Step aside themes and frameworks; make way for Vuero—a groundbreaking design system that blends the best of both worlds. Forget what you know about restrictive systems; Vuero Nulled is an elegant and flexible hybrid here to redefine how you think about admin and web app development. This isn’t a mere Vue adaptation of Huro; it’s a complete rewrite leveraging the new Vue 3 Composition API. And for the record, let’s just get this straight: Vuero is not a WordPress theme.

Overview: More Than Just A Pretty Interface

So, what makes Vuero special? To begin with, it’s engineered with Vue 3 at its core. Vue, already known for its ‘incrementally adoptable’ framework, gains a whole new level of dynamism when combined with Vuero. And if you’re worried about speed, Vuero harnesses the lightning-fast capabilities of Vite. This ensures that you’re not just coding but doing it at a pace that doesn’t hold you back.

Moreover, if Bootstrap has started to feel a tad bit monotonous, Vuero offers you the Bulma framework—an ideal alternative for those wanting to explore new frontiers in CSS design. Bulma brings a lightweight and easily maneuverable framework to the table, perfect for all your mobile-first projects.

Unpacking the Features: From Flexibility to Functionality

Vuero packs a punch with its list of features. From an astounding 230+ demo pages to a blazing fast Vite bundler, it takes ‘comprehensive’ to a new level. Let’s break down some key features:

  • Vite Powered: Get the speed you crave in development with Vuero, as it’s powered by Vite. Enjoy features like instant hot module replacement and a cold server start that’s genuinely ‘cold.’
  • Bulma Framework: Say hello to the flexible world of Bulma, a CSS framework based on Flexbox. Its mobile-first grid system is not just flexible but ideal for mobile devices.
  • Theming Capabilities: Customize like never before. Vuero’s Scss styles are not just pre-made but fully customizable to reflect your brand’s aesthetics.
  • Modular Core: Make maintainability a breeze with Vuero’s modular Scss source files. Even better, you can tinker with the Bulma source files before building Vuero.
  • Responsive Design: The template ensures your project looks good on all devices, thanks to its Flexbox-based ultra-responsive design.
  • Development Perks: From dependency management to hot reloading, Vuero’s features offer a seamless development experience.

The Takeaway: Vuero, A Catalyst for Inspired Web Development

In conclusion, this template transcends the boundaries of traditional themes and frameworks. It’s more than a design system; it’s an engine for creativity and efficiency. With its diverse set of features, from the speed of Vite to the flexibility of Bulma, Vuero aims to make web development not just effortless but also enjoyable. Its modular core and extensive theming capabilities ensure you’re never locked into a particular style, offering you the creative freedom you’ve always desired. So, whether you’re building an intricate web app or a simple admin dashboard, Vuero provides all the tools you need to turn your vision into a reality. With Vuero, you’re not just coding; you’re crafting the future of web design.


  Version 2.9.0 - Jan 23, 2024

- Features

- add eslint-plugin-sonarjs and fix linting issues
- add html minifier option for ssg/ssr builds
- improve server for ssr/ssg + expose h3 event to ssr context
- migrate component documentation to vue-component-meta
- replace prettier with eslint stylistic
- replace shiki with shikiji
- upgrade deps + stable vue 3.4
- upgrade to vite 5 
- upgrade to vue 3.4
- use vuero plugin to register apexchart component
- VIMaskInput: use generic for option prop

- Bug Fixes

- extract runtime dependencies from devDepencencies
- improve external component typing
- update HTML minifier configuration for bun support 
- VAnimatedCheckbox: use plain string or number in model value generic type
- VAnimatedCheckbox: use unknow in model value generic type
- VCollapse: move default p tag in collapse-item-content slot
- vee-validate: update form initial values 
- VPlyr: load dependency only on client

  Version 2.8.1 - Aug 26, 2023

- Bug Fixes

- add vite purge comments plugin + minify SSR/SSG html output
- disable vite plugin doc in quickstarter
- quickstarter: include missing preinstall script
- replace http-server with vercel serve
- update dependencies and vite 5
- update tsconfig as vitejs recommendation
- use jiti instead of esno for prepare shiki script
- use non root user in dockerfile


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