When you run a WordPress website, adding a job board can be a complex task. That’s where WP Job Manager comes into play. This plugin simplifies the job listing process, making it easier for both employers and job seekers to navigate through your website. From small businesses to large job listing websites, WP Job Manager Nulled serves a diverse range of use-cases, offering an intuitive, straightforward interface for everyone involved.

Overview: User-Friendly, Feature-Rich, and Easily Extendable

WP Job Manager is renowned for its ease of use. This fully-integrated WordPress plugin blends seamlessly with most themes and allows website owners to create job boards without any hassle. With shortcodes, widgets, and customizable templates, it’s easily extendable to fit unique needs. Its compatibility with WordPress also means it integrates well with most WordPress themes and page builders, saving you from unnecessary technical rigmaroles.

Key Features

Easy to Set Up

WP Job Manager requires minimal setup and offers a guided tour to help you get started. All you have to do is install the plugin, add a new job through the WordPress dashboard, and you’re good to go.

User-Friendly Front-End Forms

The plugin comes with frontend forms that help employers list their jobs. These forms support various fields, including job description, location, and email applications, which means employers can offer detailed job listings.

Dashboard for Employers

The plugin includes a dashboard where employers can manage their listings. They can preview, edit, or delete job listings, ensuring the quality and accuracy of the information provided.

Simple Shortcodes

You can easily add job listings to posts and pages using WP Job Manager’s simple shortcodes. This enables you to display jobs in various parts of your website without coding.

Powerful Search Filters

For job seekers, the plugin offers powerful search filters that allow them to find jobs based on keywords, job types, categories, and locations. This ensures that users find exactly what they’re looking for.

Full Support for Resume Manager

WP Job Manager Nulled fully supports extensions like Resume Manager. So, if your job board also needs to accept resumes, you’re covered. This adds another layer of functionality to your job board, making it a complete solution.

Developer-Friendly Codebase

With clean code and strong documentation, WP Job Manager is a treat for developers. It allows for various customizations and additions through hooks and filters.

Additional Paid Add-ons

For those who require more features, the plugin offers several premium add-ons. These include paid listings, job alerts, and more. So as your needs grow, WP Job Manager grows with you.

Conclusion: Transform Your WordPress Website into a Comprehensive Job Portal

WP Job Manager Free Download stands out as a powerful yet easy-to-use job listing plugin. With its vast array of features, this plugin not only makes job listing a breeze but also adds value for both employers and job seekers. From a simple setup process to advanced functionalities like powerful search filters and resume management, the plugin is equipped to handle it all. Plus, its extendable nature means that your job board can evolve as your needs do. If you’re seeking to add a job board to your WordPress website, WP Job Manager offers a reliable, user-friendly solution that’s hard to beat.


WP Job Manager 2.2.2

February 15, 2024

  • Fix issue with rich e-mails on some e-mail providers (#2753)
  • Fix: ‘featured_first’ argument now works when ‘show_filters’ is set to false.
  • Improve checkbox and radio inputs for styled forms

WP Job Manager 2.2.1

January 31, 2024

  • Fix PHP 7.x error for mixed returned type (#2726)
  • WP Job Manager 2.2.0January 29, 2024New:
    • Allow scheduling listings during job submission — add an option to show a ‘Scheduled Date’ field in the job submission form 
    • Add new [jobs] shortcode parameter, featured_first so you can ensure featured listings always show up on top.
    • Add support for user sessions without a full account (used in the Job Alerts extension)
    • Improve styling for rich text e-mails 
    • Include plain text alternative for rich text e-mails for better compatibility
    • Store previous license when plugin is deactivated for easier reactivation later.
    • Update design for settings and marketplace pages
    • Fix custom role permission issues (#2673)
    • Fix RSS, Reset, Add Alert links not showing on search page without a keyword
    • Improve PHP 8 support
    • Fix numeric settings field issues
    • Improve e-mail formatting and encoding, remove extra whitespace
    • Add file type validation and error message to company logo upload
    • Fix cache issue when marking jobs as filled/not filled via bulk actions
    • Do not emit warning when user with insufficient access to Job Manager menu tries to access wp-admin
  • WP Job Manager 2.1.1November 21, 2023
    • Fix link to extensions page (#2650)
    • Update Twitter to the new X logo
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  • WC Paid Listings 3.0.2November 17, 2023
    • Fix: Add the preview step for renewals (#137)
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  • Simple Paid Listings 2.0.1November 17, 2023
    • Update supported versions.
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  • Resume Manager 2.0.1November 17, 2023
    • Update supported versions.
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