Uncanny Automator Pro Free Download is a next-generation, no-code automation solution that brings the power of automation to WordPress sites, making complex tasks a breeze and empowering users to create advanced automations with ease.

Simplifying Automation with a Recipe Builder:

Traditionally, automation involved creating developer apps, writing pseudo-code, or struggling with non-intuitive builders. Uncanny Automator Pro changes that narrative with its simple recipe builder. Now, you can create advanced automations in minutes without any coding expertise. This solution seamlessly connects to your favorite plugins, other WordPress sites, and even non-WordPress apps.

Harnessing the Power of Dynamic Content:

One of the standout features of Uncanny Automator Pro Nulled is its ability to leverage dynamic content. It allows you to use data from various sources, such as user interactions, form submissions, course progress, and virtually anything else, in your automation recipes. With support for over 7,000 tokens and variables, the possibilities are endless. Whether you need to personalize emails, tailor content, or trigger specific actions based on user behavior, dynamic content empowers you to do it all.

Effortless Delays and Scheduling:

Automation often involves time-sensitive actions like sending course reminders, initiating live events, or offering trials. Uncanny Automator Pro simplifies this process with its support for delays and scheduling actions in a recipe. You can set up automated workflows that perfectly align with your time-based requirements, ensuring that tasks are executed precisely when needed.

Connectivity Across the Digital Landscape:

With 140+ integrations, Uncanny Automator Pro covers all the popular WordPress plugins, social media apps, and web tools you rely on. Whether you’re using LearnDash, WooCommerce, BuddyBoss, Facebook Pages, Elementor Pro, Divi, The Events Calendar, Twilio, Instagram, or any other platform, this solution seamlessly connects to them. This extensive connectivity ensures that you can automate actions across your entire digital ecosystem.

Fine-Tuned Control with Conditions:

Automation should be precise and targeted. Uncanny Automator Pro provides fine-tuned control through conditions. You can define specific criteria to trigger actions based on user attributes, post properties, email addresses, membership levels, product purchases, CRM tags, and more. This level of customization ensures that your automations are highly relevant and effective.

1-Click App Integrations:

The platform offers industry-leading 1-click app integrations, making it effortless to connect to popular tools like Google Sheets, Facebook Pages, Twitter, WhatsApp, Slack, and many others. This streamlined integration process saves time and eliminates the complexity often associated with connecting multiple applications.

Developer-Friendly with Robust Webhooks:

For developers, Uncanny Free Download offers full developer documentation and code samples. It even supports running any WordPress hook or custom function within your recipes, providing maximum flexibility. The solution also boasts robust webhook support, allowing you to handle security headers, arrays, unlimited nesting, and virtually any data format you can imagine.

Data Ownership and Security:

Your data is a valuable asset, and Uncanny Automator Pro respects that. Unlike some automation services that process and store your data externally, this solution ensures that all WordPress plugin recipe data stays safely on your site. You retain full control over your data, enhancing security and compliance.

Exceptional Support and Unlimited Usage:

Uncanny Nulled takes pride in its exceptional customer support. With a Help Desk Happiness rating of 96, it’s evident that their team is dedicated to ensuring your success. Additionally, you can set up as many recipes as you need and run them an unlimited number of times. Whether you’re automating tasks within your website or posting to social media and external sites, there are no limitations.

Uncanny Automator Pro for WordPress is a game-changing automation solution that brings efficiency, flexibility, and simplicity to website management and digital marketing. Its user-friendly recipe builder, support for dynamic content, fine-tuned conditions, extensive integrations, developer-friendly features, data ownership, exceptional support, and unlimited usage make it a must-have tool for anyone looking to streamline their online operations. With Uncanny Automator Pro, you can unlock the true potential of automation, driving productivity and growth for your WordPress site.

Uncanny Automator Pro Changelog

5.8 [2024-05-21]

New Integration:

  • Database Query #2571
  • Code Snippets #2768

New Triggers:

  • WPCode – A snippet is deactivated #2754
  • Woo Memberships – A user’s access to a membership plan is changed to a status #2798

New Actions:

  • Code Snippets – Create a code snippet #2768
  • Database Query – Run a SELECT query #2573
  • Database Query – Run an SQL query #2769
  • FluentCRM – Remove a contact from lists #2758
  • Gravity Forms – Submit an entry for a form #2526
  • MailerLite – Create or update a subscriber #2721
  • MemberPress – Cancel the user’s recurring membership #2530

New Conditions:

  • GamiPress – The user’s points type meets a condition #2613
  • Tin Canny Reporting – A user has recorded a verb for a module #2786


  • Incoming Webhooks – Show sample data in fields #2823


  • BuddyBoss/BuddyPress – Create a group – Group URL token not using custom slug #2830
  • Emails – An email address ends/does not end with a domain – Domain are non case sensitive now #2816
  • Events – An attendee is registered for an event – Not firing for multiple tickets when an Outgoing Webhook is part of the recipe #2767
  • Recipe Logs – Date range filter with same date does not return results #2814
  • Recipe Logs – Loop recipes – Actions not showing dates in the sidebar #2821
  • WS Form – A form is submitted with a specific value in a specific field – Specific value not working correctly with radios #2806
  • Woo Subscriptions – A user purchases a variable subscription with a variation selected – PHP Error in a particular situation #2811

Under the hood:

  • Action Scheduler – Version bump to v3.7.0 #2827
  • System Status – Last updated date when Automator Pro is updated #2809
  • Copy_Recipe_Parts_Pro class moved to Automator Free #2799

5.5 [2024-01-25]

New Trigger:

  • Easy Digital Downloads – A file is downloaded #2486

New Actions:

  • BuddyBoss – Unsubscribe the user from a forum #2514
  • BuddyPress – Unsubscribe the user from a forum #2515
  • Easy Digital Downloads – Delete a customer by ID #2065
  • LearnDash – Extend the user’s access to a course by a number of days #2529
  • Woo Subscriptions – Extend the user’s next subscription renewal date to a specific product by a number of days #2528
  • Woo – Add a note to an order #2561

New Trigger Tokens:

  • Woo – Order item(s) total #2550
  • Woo – User’s total spend & User’s total spend (unformatted) #2549
  • WordPress – Post content (formatted) #2605

New Action Tokens:

  • WordPress – Add an image to the media library – Media Library ID and Media Library image URL #2599


  • LearnDash – Reset the user’s progress in a course – “Reset Simple Course Timer data” checkbox when Uncanny Toolkit Pro is active #2576
  • Woo – Generate and email a coupon code – Added generated coupon property for Recipe logs #2546


  • Easy Digital Downloads – “Product” text changed to “Download” for consistency #2608
  • OpenAI – Use a prompt to generate text with the Davinci model – Action deprecated, existing recipes switched to davinci-002  model #2589
  • Paid Membership Pro – Filters missing hidden levels #2586
  • WordPress – “Post content” token renamed to “Post content (raw)” #2606


  • Amelia – A user’s booking of an appointment for a service has been changed to a specific status – Set the context of the trigger to the current user #2554
  • Background actions – Condition group incorrectly show as skipped in the Recipe logs #2588
  • BuddyBoss – Set the user’s Xprofile data – Handle multiple options #2574
  • JetFormsBuilder – Tokens are now being rendered inside the User Loop #2587
  • Loop filters – A post is a specific type of post – Now only displays public post types #2583
  • Paid Membership Pro – An admin assigns a membership level to a user – Set member as the current user for recipe logs #2566
  • WordPress – A user updates a post – No longer fires on publish and on trash events #2543
  • WordPress – A user updates a post in a specific status – Validation to check if array key exists #2564

Under the hood:

  • Data management – Auto prune cron now includes settings for hours and minutes #2562
  • Loop Filters – Make Loop Filters a post type as private #2580
  • Magic button/link – WP Filters and actions – automator_pro_magic_link_tokensautomator_pro_magic_buttons_tokensautomator_pro_magic_link_triggeredautomator_pro_magic_button_triggered #2539 [2024-01-10]


  • OpenAI – Changed deprecated models to use gpt-3.5-turbo-instruct #2569

5.4 [2023-12-21]

New Actions:

  • WooCommerce Bookings – Create a booking #2397
  • WooCommerce Bookings – Change a booking to a specific status #2360

New Conditions:

  • EDD Software Licensing – A user has/does not have an active license for a download #2487
  • Easy Digital Downloads – A user has/has not downloaded a file #2485

New Loop Filters:

  • BuddyBoss – A user does not have a value in an Xprofile field #2496
  • BuddyBoss – A user has a value in an Xprofile field #2497
  • BuddyPress – A user does not have a value in an Xprofile field #2495
  • BuddyPress – A user has a value in an Xprofile field #2491

New Tokens:

  • MemberPress – Quiz triggers – Course ID  #2503
  • Woo #2516
    • Order fee
    • Order fee (unformatted)
    • Shipping fee
    • Shipping fee (unformatted)
    • Stripe fee
    • Stripe fee (unformatted)
    • Stripe payout
    • Stripe payout (unformatted)


  • Formatter – Output the year in date formatter #2535
  • LearnDash – Send a certificate – Checkbox to “CC the user’s Group Leaders” #2527


  • Data management – Auto-prune recipe logs – Added a dropdown to select time frame #2538
  • WooCommerce – User purchased conditions – Add “Any product” #2500


  • MemberPress – A coupon code is redeemed – Expects a user ID check #2483
  • WooCommerce – A user’s order status changes to a specific status – Handle “Any” status #2522


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