins, Hustle Pro enables site owners to grow their social followings by incorporating social icons into pop-ups and slide-ins.
  9. Schedule Display Settings: Control when pop-ups should start and stop appearing on the site, which is particularly useful for time-sensitive campaigns.
  10. Spam and AdBlocker Detection: Hustle Pro can detect the use of ad blockers and politely ask users to disable them, ensuring that marketing efforts reach their intended audience.
  11. GDPR Compliance: With GDPR considerations built-in, the plugin makes it straightforward to collect and manage visitor information legally and ethically.

WPMU DEV Hustle Pro Free Download WordPress Popups Plugin is a comprehensive solution for any website owner who wants to increase engagement and grow their list of contacts. Its extensive customization options, smart triggers, and compatibility with numerous third-party services make it a top contender in its class. The plugin not only facilitates the creation of beautiful pop-ups, slide-ins, and email opt-ins but also provides valuable insights through A/B testing and conversion metrics. In a digital environment where every visitor’s attention is valuable, Hustle Pro offers the tools needed to make every interaction count. The plugin strikes an admirable balance between functionality and user-friendliness, making it an asset for both novice users and experienced marketers alike. With Hustle Pro, website owners are well-equipped to turn casual visitors into loyal followers and customers.


10.8.4 ( 2024-03-07 )

  • Fix: Security vulnerability

January 17, 2024 – version 4.8.3

  • Aligned Pro and Free version numbers to ensure consistency and simplify version management.
  • Enhance: Compatibility with PHP 8.3
  • Enhance: Twitter rebranding
  • Fix: Scroll issue on Pop-ups and Slide-ins preview when content is lengthy
  • Fix: Size of summary box logo

October 3, 2023 – version 4.8.2

  • Fix: ConstantContact authentification.
  • Fix: Cannot edit or add hyperlink
  • Fix: Click triggers not working for elements loaded after Hustle has loaded
  • Fix: Popup on exit intent is triggered when select box option is changed
  • Fix: Text Field error message apostrophe is converted to ‘
  • Fix: Deprecated notice for PHP 8.2
  • Enhance: Update the “Sendinblue” brand name to “Brevo”
  • Enhance: Remove mascot images

August 24, 2023 – version 4.8.1

  • Enhance: Set up a redirect URL for Hubspot
  • Fix: Issues with Hustle ActiveCampaign integration
  • Fix: Bullet Points are not showing on the success message


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