The wpForo WordPress Forum Plugin Premium Nulled Addons Pack is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance the functionality and user experience of forums on WordPress sites. Tailored to meet the needs of online communities, discussion platforms, and customer support hubs, this pack extends the capabilities of the base wpForo plugin, offering a range of features that facilitate engagement, management, and customization.

Creating a vibrant and functional online forum is essential for fostering community, facilitating discussions, and providing support. The wpForo WordPress Forum Plugin Premium Addons Pack delivers on these needs by equipping website owners with advanced tools to enhance their forums. This pack is particularly valuable for sites looking to offer more than just basic forum capabilities, aiming instead for a richer, more engaging user experience.


wpForo Nulled is renowned for its robust and user-friendly forum plugin for WordPress, and the Premium Addons Pack takes it a step further. It includes a variety of addons that expand the plugin’s functionality, allowing for greater customization, improved user interaction, and efficient forum management. This pack is ideal for websites that require advanced forum features, such as social media integration, enhanced user profiles, and more sophisticated moderation tools.


  1. Advanced Attachments: This addon allows users to upload various types of files and media within forum posts, enhancing the richness of content and discussion.
  2. Private Messages: Facilitating private communication between users, this addon is essential for personal interaction and privacy within the community.
  3. User Custom Fields: Expand user profiles with custom fields, allowing members to share more information about themselves and fostering a more connected community.
  4. Polls: Engage your community with interactive polls, enabling users to create and participate in polls within forum threads.
  5. Ad Manager: Monetize your forum with an ad management system that allows for the placement of ads in various locations within the forum layout.
  6. Blog Cross-Posting: Increase content reach by automatically cross-posting blog articles to forum discussions, encouraging engagement and conversation around blog content.
  7. Social Network Integration: Enhance user experience and increase forum membership by integrating with social media platforms for easy registration and sharing.
  8. SEO Optimization: Improve your forum’s search engine visibility with advanced SEO tools, ensuring that your forum content ranks well in search results.
  9. User Group Management: This addon provides more granular control over user groups, allowing for the creation of specialized groups with unique permissions and settings.
  10. Forum Analytics: Gain insights into forum activity with analytics tools, helping to understand user behavior and forum performance.

The wpForo WordPress Forum Plugin Premium Free Download Addons Pack is an essential toolkit for any WordPress site aiming to build a thriving online forum. Its wide range of addons enhances the functionality and user experience of the wpForo base plugin, making it possible to create a more engaging, manageable, and customized forum. From private messaging and user polls to advanced SEO and social media integration, this pack covers all the bases needed for a successful online community. Whether for a hobbyist site, a professional community, or a customer support forum, the wpForo Premium Addons Pack provides the tools necessary to foster lively discussions, maintain a vibrant community, and ensure the smooth operation of a forum. This pack not only elevates the forum experience for users but also simplifies management and moderation for administrators, making it a comprehensive solution for enhancing any WordPress-based forum.




  • After the update, please delete all caches and purge CDN if you have
  • After the update, please flush Redis Object Cache if you have this cache enabled

WPFORO FORUM 2.3.0 – 2.3.1 | 12.02.2024

wpForo Forum v2.3 Release Summary

  • Version 2.3.1
  • Fixed Bug: Member search issue when use profile title
  • Fixed Bug: Usergroup and User Role synchronization issues
  • Fixed Bug: Editor focusing issue when using stickers and emojis
  • Fixed Bug: Permission issue for Authors to use Cross Posting addon
  • Fixed Bug: CSS Issue with the red circle notification on the admin bar
  • New Addon: wpForo – Groups Plugin Integration
  • ———
  • Version 2.3.0
  • Added: Option to change wpForo sidebar location (left or right)
  • Added: Red circle notification on the forum menu when there are unapproved posts
  • Added: Extended the max rating level to 14, use wpforo_max_rating_levels hook
    • PHP code snippet example:
    • add_filter('wpforo_max_rating_levels', function($count){return 14;});
  • Improved: Topic search and suggestion when creating a new topic
  • Fixed Bug: Last login is incorrectly displaying current time in Dashboard > Members
  • Fixed Bug: Database Error: Syntax error, unexpected ‘@’, when search words contain @
  • Fixed Bug: Database Error on duplication key in _wpforo_visits table
  • Fixed Bug: PHP Error: Trying to access array on null in /profile-subscriptions.php on line 18

WPFORO FORUM 2.2.0 – 2.2.10 | 03.01.2024

wpForo Forum v2.2 Release Summary

  • Version 2.2.10
  • Added: New hooks requested by many developers
  • Fixed Bug: Improved the init_current_object() function to avoid PHP errors
  • Fixed Bug: Fix wpforo_urlencode() to lowcase URLs carefully
  • New Addon: wpForo – User Mentioning
  • Addon Update: wpForo – User Custom Field – Added [wpforo-members] shortcode with user fields filters and sorting parameters
  • ———
  • Version 2.2.9
  • Added: Topic type classes to wrapper divs for better styling
  • Added: Classes to all dates in topics and posts
  • Fixed Bug: Vulnerable to Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Fixed Bug: PHP Fatal error when BuddyPress or Ultimate Member is deactivated
  • Fixed Bug: Emoji encoding issue to be saved in utf8mb4 database tables
  • Fixed Bug: rel=”noindex,nofollow” to JS popup login and registration links
  • ———
  • Version 2.2.8
  • Added: Display subforums’ topics with the parent forum topics
  • Added: Can post and can listen to voice posting permissions
  • Fixed Bug: Fixed some font awesome icons
  • Fixed Bug: PHP Fatal Errors
  • Fixed Bug: Problems with options cache
  • New Addon: wpForo – Voice Posting
  • ———
  • Version 2.2.7
  • Improved: Forum search supports exact phrase search and boolean search:
    • For example: “search phrase” for exact phrase search
    • For example: +search +phrase for boolean search (“+” means AND;
    • For example: -“search phrase” for boolean search (“-” means NOT)
    • For example: search* for wildcard search
  • Added: rel=”nofollow” to share buttons and links
  • Updated: Font Awesome to 6.5.1
  • Updated: Replaced twitter share buttons to X, with icons and colors
  • Hooks: Added hooks to display user fields on posts and member list using wpForo User Custom Fields addon
  • ———
  • Version 2.2.6
  • Added: Detecting the timezone from the user’s browser if it’s not set in the account settings
  • Fixed Bug: Vulnerable to Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)


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