E-learning has seen exponential growth over the past few years, and the demand for efficient Learning Management Systems (LMS) has skyrocketed. WP Courseware Nulled emerges as a front-runner in this race, offering an intuitive and comprehensive solution for WordPress users. Designed to simplify the e-learning process, this plugin allows educators and businesses alike to create and manage courses with ease.

WP Courseware, developed by the experts at Fly Plugins, is a robust WordPress LMS plugin tailored to the needs of modern educators and learners. It addresses the complexities of online course creation and management, presenting them in a user-friendly interface. Whether you’re an individual instructor, an educational institution, or a business seeking to offer training modules, WP Courseware promises a seamless e-learning experience.


  1. Drag-and-Drop Course Builder:
    Designing a course is made effortless with WP Courseware’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Organizing modules, sections, and quizzes becomes a breezy task, allowing educators to focus on content rather than technicalities.
  2. Diverse Quiz Types:
    Evaluation is crucial in learning, and WP Courseware Nulled shines in this aspect. It supports a wide variety of quiz types, including multiple choice, open-ended, and true or false, ensuring comprehensive student assessment.
  3. Drip Content Delivery:
    To ensure paced and systematic learning, WP Courseware offers a drip content feature. Instructors can schedule content releases, ensuring students progress at an optimal pace.
  4. Grade Books and Student Progress Tracking:
    Instructors can easily monitor student progress with detailed grade books. This feature offers insights into quiz performances, course completions, and overall student engagement.
  5. Course Prerequisites:
    For advanced learning modules, WP Courseware supports the setting of course prerequisites. This ensures that students undertake courses in a logical sequence, building upon their knowledge systematically.
  6. Certificates of Completion:
    Motivate and reward your students with customizable certificates upon course completion. This feature not only offers students a sense of achievement but also provides tangible proof of their learning journey.
  7. Integration with Popular E-commerce Solutions:
    Monetizing courses is straightforward with WP Courseware. The plugin integrates seamlessly with popular e-commerce solutions like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, enabling secure transactions.
  8. Email Notifications:
    Keep students engaged and informed with automated email notifications. Whether it’s course enrollment, quiz results, or new content releases, WP Courseware ensures learners are always in the loop.
  9. Subscription and Membership Integration:
    For courses offered on a subscription basis, WP Courseware integrates effortlessly with membership plugins. This provides flexibility in course offerings, be it one-time purchases, subscriptions, or membership-based access.
  10. Extensive Documentation and Support:
    Fly Plugins understands the importance of reliable support. WP Courseware users have access to extensive documentation, tutorial videos, and dedicated customer support, ensuring they make the most out of the plugin.

WP Courseware Free Download isn’t merely a tool; it’s a holistic e-learning solution designed with both educators and learners in mind. It bridges the gap between complex course management requirements and the need for a user-friendly interface. The feature-rich plugin ensures that course creation, management, and monetization are tasks anyone can undertake, irrespective of their technical prowess.

In an era where online education is not just preferred but often deemed necessary, having a robust LMS can make a significant difference. WP Courseware stands out in this domain, offering unparalleled features backed by the reliability of Fly Plugins.

For educators and businesses seeking to venture into the realm of e-learning, WP Courseware promises not just a plugin but a partner in their journey. Its capabilities, combined with consistent support, ensure that delivering high-quality education becomes a seamless experience.

In essence, WP Courseware encapsulates the future of e-learning. It recognizes the evolving needs of educators and students, offering a platform that’s adaptive, intuitive, and efficient. As the boundaries of traditional classrooms expand into the digital space, WP Courseware stands ready to facilitate a smooth transition, promising a learning experience that’s engaging, effective, and rewarding.



  • Fix: Fixed multiple PHP 8 warnings, errors, deprecation issues
  • Fix: Fixed minor issue with translation string
  • Tweak: Updated Stripe SDK
  • Tweak: Changed fade time on enrollment notification to 5 seconds


  • New: Added Matrix Sorting question type for quizzes
  • New: Added Sorting question type for quizzes
  • New: Added Fill in the Blank question type for quizzes

Version 4.10.4 Released On January 11, 2024


  • Fix: Fixed issue where progress was incorrectly calculated on the grade book when using the \”manual grade needed\” filter.


  • Fix: Fixed issue where saving a course with bundles caused a fatal error.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where fatal error was occuring on the settings email admin page.


  • Fix: Fixed issue where creating and opening old courses with 10.0.0 would corrupt the course. By clicking the refresh button on the course builder, the course units and modules can be restored.


  • Fix: Fixed issue where creating and opening old courses with 10.0.0 would corrupt the course.


  • New: Added native translation feature to download and update translation for WP Courseware


  • Fix: Fixed issue where order was not completed properly in FaceBook webview.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where adding additional curly braces to an email merge tag would cause course builder to break.


  • Fix: Fixed issue where time was incorrectly displayed on the Detailed Student Quiz / Survey Results page
  • Fix: Fixed issue where slashes were being added before apostrophes and quotes when giving quiz answer feedback


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