In the modern digital landscape, membership websites have become the cornerstone for many businesses, creators, and educators. They allow for premium content delivery, improved user engagement, and diversified revenue streams. When it comes to WordPress, the number of plugins designed for content restriction and membership management is extensive. Among them, Restrict Content Pro Nulled stands out for its efficiency, ease of use, and robustness. Let’s see what makes this plugin a go-to choice for many professionals.


Easy Integration

Restrict Content Pro is designed to work seamlessly with the WordPress CMS, ensuring you don’t need advanced technical knowledge to set it up.

Unlimited Subscription Packages

You can create an unlimited number of subscription packages – free, trial, and premium.

Discount Codes

Allows administrators to create unlimited discount codes and offer percentage or flat rate-based discounts.

Reports & Data

Get a detailed insight into your earnings, sign-ups, and more with beautiful and insightful graphs and charts.

Extensive Payment Support

Out of the box, it supports numerous payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree among others.

Content Control

Decide who sees what. Easily restrict content to premium users, or create partial content blocks for teaser content.

Data Export

Get all your data out of WordPress for accounting, reporting, or backup purposes. You can export CSVs of all your members, payment histories, etc.

Extensibility & Add-ons

There’s a suite of free and premium add-ons to extend the functionality of Restrict Content Pro – from group memberships to integrations with WooCommerce.

Email Notifications

Automate email communications for signups, expiration notices, and other subscription-related triggers.

Integrated Free Trials

Offer potential customers a taste of what they can expect with free trials for your premium content.

Simple Member Management

Easily view all active, expired, cancelled, or pending subscriptions, and make changes to member statuses and subscription levels.

Prorated Upgrades & Downgrades

Let your members move between subscription levels with prorated fees, ensuring you don’t lose out and they get the value.

Drip Content

Release content based on a schedule, ensuring users don’t consume all your content immediately after signing up.

WooCommerce Integration

Sync your membership content with your online store, creating a seamless buying experience for your users.

Developer Friendly

Restrict Content Pro is built with developers in mind. It’s packed with action hooks and filters, allowing for extensive customization and tweaks.

Download Restrict Content Pro WordPress Plugin

Undoubtedly, Restrict Content Pro Free Download for WordPress isn’t just another content restriction tool. In essence, it’s a comprehensive membership management system tailored to empower content creators, businesses, and educators alike. As you delve into its features, you’ll find that it caters seamlessly to both the beginner and the tech enthusiast, ensuring each user can fully leverage their digital content.

So, if you’re on the hunt to monetize your content, boost audience engagement, or simply gain better control over content visibility, then look no further. With its extensive features and unwavering support, investing in Restrict Content Pro is a no-brainer. In today’s digital age, while content remains king, the real power lies in controlling and monetizing it. So, by choosing Restrict Content Pro, you’re not only securing your content but also setting the stage for a thriving digital empire.


Release Date: February 06, 2024


  • Fix: PHP 8.2+ warnings related to the creation of dynamic properties
  • Fix: PHP 8.2+ errors after deleting a membership level
  • Fix: Added type to button HTML elements
  • Fix: Stripe credit card form on the Account page
  • Fix: Proration Credits not working when changing membership level
  • Improvement: Cancels subscriptions on Stripe after a membership level gets deleted
  • Improvement: New styles for Group Accounts add-on
  • Improvement: Compatibility with Ultimate Members Add-on
  • Security: Improved validation for the default log file
  • Security: Tightened opt-in/opt-out links security
  • Misc: Updated links in the plugin’s general settings page


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