Welcome to a transformative era in e-commerce logistics and operations. As online businesses grapple with the complexities of inventory management, shipping, and customer satisfaction, WooCommerce’s integration with Amazon Fulfillment emerges as a beacon of hope. By connecting the WooCommerce platform with Amazon’s globally recognized fulfillment centers, this integration seeks to redefine how businesses manage their shipping and logistics.

WooCommerce, known for its robust and user-friendly e-commerce platform, takes a massive leap forward by integrating with Amazon Fulfillment. Amazon, a behemoth in the e-commerce space, is renowned for its efficient and widespread fulfillment centers that ensure timely and accurate deliveries. By allowing WooCommerce stores to tap into this vast network, businesses can now leverage the power of Amazon’s infrastructure without necessarily selling directly on the Amazon platform.


Automated Order Fulfillment

Once an order is placed on a WooCommerce store, it’s automatically sent to Amazon for fulfillment. This hands-off approach ensures timely deliveries without the store owner having to process shipments manually.

Global Reach

Amazon’s fulfillment centers span across numerous countries and continents. WooCommerce stores can now deliver their products globally with the same efficiency that Amazon promises its customers.

Inventory Sync

Keep track of stock levels effortlessly. The WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment Nulled integration ensures that your store’s inventory is consistently in sync with Amazon’s stock, reducing the chances of overselling.

Customizable Shipping Option

Store owners have the flexibility to define which products they want to be fulfilled by Amazon. Whether it’s specific products, all products, or even based on the destination, the power is in the hands of the seller.

Real-time Shipping Rates

Customers appreciate transparency in shipping rates. With this integration, WooCommerce stores can display real-time shipping rates from Amazon, ensuring customers know exactly what they are paying for.

Tracking and Notifications

Upon shipment, tracking information is relayed back to the WooCommerce store, keeping both the seller and the buyer informed. Automated email notifications further enhance the customer experience, keeping them in the loop at every step.

Reduced Overheads

Leveraging Amazon’s infrastructure means reduced shipping and storage overheads for businesses. Instead of managing warehouses or negotiating with multiple shipping carriers, stores can focus on their core business aspects.

Unraveling the Benefits: WooCommerce Meets Amazon Fulfillment

The e-commerce world thrives on swift, efficient operations and outstanding customer experiences. As competition surges, businesses must keep pace with innovation. Enter the WooCommerce and Amazon Fulfillment Free Download integration: a decisive step into e-commerce’s future.

This alliance brings together WooCommerce’s e-commerce strengths and Amazon’s vast fulfillment know-how. For businesses, the benefits are evident in cost savings. They can sidestep challenges like warehouse management, inventory hassles, and shipping orders. This efficiency lets them channel resources into product development, marketing, and enhanced customer service.

Customers stand to gain significantly. They can look forward to quicker shipping, accurate tracking, clear shipping costs, and the reliability of Amazon’s delivery system. In e-commerce, building trust is essential. This partnership fosters that trust, paving the way for heightened loyalty.

Also, as businesses aim to reach global markets, this integration is a boon. It allows them to tap into Amazon’s extensive global fulfillment centers, ensuring they can cater to audiences worldwide.

In conclusion, WooCommerce’s partnership with Amazon Fulfillment is a milestone in e-commerce. It’s not just an added feature but a gateway to efficient operations, global reach, and stellar customer experiences. As we witness such powerful collaborations, it’s evident that the future of e-commerce hinges on more than just selling; it’s about delivering unparalleled value every step of the way.


Version 4.2.3 RELEASED ON 2024-07-02
  • ns_mcf_order_tracking_number action that can be used to get the shipping tracking info
  • duplicate shipping tracking number updates
  • writting to inventory log on sync. Thi helps reduce file sizes generated.
Version RELEASED ON 2024-05-21
  • duplicate tracking orders to be registered in third party plugins.
Version 4.2.2 RELEASED ON 2024-05-13
  • code fixes and order checks
  • logging


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