Slider Revolution Nulled Responsive WordPress Plugin

This versatile WordPress plugin helps both beginners and experienced designers to wow their clients with professional graphics. You can create anything you can imagine, not just amazingly responsive sliders:

  • Stunning visuals such as sliders and carousels
  • Flashy hero section that stands out
  • A complete web page that keeps visitors on screen
  • Whole websites that may bring you prizes
  • Rich, dynamic content that customers love

Without writing a single line of code. Just a few minutes. Please use your favorite media.

Note: scroll below to download Slider Revolution Templates.


Video Editor and Page Builder

You can create simple and complex content modules for your WordPress website using a slider plugin with a fully visual editor. It does not require any prior coding experience to use. Slider Revolution includes an optimized editor that organizes all options in a simple manner. You can easily add, copy, move, and delete elements in Slider’s WordPress visual editor. Furthermore, it provides more editing options. It is no longer necessary to manually add HTML tags. It also offers advanced built-in formats and layouts. The revolutionary tool helps you can undo changes. Stats can also be saved using free backup add-ons. Slider also allows you to create navigation and modify the default.

Flexible modules, responsive layout, eye-catching backgrounds, Layer variety, Building Freedom, quick styling, Icon library, special effects, and smart loading are all available in the editor. Slider is a fantastic visual editor with a drag-and-drop element. It provides a simple structure that works well. Slider provides lightning-fast results.

Professional Design

The Plugin includes a plethora of useful designs. Its quick workflow boosts productivity while producing stunning results. You can change the look on four different devices thanks to the responsive control.

It has a straightforward user interface. The Slider plugin makes it simple to link color attributes between various elements for simple bulk editing. Create project templates that are simple to use and adaptable. The Slider Revolution Free Download plugin also includes an object library that can be used to create visually appealing images or videos. You can create a brand-new module from scratch with the assistance of an editor.

For selecting a button and text style, the Slider plugin provides a layer style. This feature also includes animation styles. The Slider plugin’s icon library contains many useful elements.

Effects of Animation

This Slider plugin feature allows you to create your own web animation. This feature aids you in the creation of background animations, complex animations, and animated storytelling.

Slider’s slide animation feature provides a diverse range of slide animations, ranging from simple slides, fades, curtains, and boxes to more advanced webGL transitions. The Slider includes powerful scrolling animations that can be used to create animation effects on your website. You can also choose between scroll-based and mouse-move parallax animation styles, and each layer and slide background media has its own parallax level. This will be displayed as its own tab in the LayerSlider user interface. LayerSlider slideshows can be controlled from a specific page in the WordPress dashboard.

The Slider Revolution plugin is transformed into a full-fledged animation engine with keyframe animations, allowing you to create complex web animations without any coding knowledge. Slider Revolution opens up a whole new world of CSS animations and Javascript effects. Sliders have a library of add-ons that are constantly updated.


The slider has over 200 templates. You can easily create appealing sections for each section of your website. These templates can be customized with any content, including images, videos, and background colors. Content from social media or other sources, such as your Facebook stream, YouTube channel, or Instagram feed, can be imported.

Also, the plugin offers an easy interface having Pain-free customization that makes it easy to edit fonts, change graphics, and even customize the special effects in your Slider. These themes provide a flawless preview with a fully responsive design optimized for tablets, desktop computers, and mobile devices.


Slider Revolution allows you to create modules such as Slider, carousel, one-page website, and hero unit. By combining multiple modules, rich content such as complete websites and landing pages can be created. Slider Revolution allows you to create modules and modify templates. You can include anything in your module, including different media and animations, as well as special effects. You can edit templates, modules, and the module title and receive its shortcode using Slider Revolution Theme Developer.


Slider Revolution allows you to customize the slide transition. You can choose full-width, full-screen, or automatic sizing for your sliders with the Slider. It provides a variety of unique animations to choose from. You can choose from a list of intriguing slide transitions to personalize. Sliders also provide complete layer control. You can place a new Slider anywhere on each slide or across the entire Slider.

Hero Blocks

Hero blocks created with Slider Revolution can be anything from a straightforward background image upload with title text to or fully animated presentation. Colors, images, gradients, HTML5 videos, YouTube, and other options are available for the background. You have complete control over your layer animations. Images, video, audio, and text can all be included in your layers. You can interact with any layer element in a variety of ways, from simple to complex, thanks to Slider Revolution’s well-thought-out action system. On the Slider Revolution website, users have quick access to free tutorials.


This plugin can develop carousels that respond to their surroundings: You only need auto, full-screen, or full-width. Slider Revolution allows you to freely add layers to specific slides or even on top of all sliders. Slider Revolution offers a variety of suitable navigation options. Revolution includes a variety of navigation skins. Even if you don’t own a personal timepiece, you can still personalize it. You can interact with any layer element in a variety of ways, from simple to complex, thanks to Slider Revolution’s well-thought-out action system. Slider Revolution 6 addon’s cutting-edge features continue to push the boundaries of web design.

Download Slider Revolution Nulled WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution is very simple to use. The visual editor and features are straightforward. Slides can be customized with a variety of eye-catching options such as buttons, fonts, colors, and more. CSS knowledge or experience are not required. This tool makes it simple to create video scenes, hero images, carousels, and sliders.

Any of the plugin’s more than 200 pre-designed templates can be used to create unique presentations for your website. Using its visual editor, You can change borders, animations, backgrounds, fonts, and a lot more with the Revslider editor. Overall, Slider Revolution Free Download is unquestionably one of the best WordPress slider plugins. There is a learning curve, but it is not particularly difficult. You can get information by reading documentation or watching videos.

Although this WordPress Plugin is the best method for making sliders look professional, there are more complex plugins for beginners to learn. They may need to learn how to use this plugin. It is recommended that you download a demo to see if Slider Revolution is simple to use.


Version 6.7.5 (19th April 2024)


  • Empty Tag Removal in Text Layers: Empty span and p tags within text layers are removed, despite being used for visual effects or by third-party functions.
  • Image Rendering with Special Characters: Images with special space characters used as background for shapes cause rendering issues in SR7.
  • Gradient and Image Conflict: Elements with both gradient coloring and an image source render only the image, ignoring gradient colors in the frontend.
  • Container Dimension Calculation Error: Container rendering dimensions are incorrectly calculated if module width and height are oversized on desktop level.
  • Video Autoplay Issue in Safari: Unmuted videos fail to start without user interaction on Safari browser.
  • Scroll Timeline Displacement: Modules based on scroll timeline without a fixed position are calculated with oversized height upon initialization, causing incorrect scrolling behavior with Scroll to Id navigation.
  • PanZoom Effect shows the original Image underlaying the Pan Zoom effect, causing a double effect
  • Simple Link and Menu Link forwards to the wrong address based on the different settings
  • Simple and Menu Link fails if target is a simple hash char
  • Slide Background Video loops even option is disabled
  • HTML Export for V7 engine does not export V7 data
  • Formating the WordPress date format in a wrong way can cause the Slider Revolution backend to produce JS errors
  • Image From Stream option produced error when there were no Stream available
  • Global Custom Fonts are not written in V7 engine output

Version 6.7.4 (16th April 2024)


  • Media Filters Missing: Slide backgrounds lack the configured media filters, impacting visual consistency.
  • Migration Failure with AddOns: Enabling Exploding Layers AddOns causes migration processes to fail.
  • Min Height Calculation Error: Setting ‘Min Height’ to ‘none’ calculates the Content Flow height as NaN, disrupting the layout integrity.
  • AddOns Loading Issue in Smart Mode: AddOns placed in the 4th position or later under Smart Loading mode fail to load some necessary resources.
  • SVG Layer Visibility Issue: SVG layers become invisible when inner component IDs are duplicated, leading to display inconsistencies.
  • Editor Breakage at Small Dimensions: Setting module dimensions to under 10px causes the editor to break, impairing usability.
  • Text Layer Width Issue: Text layers with ‘width’ set to ‘auto’ disregard ‘max-width’ settings, leading to content overflow.
  • Font Loading Issue: Fonts do not load if ‘Cache Fonts Locally’ is enabled and only one font weight is used across the DOM in a single module.
  • Module Migration Issue in SR6 Editor: Saving and migrating modules may alter Responsive Height settings if previously unset, scaling them based on larger dimensions.

Version 6.7.3 (12th April 2024)


  • Carousel Interaction Issue: Dragging the carousel with a longer delay causes an overjump of the next element if it’s already in focus.
  • Rapidly click on Navigation elements makes the Carousel aniamtion stuttering
  • Text Layer Issue: Text layers cannot be selected, even with ‘Layer Selectable’ enabled in default settings.
  • Video Dimension Issue: HTML5 video elements receive incorrect dimensions on the 2nd and subsequent slides if a fullscreen video exists on the first slide.

Version 6.7.2 (11th April 2024)


  • Background Color Animation Issue: Animations fail to transition from a colored background to a transparent background when custom colors are set within the animation settings.
  • Dimension Calculation Error: Elements with a previously set Module alignment within any container are miscalculating dimensions, due to issues with the marked Module-based alignment setting.
  • DOM Layer Rewrite Conflict: Existing layers in the Document Object Model (DOM) are being rewritten upon initializing the module, which results in the malfunction of shortcodes and similar components.
  • File Name Loading Error: Files that contain ‘none-break narrow space’ characters in their names fail to load, leading to potential accessibility and data retrieval issues.
  • Module Resizing Inconsistency: In specific scenarios, modules that are excessively large (both vertically and horizontally) encounter issues in linearly resizing underlying layers, leading to inconsistent display and layout problems.
  • Responsive Module Sizing Error: Incorrect module sizing observed when Responsive dimensions are not previously modified, leading to layout discrepancies.
  • Background Overlay: Issues with background dotted overlays not rendering on colored or image-based module backgrounds; dotted overlay omitted from slide backgrounds when globally enabled.
  • Image List Modification Conflict: Third-party cache plugins altering image lists and modifying data attribute names, causing disruptions in the Image loading process of SR7.
  • Plugin Extension Removal by Third-party Integrations: Third-party themes and plugins are removing loaded plugin extensions, leading to significant layout and functionality issues in Slider Revolution 7.
  • Rapid Slide Change Issue: If multiple slide change requests are made in quick succession, the slides switch immediately without waiting for animations to complete, creating a disjointed and buggy user experience.

Version 6.7.1 (8th April 2024)


  • Unpublished slides showed up in V7 Velocity engine
  • Quick selection of sliders in the page in the top admin bar is missing in V7 Velocity engine
  • German translation files have some wrong translations
  • Modules larger than the screen size in mobile view are limited to the screen size, breaking the layout
  • Enhanced protection for images loading from external servers: initially attempting with cross-origin, and using without cross-origin attributes as a fallback.
  • Horizontal scrollbar appears upon resizing if modules have not yet been initialized.
  • Issue with Saving Global Settings in SR6 Before SR7 Initialization: Global settings in SR6 fail to save properly if SR7 is not initialized beforehand
  • Misalignment with Percentage-Sized and Right-Aligned Elements: Elements sized by percentage and aligned to the right using max-width exhibit misalignment
  • Layer Actions Disabled in Non-Interactive Videos: Videos set to ‘no interaction’ mode inadvertently disable associated layer actions
  • Delayed Background Color Rendering: Background colors experience a delay in rendering, leading to brief flashes during scrolling
  • Redundant Creation of Font Tester Containers: The font tester is generating multiple similar containers, leading to unnecessary clutter in the DOM

Version 6.7.0 (5th April 2024)

Introducing Velocity Engine

  • Upgraded to SR7 “Velocity” Engine for improved efficiency and animation fluidity. Legacy SR6 Engine included for continued support


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