The digital frontier of rentals and bookings has redefined the convenience and functionality that businesses can offer to their customers. Within this evolving landscape, the right WordPress theme can be the lighthouse guiding businesses to success. Introducing Turbo, a state-of-the-art WooCommerce theme meticulously crafted to supercharge any rental and booking business, be it cars, vacation homes, or specialized equipment.

Actually, Turbo – WooCommerce Rental & Booking Theme Nulled is not just another theme in the vast sea of Nulled WordPress themes. It’s a dynamic solution built with precision and a deep understanding of the rental and booking sector. Seamlessly integrating with WooCommerce, Elementor, and Tailwind CSS, Turbo stands as a robust foundation for crafting visually spectacular and functionally rich platforms.

What sets Turbo Nulled apart is its synergy with the WooCommerce Rental & Booking (RnB) plugin. This integration transforms the theme into a powerhouse, enabling developers to offer nuanced rental products, availability management, and diverse pricing strategies. Moreover, with the inclusion of the Inspect – RnB search plugin, users can find their ideal rental product in a jiffy.


Integrated Ecosystem

Turbo boasts of a seamless integration with a plethora of plugins and tools. This harmonized ecosystem empowers businesses to provide a holistic and enhanced user experience.

Elementor Widgets & Design Capabilities

With over 20 custom Elementor widgets, Turbo offers unparalleled design flexibility. This, coupled with drag-and-drop functionality, advanced theme customization, and a plethora of layout options, ensures your website embodies your brand’s essence.

WooCommerce Centricity

Turbo is ingrained with full WooCommerce support. This includes compatibility with the Rental & Booking plugin, facilitating unlimited rental products, advanced search, inventory management, and much more.

Cutting-edge Functionalities

Users will appreciate features like product reviews & ratings, request for a quote system, multiple payment gateways, and advanced customer dashboards. Plus, Turbo is translation-ready, ensuring global audience accessibility.

Performance and User Experience

The theme prioritizes high performance, offering speedy load times and smooth navigational flows. Its responsive design ensures optimal viewing on any device. With SEO-friendly architecture, Turbo guarantees improved visibility on search engines.

Documentation & Support

Understanding the intricacies of Turbo is made effortless with comprehensive documentation and video tutorials. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting, Turbo’s resources are invaluable.

Other Noteworthy Features

Turbo is replete with features ensuring ease of use and enhanced user experience. Some include:

  • Advanced typography options
  • Social media integration
  • Google Calendar synchronization
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Advanced login/registration systems
  • Live previews
  • Extensive color customization options
  • And much more…

Download Turbo WordPress Theme

In the evolving digital landscape of online rentals and bookings, Turbo – WooCommerce Rental & Booking Theme Free Download clearly stands out. Not only does it set a high standard, but it also actively transforms the way we think about digital interactions. More than just a theme, Turbo truly serves as a turnkey solution designed with the rental industry in mind. Each feature, as well as every integration, is thoughtfully curated to ensure businesses can offer unparalleled services to their users. Moreover, for developers seeking to make a significant impact or businesses keen on amplifying their online reach, Turbo paves a clear path. As we navigate the complexities of the digital realm, choosing this one means not merely adapting to change but actively shaping the future, setting trends, and leading with confidence.

Change log

v11.0.9 – 14 March, 2024

- Cart Page Builder added (new)
- Checkout Page Builder (new)
- Added Checkout Billing Form Elementor widget(new)
- Added Checkout Shipping Form Elementor widget (new)
- Added Checkout Product Elementor widget (new)
- Added Checkout Additional Form Elementor widget (new)
- Added Checkout coupon Form Elementor widget (new)
- Added Checkout Payment Method Elementor widget (new)
- Added Checkout Login Form Elementor widget(new)
- Added Cart Table Elementor widget (new)
- Added Cart Totals Elementor widget (new)

v11.0.6 – 10 Jan, 2024

- A brand new home demo. [storefront style]
- Provided full support of wooCommerce simple, variable, group and affiliate type products
- Added Ajax/reload based product category filter as WordPress widget
- Added Ajax/Reload based product attributes filter as WordPress Widget
- Added Ajax/Reload based brand filter as WordPress Widget
- Added New Gallery layout in product page
- Add full search and filter support on wooCommerce Default shop page
- New Header and Footer with Turbo Elementor builder.
- Shop page filter type with reload and Ajax.
- Product single page Related and Up-sell section title control.
- Total Number of Product Count control for shop page.
- Product Card Attribute control.
- Ajax add to cart product.
- Cart count live update.
- New style for Cart and Order Received page.
- Listing page Load more and Pagination control.

v11.0.5 – 19 Dec, 2023

- All Widget Controls Refactored and More Controls over widgets with responsive.
- Fancy title: layout removed and styles controlled with Elementor control.
- Search Banner: Vertical Search Banner and Horizontal Search Banner widgets are removed. Added a new widget named “Search Banner” with all previous and new controls.
- Product Grid: New layout added named ( Tab Grid ).
- Categories: New layout added named ( Modern ).
- Post Grid: New layout added named ( Grid Modern ).
- Banner: New layout added named ( Carousel ).
- Brand: New layout added named ( Marquee ).
- Quick Links: New widget.
- Turbo Nav: New widget.
- Subscription Form: New widget.
- Turbo Logo: New widget.
- Turbo Nav Icon: New widget.

Turbo Elementor builder

- Elementor Header Builder ( With Sticky Control ).
- Elementor Footer Builder
- Option for Multiple Header and Footer ( Page Specific ).
- Turbo Kirki Customizer Controls.
- Typography controls refactored.
- Color Controls refactored.
- Shop and Product Single page layout controls
- Tax info , Bread Crumb , Bread Crumb Position , Size Guide Modal , Related Product , Upsell Product { show / hide } control ( Single Product Settings )

Turbo New Page / Layout

- New Layout For WooCommerce Shop Page.
- New Layout For Product Single Page.
- New Product Card.
- New gallery for Product Single page.
- Pagination Controls for ‘listing’ and ‘listing with map’ page

v11.0.4 – 01 Nov, 2023

- New: Added full compatibility with translatepress multi-language plugin
- Tweak: Fixed demo importer issue
- Tweak: Update dummy data
- Tweak: Update turbo-manager plugin

v11.0.2 – 07 Oct, 2023

- Tweak: Fixed license activation issues
- Tweak: Added different option panel for product settings and shop settings


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