Amidst the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, the effective presentation of products plays a pivotal role in capturing the attention of potential buyers. Enter Product Slider Pro for WooCommerce Nulled by ShapedPlugin, a powerful and user-friendly plugin designed to elevate your online store’s visual appeal and boost conversions. This WooCommerce slider plugin offers a seamless solution to showcase specific products strategically, enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.

Product Slider Pro for WooCommerce is not just a slider; it’s a dynamic tool crafted to provide online store owners with a simple yet potent way to highlight featured products. As an integral part of any e-commerce strategy, this plugin enables you to curate visually appealing product showcases that can significantly impact user engagement and drive sales.


Simple and Easy to Use

The WooCommerce Product Slider is characterized by its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. No coding knowledge is required, allowing you to effortlessly create captivating product showcases that resonate with your brand.

Mobile and SEO Friendly

Recognizing the importance of mobile responsiveness, this plugin ensures that your product showcases look impeccable across devices. The SEO-friendly design contributes to better search engine visibility, a crucial factor for driving organic traffic to your online store.

Import and Export Wizard

Save valuable time with the import and export wizard, facilitating the seamless transfer of product showcase shortcodes. Whether you’re moving from a local to a live server or transitioning to a new website, this feature streamlines the process efficiently.

Full Control Over Styling

Customization is key, and the WooCommerce Product Slider provides an array of styling options. Tailor the appearance of your sliders, grids, and tables to align with your brand aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive and visually pleasing online store.

Developer Friendly

For those who wish to delve deeper, the plugin offers hooks for developers to modify layouts and outputs. This flexibility allows for a more personalized and unique implementation based on specific business requirements.

Page Builders & Gutenberg

Keeping up with the latest WordPress trends, Product Slider Pro for WooCommerce seamlessly integrates with the Gutenberg block editor and popular page builders such as Elementor and Divi. This ensures compatibility with various website building approaches, providing versatility to users.

Super Fast Performance

With a focus on speed and performance, the plugin adheres to the highest WordPress code standards. Its optimized design ensures quick loading times, contributing to a positive user experience for visitors to your online store.

Multilingual Support

In a global marketplace, language should not be a barrier. The plugin supports translation with .po & .mo files, making it easy to adapt your product showcases for diverse audiences. Additionally, the RTL (Right To Left) readiness caters to languages written in a right-to-left script.

Priority Email Support

Customer support is a priority, and the plugin offers top-notch, one-to-one email support. With a customer satisfaction rate exceeding 90%, users can rely on dedicated assistance whenever challenges arise.

Revolutionize Your WooCommerce Store: Product Slider Pro Delivers Results

Product Slider Pro for WooCommerce Free Download transcends the conventional boundaries of a slider plugin. It emerges as a dynamic tool that empowers online store owners to present their products effectively, enhancing the overall shopping journey for customers. From its user-friendly interface to developer-friendly hooks, this plugin strikes a balance between simplicity and customization, making it an invaluable asset for any WooCommerce store aiming to stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Elevate your product showcases, captivate your audience, and drive conversions with the seamless capabilities of Product Slider Pro for WooCommerce.


VERSION 3.3.1 – FEB 14, 2024

  • Fix: The category or tag-filtered products were not shown properly with an older version (v8.1.1) of WooCommerce.
  • Fix: Some wrong text-domain issue.

VERSION 3.3.0 – FEB 01, 2024

  • New: The Custom Color option to make a unique style of product images.
  • New: The Custom JS option to use additional JS as needed.
  • New: The Navigation field has been reorganized with a new (Vertical Outer) option.
  • New: The Visible On Hover option for Vertical Center, Vertical Outer, and Vertical Inner navigation types.
  • New: Two Unique (Dynamic, Stroke) options were added to the Pagination Types field.
  • New: The Adaptive Height option.
  • New: The Tab & Key Navigation option.
  • New: The Vertical Gap between Products option.
  • New: A hook \’sp_product_slider_session_wise_recent_view\’ was added to show the Recently viewed products by session.
  • Improved: The plugin\’s main query has been optimized to be compatible with the product custom table when WooCommerce enables the custom product table feature.
  • Improved: The Plugin Backend Options Panel, Settings, and Replace Layout enhanced.
  • Improved: The Tooltip/Help texts of the plugin options have been improved to make it more user-friendly.
  • Improved: The Options of Carousel Settings were reorganized by the Nested Tab.
  • Improved: The Slider Mode option moved to the Template Settings Tab.
  • Improved: The Image Mode option has been redesigned.
  • Improved: The Space between Products option moved to the Template Settings Tab
  • Improved: The Tooltip/Help texts of plugin options to make it more user-friendly.
  • Improved: The Grayscale feature option has been reorganized.
  • Improved: The BoxShadow feature option has been reorganized.
  • Improved: The Preloader option moved to the Display Settings
  • Updated: The language (.pot) file.
  • Updated: The plugin template files have been updated. If you customize your product sliders by overriding templates, you have to update your templates to show your customization. See the guidelines.
  • Fix: A blank preview box was visible on the update/save of the shortcode.
  • Fix: Replace layout generated a critical error when replace layout is enabled, but no slider was selected.
  • Fix: A warning was notified by the blogvault.
  • Tested: WordPress 6.4.2 compatibility.
  • Tested: WooCommerce 8.5.2 compatibility.

VERSION 3.2.1 – DEC 04, 2023

  • Fix: Few PHPCS warnings with PHP8.2.
  • Fix: The Changelog sometimes does not show when an update is not shown.
  • Fix: The Gutenberg block does not show in the Gutenberg edit page when reloading the page multiple times.
  • Fix: The pagination issue occurs when multiple shortcodes are used with multiple types of paginations on the same page.
  • Tested: WordPress 6.4 compatibility.


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