Welcome to our article on the RedSys Gateway Nulled, a crucial tool for every WooCommerce store that wants to tap into the Spanish market efficiently. For those who are unfamiliar, WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress, enabling businesses to sell anything, beautifully. As businesses scale and grow, there is a need for reliable payment gateways that cater to specific regions and demands. This is where the RedSys Gateway shines.

The world of e-commerce is evolving at a blistering pace. As online stores strive to cater to global customers, the importance of integrating region-specific payment gateways becomes paramount. Particularly for stores eyeing the Spanish market, RedSys Gateway or “Pasarela Redsys para WooCommerce” offers a seamless solution.

RedSys Gateway is the official RedSys extension for WooCommerce, making it easy for store owners to offer the most popular payment method in Spain. RedSys is, in essence, the leading payment gateway in Spain, used by a significant majority of businesses. Thus, integrating this payment gateway is not a luxury, but rather a necessity for businesses that are serious about capturing the Spanish e-commerce market.


The features of the RedSys Gateway Free Download for WooCommerce are plentiful, catering to a range of requirements for store owners:

Multiple Payment Methods

Beyond just traditional credit cards, RedSys Gateway supports a variety of payment methods popular in Spain, including but not limited to MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro.


This feature lets businesses verify the authenticity of a payment source without actually charging it. This means you can confirm a customer’s card details and reserve an amount without debiting it, giving flexibility in order processing.

One-Click Payments

For returning customers, this feature can be a boon. It allows customers to save their payment details securely so they can checkout with just a single click in their future purchases.

Full Integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions

For businesses that run subscription models, the RedSys Gateway provides seamless integration, making recurring payments a breeze.


Security is paramount in the world of online transactions. Tokenization ensures that customer data is kept secure, replacing sensitive card details with a unique series of numbers (a token) that can be used for transactions without exposing the actual card information.

Refund Capability

Mistakes happen, and when they do, quick resolutions are key. With the integrated refund capability, store owners can process refunds directly from their WooCommerce dashboard.

RedSys In-Site Payment

The plugin provides an in-site payment option. This means customers won’t have to leave your site to make a payment, which can significantly improve conversion rates.

Responsive Design

With a significant portion of online shoppers using mobile devices, having a responsive design for your payment gateway isn’t optional. RedSys Gateway ensures that the payment experience is smooth, irrespective of the device being used.

Multisite and Multi-language Support

Catering to diverse audiences, especially in a country with multiple languages like Spain, requires a versatile solution. RedSys Gateway supports both multisite installations and is multi-language ready.

Detailed Logs for Debugging

When things don’t go as planned, having detailed logs can be a lifesaver. This feature allows businesses to troubleshoot any issues in the payment process, ensuring uninterrupted service for customers.

Download WooCommerce RedSys Gateway

In conclusion, the RedSys Gateway is more than just a payment gateway. It’s a comprehensive solution tailored for businesses aiming to establish a firm foothold in the Spanish e-commerce sector. From its robust feature set to its seamless integration with WooCommerce, RedSys Gateway exemplifies what a region-specific payment gateway should look like.

For businesses, the choice is clear. Integrating with this plugin is not about ticking off a checklist; it’s about offering customers a familiar and secure payment method, enhancing their shopping experience, and ultimately driving conversions and loyalty. As the Spanish saying goes, “Lo barato sale caro” – what’s cheap ends up expensive. Investing in the right tools, like the RedSys Gateway for WooCommerce, can indeed be the difference between fleeting success and sustained growth in the Spanish market.


Version 24.3.4RELEASED ON 2024.02.21
  • Some URLS to woo.com.
  • Fatal error in thank you page introduced in v24.3.3
Version 24.3.3RELEASED ON 2024.02.21
  • Removed deprecatd CSS.
  • If the server takes too long to process the order, Apple Pay will report an error even if the payment is made correctly.
  • A query that used to be performed everywhere is now only executed on the front-end when necessary.
  • Undefined array key “wc_actions” class-redsys-advanced-setings.php
  • Many lines Undefined $order_id with Redsys redirection.
  • Under some circumstances, it redirects to Redsys even though the modal is active.
  • If SNI compatibility is enabled, it produces a security error in the redirection to Redsys.
Version 24.3.2RELEASED ON 2024.02.07
  • No subscription tokens were being saved.
Version 24.3.1RELEASED ON 2024.02.05
  • Fixed an issue where an error would occur if a purchase was made through Bizum in the checkoput while simultaneously creating an account.
  • Fatal error when Woo Subscriptions is not installed.
Version 24.3.0RELEASED ON 2024.02.04
  • More sanitization.
  • Updated some URLs.
  • Now, there is no charge when changing the method in a subscription in Woo Subscriptions.
  • Notice _billing_first_name & _billing_last_name wc_doing_it_wrong.
  • Fatal error in Site Health when SOAP cannot connect to Redsys addresses.
  • PHP Warning: Attempt to read property “total” on null (Paygold).
  • Fixed an issue where an error would occur if a purchase was made through InSite while simultaneously creating an account.
  • The subscriptions through the one-click payment button were set as manual renewal.
  • The script for the checkout button was showing up in all the footers of the site.
  • In some cases, the Redsys order number was not being saved in the order.
  • Fixed an issue with the TZ field on some servers.
  • Now the payment method can be switched without incurring an extra charge.
Version 24.2.1RELEASED ON 2023.12.18
  • Copyrigth date.
  • Added more logs.
  • Temporal disabled Banner Live.
  • Some notices.
  • Undefined variable $all_redsys_data
Version 24.2.0RELEASED ON 2023.11.26
  • Pay with one click using a button for non-virtual products (Shipping).
  • Hooks redsys_before_shipping_dropdown_product, redsys_after_shipping_dropdown_product, redsys_before_buy_now_button_product, and redsys_after_buy_now_button_product.
  • Now you can select if the order is marked as processing or complete when confirming a preauthorization. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Redsys Advanced > General.
  • Filter to accept shipping methods not registered in WooCommerce > redsys_accepted_shipping_methods.
  • Improved Subscriptions. Added descriptions and customer names.
  • Increased the duration of redsys_signature_transient from 600 to 3600 seconds.
  • Renamed the default title for GPay from ‘GPay’ to ‘Google Pay’.
  • Numerous notices.
Version 24.1.0RELEASED ON 2023.11.06
  • Virtual Subscriptions products Pay with one clic button compatibility.
  • Temporary removal of the specific code for WordPress Multisite to perform a refactoring that does not affect page load.
  • Fixed two save terminal numbers with InSite when the order is paid.
Version 24.0.1RELEASED ON 2023.10.30
  • Arrive to thank you page when modal is not active with redirection.
Version 24.0.0RELEASED ON 2023.10.27
  • Pay with one click from products. Only virtual products. It will be improved in next versions.
  • Now the plugin check for errors 172, 173 and 174. Mandatory by Visa and MasterCard. With Errors 172 & 173, credir card are removed from WooCommerce.
  • Improved Redsys modal.
  • Improved Redsys methods reload.
  • Typo error in x-www-form-urlencoded


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